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By: Chrissy J.
Bearno's Pizza
While I have not eaten in this location, I wanted to take the time to review because the two negative reviews on here were fairly ridiculous. First as someone who has SOME online advertising for my business. If someone else added Bearno's to Yelp, it is NOT their job to make sure the prices are accurate, hence the "claim your page" on the yelp page. I get this same thing all the time. We are not able to keep up with every single website so Joe Blow ads us too with inaccurate info. If you want accurate pricing, GO TO BEARNO'S SITE! To the person who received incorrect pizza, I received an incorrect order once as well, they apologized, and wrote "in their book" that they had left off toppings and the next time I ordered they took care of it. While maybe they messed up, it is not their job to "look at your history" and know your family does not eat something. When that happened to me, they looked back at my current order, maybe they wrote yours down wrong, maybe you ordered wrong, who knows. Either way, I have never had them act in that manner to me. I have always had nothing but awesome service and delicious food. Thanks for the hard work guys! <3 Ordering as we speak!
By: Will S.
Pizza Hut
Let's be honest real world statistics there's a 90-10 chance that someone who happened to have a bad experience is going to post something about it. If the store receives the order on their screen properly and on the correct time then they make it. This was explained to my friend and I. They also have to deal with a call center whom they have no direct contact with nor control over so it is not the store to blame necessarily for their incompetence which I agree leaving someone on hold and forced to go to the store in bad weather was not in my best idea. They do what they can. From what I can tell staff has changed over the last year to better people anyways that I have seen and it even has been stated to me that the store went from top 20 to top 3 in the area which is reviewed by the owners so they have to be doing a great job! Keep it up guys!
By: Cody L.
Southern Style Cuisine
Friendly staff and tasty food! Mama Shelia is bringing it to Kentucky! I met two of her daughters, Julia and Tia and was rather overwhelmed with the kindness the two had! I saw what appeared to be Shelia who is in her 30's I believe and cooking in the kitchen! I also saw another person back there working hard! I heard she has 3 daughters but I couldn't tell if that was her or not since he/she never looked up. Whoever it was keep it up because the food was fantastic. This is actually wayyyyyyyyy better than Big Mamma's and the surrounding area is calmer. I actually went into Big Mamma's the other day and the staff was just plain ghetto. Instead of Big Mamma's you should definitely come here!
By: Loranda C.
Krazy Daves Inc
Fun place to hang out has lots of space for large parties and its free so call to reserve your party spot... Lg pizza with two toppings and 6 domestic beers for $20.00 all day every day.....the best philly cheese steak in town and the wings are off the chart we also have a Krazy Daves cheese burger that is to die stop in and see us day shift Debbie and Troy Nights is Bartenders Lori and Hoyt cooks Todd and Stewart looking forward to seeing you all.....pool table, jukebox and darts
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By: Donna D.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
Ok, it's Fri. night 5 dollar Faves.. I go in and there are 4 people in front of me. I go to the counter and the young man says" I'm sorry but I'm not taking any more orders for a minute is that ok." I said sure and turned around and walked out. It's Fri. lots of people are going to go for the special and the poor kid had 3 people working. I felt sorry for them because they could not handle 4 orders and the owner needs to step up and give them more help, at least on Fri
By: Vicky L.
Old School New York Pizza
These are the sweetest guys to ever come down the Gene Snyder and they aim to please! Their desserts are to die for, (like the Bourbon Ginger Tiramiisu) the service is *top shelf*, they're all adorable with smiles to match, the ambiance and atmosphere is romantic and welcoming and they are a joy to be around. Oh yeah, the pizza is good too. And you can't beat the price! Love these guys! Thanks for coming down! The corner itself sucks but they make it worth the trip.
By: Lea J.
Domino's Pizza
Verify, verify, & VERIFY your order.Twice I've ordered from this store. 1st time they "forgot" garlic butter. The driver said he would bring it back. Gave him a nice tip. Basically he told me to have a nice day because he never returned. Today they sent the wrong pizza. It was what was on the order, but it wasn't WHAT I told the salesperson. Called & they sent a new pizza, but hour & half before I was able to have my food.
By: amandajolucas
Wick's Pizza Parlor & Pub
2nd visit to Wick's. Food was awesome both times, atmosphere is great..... Both times had the worst service.I don't mind waiting for food but having to go to the hostess to mention we've been sitting here for 20min w/out a drink is awful. No apologies. Not even an "ok we'll get you taken care of".... Just ignored.... Quit hiring college snobs and get some real customer service. Keep up the great food though!
By: jlwi263
Old School New York Pizza
I visited Old School with my family, and we LOVED it! The employees were polite, enjoyable and AUTHENTIC New Yorkers! And the pizza... Oh my. We had the Whitestone (no red sauce) on whole-grain dough and it was fantastic. Tasted exactly like the pizza you'd find in a generational pizza place in New York. An incredible experience, especially since it is so new! A definite recommendation from me!
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By: Paul M.
El Tropico Bar Restaurant
You should steer clear of this restaurant unless you are Mexican or at least fluent in Spanish . The wait staff is pleasant enough but they don't understand enough English to be effective . This review was written after 2 visits .------ This restaurant was clean . I didn't get sick . & The steak in the 2 entrees that I tried was good , other than that I can't say much else that is positive.

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