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  • 1.Harry's Auto Parts Machine Shop

    4124 Pinecroft Dr


    9.30 mi

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By: Charles N.
Oxmoor Ford Lincoln
This place is the WORST Ford dealership that I've ever been to in my life!!!! Bought a new 2016 Lincoln Navigator here last March & have regretted it ever since. They try to sell you an Easy Care maintenance plan and extended warranty at purchase while they pass it off as a Ford/Linoln approved plan. BE WARNED!!!! It is not an official factory service plan or warranty!!!! It is a THIRD-PARTY service plan and warranty that begins THE MINUTE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT and not after your included service plan/warranty runs out like the salesmen will try to tell you. Oxmoor Ford sells these instead because the markup is around 100%, so they make more money off your purchase. Please read the fine print and take it home if you need to. DEMAND AN OFFICIAL FORD/LINCOLN APPROVED PLAN FOR MAINTENANCE OR EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!! I was duped and purchased an Easy Care one even though my Lincoln included maintenance for 2yrs/24,000 miles. Instead of utilizing the included factory maintenance, they were using my Easy Care the entire time. Now, after barely a year of ownership, I have only one covered Easy Care service left & my included maintenance has expired since I have over 25,000 miles on my Navigator. In addition, per the Lincoln included purchase offers, I've never once been offered a free rental or received a free car wash like it says. I have tried to call the dealership, left multiple messages, and even complained to Lincoln Headquarters about this place. After all of this, I haven't received one return phone call as of yet. Do yourself a favor, stay far, far away from this place. There are much more reputable dealers in town, such as Bill Collins Ford, who sell official Ford/Lincoln approved maintenance plans and extended warranties with your purchase. In addition, they will always offer a free rental car while they work on your vehicle & often wash your car for you whether it's a Lincoln or not.
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By: Labinot D.
this place is rip off... i bought a door and fender door was 46 and fender 36.... but they. charge me $100 suppost to be 82 .. but the charge core fee , enviromental fee,,,, hahha its a joke why should we get charged for core and enviromental fee. they are destroying the enviroment .... you want to open bussines pay your coat do t make peope pay your costs.... also used to be with and with out warranty used to be cheapet with out but the took that off. it come with warranty but you dont get your money back they just tell you replacement untill you find one .... terrible place to buy parts at.......dont deserve even a one star but cant make it less
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By: John E.
Stood in line 40 minutes behind 15 people. They were more interested in helping people with parts. Nobody at the register and nobody spoke any English. Horrible store. I won't be going back.
By: Jonathan C.
Stay away. Purchasing and replacing a car battery at this location was a nightmare. Lazy manager, lazy employees. BBB complaint filed!
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By: parsonpl1
Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service
Pep Boys at 1001 Breckinridge Lane in Louisville refuses to take responsibility for a ruined engine following a botched repair to my 2011 Ford Escape. The car has now been sitting at Pep Boys since late June. After inspection, the manager claimed that his repair had nothing to do with my ruined engine but refused to provide any explanation why it was not, especially considering the repair involved engine work that if not done properly could cause catastrophic damage to the engine. The manager promised to have a certified Ford mechanic inspect the car to back up his explanation, although no explanation was provided. Since then, I have heard nothing from the manager, he has refused to allow me to inspect or make copies of any paperwork concerning his inspection, has never indicated that a Ford certified mechanic looked at the car, has failed to have the area manager contact me. Now both the shop manager and regional manager are ducking both certified letters and calls from my lawyer.
By: Bill W.
Oxmoor Ford Lincoln
I have purchased at least 3 trucks form Oxmoor Ford. They make the purchasing experience easy, no run around.
By: T. S.
Byerly Ford
How this place got so many 5 star rates is beyond me. The used car manager was a rude fat Elvis want a be. Treated me like I was bothering him and he was doing me a favor. Ive never be treated like this by anyone dealing with the public. I will NEVER go back there again.
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By: Mrspudmuffin ..
I believe I need to get a new fuse for my car. I'm not sure. I can't get the dang thing out. So I go inside and wait in line for about twenty minutes (that's about how long each customer took) before I decide to try to get the fuse back out myself. I tried and failed. So I keep checking back inside to see where the line is, and it appears to triple for every return trip. After a while I finally give in and just wait and wait and wait. I finally get to Joe, who tells me, "We don't do fuses." Thanks, Joe, you've been a real help. I convince him to look at it and tell me if he can remove it. Apparently it just pulls out. With lots of effort. He offers to get me a pair of pliers to pull it out. Thanks, Joe. So I patiently wait for him to return with the pliers. He doesn't come back. I come back inside and he's doing something else and certainly not getting me a pair of pliers. Thanks, Joe. I finally get them, go back to my car and yank the dang fuse out. Success! And yes, by the corrosion (and the fact that it works now that it's been replaced) I can tell that it was indeed the problem I needed fixed. After Joe is finally done with the person he ditched me for (Thanks, Joe) he goes back to find the fuse, rings me up, and twenty minutes later (right on time) I get to walk out of this dang place. Arrival time - 4:30. Departure - 6:00.
By: Ray B.
Eastview Auto Parts
great parts store and machine shop. They will take the time to get you what you need. what few items they did not have in stock they got by the next day !! How about a great activated charcoal cabin air filter for a 2013 explorer for under $12.00. others shops they were over $30.00 and 3 day wait. Thanks for your honest hard working desk crew.
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By: Bwshir2 ..
Louisville Automotive Shop
Rarely do I walk away from having my car repaired feeling good about the experience. Nermin provided timely, quality service all at an affordable price. Highly recommend!
Tips & Advices
Depending on the part and its overall quality, a good amount of money can be saved by purchasing aftermarket parts versus OEM parts. But aftermarket parts that are low in price might also be lower in quality and could do more harm than good to your car, or they may need to be replaced more frequently than a more expensive counterpart. This could lead to saving some money in the short term, but spending more than anticipated in the long term.
The type of tires being purchased is the most significant determinant of their price. SUV tires are more costly than average car tires. And high-performance tires are more costly than economy grade tires. On average, standard tires for an average-sized vehicle are around $100 per tire. Standard tires for an SUV are around $150 and pick-up truck tires are about $200 on average. Some dealers offer discounts if purchasing more than one tire.
Car inspections typically take about an hour. However the wait time can be longer depending on how busy the shop is. Call ahead for an appointment to avoid long wait times.
Depending on the manufacturer, certain aftermarket parts can be just as reliable as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. But one item within a vehicle, like oil filters for instance, could have multiple manufacturers and there could be inconsistencies in quality among them.
Costs of replacing a windshield can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors:
  • Vehicle make and model
  • How much of the cost insurance will cover
  • Whether the windshield installers come to your location or you bring the vehicle to them
  • Standard service costs of the windshield installers
Generally, newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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