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By: mpaagi
Fantastic Sams
It was my first time visit to this particular Fantastic Sams, needless to say I was very disappointed in their service. At first I had doubts about this Fantastic Sams because of their location connecting to Kroger's, but after receiving the worst service ever I'm starting to question if my doubts were true. I had my hair colored there and my stylist (I won't mention) did my hair for me. While I was looking through the color hair book or whatever my stylist kept mentioning about some additional colors and persuaded me to add another color in additional to the color I picked so it will "popped" out more. Being naive and willing I let my stylist choose my colors because I thought she'd knew what she was doing so I thought to myself, what the heck. When she was applying color to my hair it started to burn and I told her that myself several times, then when she thought I was making a big deal out of it she said loudly, that 'it wasn't her fault' and that 'there's not much of anything' she can do about it except to take it out. I didn't want to take the color out being 6 minutes into it so I toughened up and accepted the pain, luckily another stylist suggested a different method to my stylist and the irritation went away. While she was done coloring my hair she set a timer for me to wait so she could wash the dye away, it was supposed to be 20 mins. only then did she washed the dye off of my hair when I waited for 28 mins. and yes I've gotten tracked but she was either in a different room or else where. Then when I wanted my hair cut a certain way, she just looked at me sorta funny and suggested a different style for me and talked me into it. Then again I was careless so I did whatever my stylist wanted to do to my hair because I thought she knew right, I only picked out how long it was going to cut though. I'm satisfy with my hair length now, I'm just unsatisfied with how sloppy and choppy my layers looked and my bangs. Maybe this will only be my last visit ever at this Fantastic Sams.
By: Leigh D.
Fantastic Sams
The quality of a salon is never a name but the stylist in it!! I was hesitant due to what Ive so often heard and read about fantastic sams... And while I cant vouch for every Fantastic Sam's, I can say that this paticular store is a winner with many good and knowledgeable stylists.On a whim I took a chance and stopped in. I asked for a cut that I habe really only recieved sucessfully once ( a diagonal forward with a much higher stack than normal and an undercut below) I expected at the very best I'd recieve ur typical diagonal forward cut. I was wrong! I recoeved just what I asked for and I can't even express my happiness, considering Ive asked for this cut many times over the years in many salons n spas and only recieved it succesfully once. Ive since returned many times, tried different stylist and services and have yet to be disappointed.Ive come to learn that a good salon isnt a name or a price ... It is entirely the stylists that you find there! I also discovered that they offer many more services than their competitors.. such as smartstyles, supercuts (which are actually owned by the same company), and greatclips. I recommend anyone and everyone to give this location a try!! They are a great crew!!
By: jane7
Robin Curry Coiffeur Salon
Went to see this hairdresser after buying a Living Social coupon for a cut & color. Robin is located at the corner of Hurstbourne Pkwy & Westport Rd in a salon with lots of hairdressers but each has their own room. There are no distractions from other hairdressers or people walking by. Her room is bright & cheerful. Robin was very interested in knowing exactly how I wanted my hair cut. She really wanted to please me. She cut my hair exactly the way I asked her to. She didn't argue with me or try to talk me into something I didn't want. She cut my hair just the way I asked her to & it looks great. It was so nice to have a hairdresser really listen to what I wanted. She did a great style & took the time to show me how to use a round brush & flat iron. Her price was very reasonable. Highly recommend.
By: kate.wigley.9
Scissors Rock Paper Salon and Day Spa
This Hoosier has home at SRP and the kind trust in my stylist, Sam Moreland, that I'll sit, back to mirror, leaving cut, color, and all other styling decisions completely in her hands. She takes the time to learn your preferred styling ritual and always gives me a cut that does the work (no round brush work, please!). Totally relaxing to feel so comfortable that you really can give yourself that hour or so to just relax. Then rock the reveal. I've never had more compliments on me, how fantastic I looked, than I did today when people saw my and my new cut and color. I think Sam is that stylist who can make me look like the person in the picture. Highly recommend the Salon and the staff, especially Sam.
By: courtney80
Schaper's Salon
I went to the same salon for almost seven years. The I had a stylist who I loved, but it occurred to me that no matter what I wanted or what I told him, I got the same haircut everytime. I started going to Schaper's in July of 2011 and I couldn't be more pleased. Jessie C. has done wonders with the color and style of my hair. I get so many compliments from so many people. I trust her completely with my very thick and coarse hair. I love the look and the overall feel of the salon, too. And the products are fantastic. Everyone there is so friendly and visiting Jessie is like having a great conversation with a friend...who just happens to do very beautiful work with hair!
By: bivendwarf
Shear Artistry Salon
I went to multiple salons in the Louisville area for about a year trying out diffent stylists and was NEVER happy. A good friend of mine recommended Lauren, I had my hair done by her just once and have been happy with her as my stylist ever since! She has been doing my hair now for about 4 years at shear artistry and she is AMAZING. I have always gotten compliments on my hair, especially my color. She always gives me exactly what I ask for and has never pushed any other service on me, and always finds a way to work me in when i need her! Lauren started off as just a stylist, but has actually turned into someone I will consider a life long friend. SHE IS JUST AWESOME!!
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By: Mikey G.
Salon Delonjay
I have been getting my haircut at Salon Delonjay for about a year now. I don't think I'll ever want to get it cut somewhere else again. Between the people that work there and the relaxing environment itself, it's all you need out of a salon! I personally get my haircut but Sam, and I have never had someone that can work you into his schedule as easy and as fast as Sam! If you've never seen it before it is in between the Sonic and Sherwin-Williams in Middletown, it's a hidden gem and I would recommend anyone I know to go there and get their haircut atleast once!!
By: Kaitie H.
Love this place! I used to be one of those people who hated going to the salon, it seemed like it was too expensive and never quite turned out right. Then I found Neatbeat, Tara is my stylist there and she is awesome. I actually look forward to my haircut all day, they start you off with a neck massage, wash your hair and then give you an eye pillow as they massage your hands. It's so relaxing and that's all before they cut your hair. Tara is great at listening to what I want to do with my hair and I never leave disappointed!
By: ryan.a.scott.16
Scissors Rock Paper Salon and Day Spa
You must book an appointment with Chris Avery. He is one of the best stylists in the city, if not THE best! The salon is absolutely beautiful and provides clients with a calm, and personal experience. Chris is very creative and is not afraid to make suggestions or give an opinion. My hair color ,that was ruined by another stylist at another salon, was corrected by Chris in just one visit. He is awesome. If you are looking for a high end salon without the high end attitude, this salon is where you need to be!
By: Brandy H.
Shear Artistry Salon
I have been going to Shear Artistry for 2+ years now and have to say that I am still impressed and very satisfied with the services I've obtained. Sidney is absolutely the best in all avenues. She has cut, styled, colored and even put in extensions in my hair. Sidney is a Godsend!!! She is always attentive and very sweet and on top of it all, she does a phenomenal job. Its nice to know that when I go see my stylist, I am also seeing my friend. So go see Sidney at Shear Artistry in Louisville!!

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