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By: queenme
Planet Fitness
I've been a member since early January. I joined planet fitness for the sole purpose of using their cardio equipment. The price a month is WAY cheaper than buying an elliptical, treadmill and stationery bike for my home. The added bonus is the fact I can use the weight machines and free weights too. They're also opened 24/7 which is wonderful!! The facility is always clean when I go. I've been on different days, all types of hours from early am to late pm, on weekends. I've never had a problem with the staff or getting on any of the equipment. I've seen reviews that complain about the tootsie rolls. pizza Mondays etc.. Really?? Don't eat it if you don't want it. Who cares if it's there. I have yet to eat ANYTHING while I'm there. Uh, that defeats the purpose of working out. BTW - they're water dispenser, machine, fountain whatever you can it had the best water. I bring a couple of empty bottles with me and fill to take back :). OK, back to the review......I can think of a lot of not so beneficial ways to blow 10 bucks. I try to go at least 5 times a week. It's basically choosing me $.50 when I go. It's within walking distance of my home so I'm not spending much in gas when do drive from work or being out. Bottom line. Give it a try. If you don't like it, cancel it. I'm sure you've lost $10 a time or two and you didn't cry over it :).
By: tara.wheeler.9256
Planet Fitness
Today out of all the days I have a problem... Overall the gym is great equipment awesome! The only thing is some of the staff!! Today we had a issue with my membership which expires in Oct. 2013 .... The Manager Lauren could not help me I had to wait and talk to the Supervisor Ebony..Had to wait 5 min okay not a problem.... Ebony is ready to talk about the error in the system... Now for the lack of customer service!! In the middle of me talking to Mrs Ebony she yells at a customer behind me walking in the door You GOT MY LUNCH BABY? WHAT TIME DO YOU HAVE TO GO BACK ? ILL MAKE SURE U ARE THEIR ON TIME! <<A gym member ( obviously he works in food industry)... Oh I'm sorry I just completely cut our conversation off then told Lauren the Manager to take care of him give him massage tanning and another massage whatever he wants!!Not very good customer service!!! Very unprofessional & your title is ' MANAGER "Usually the staff is great and try to accommodate their guest and issues professionally and promptly! Guess I will get my issue resolved on a different shift!I usually never go to the gym around lunch and never will again!!!
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By: Ryan M.
Iron Tribe Fitness
I have been going to Iron Tribe north East for almost 3 months now and i can not tell you how much it has improved my overall well being. I would encourage everyone who is interested to at least speak with Maxwell or any team member to see if The Tribe is right for you.About me: I am in my 30's and was steadily increasing in weight and decreasing in health since i got married. The day I found out my wife was pregnant was the same day I stepped on the scale and realized I needed to not only take care of a kid, but start taking care of myself. I met with the team and was instantly encouraged to start taking action. I was by no means in shape, most everyone in the class was actually out of shape, but now we are all getting super fit together and it is an amazing transformation.Our class had everyone from the 20-something stud, to the 300+ 40 year old all working to get better. If the team members can't get you on board then just come watch the class and see the welcoming team interact with each other... it's amazing how much you will enjoy punishing yourself through each workout.
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By: Lisa C.
Energy Savers
Energy Savers was recommended to me by 2 investors that own many real estate properties in Louisville. In the past 3 months, I have used them for my small country house, a 1913 Historic Building with 24 condos (which translates to 8 attic spaces) and my 1890 home in Old Louisville. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to work with. We were very impressed with their attention to detail and the quality of the work. I am so glad we took a chance with this company we originally knew nothing about. Thank You Energy Savers for 3 jobs well done!
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By: ifly4food
Swabek's Highland Fitness
Does it have an olympic sized pool and Pilates classes every 30 minutes from dawn to dusk?? NO Is it wall to wall packed with members 24/7 who are there simply to socialize and a staff trying to up-sell people on the latest and greatest 'bargains'? NO What it IS: clean, convenient & affordable with the best staff of any gym I have been in over the past 10 years. Members are respectful to each other and they have what anyone would need, without the extra (expensive) bells and whistles.
By: Daniel F.
Fitness 19
I have belonged to a lot of various gyms over the years. Fitness 19 is by far the cleanest, most friendly, and most affordable. Not to mention they have all the equipment you could possible need. The Lime Kiln location is convenient and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. As long as their doors stay open I'll be a member for life. -Daniel Frick
By: michael.r.winchester
LA Fitness
La fitness was inherited from urban active. They have plans to do things. I just started back today. I like the set up. It's a spacious place. There is room for improvement, but isn't that true for all gyms? Obviously the reviews here were from people who want more than fitness. That's why I'm there and they have what you need.
By: Laura S.
Attic Man
awesome, easy experience. done in half a day. my thermostat hardly kicks on now. I give 2 thumbs up, and am wishing we did this 2 years ago when we first moved in.they used nice long lasting pink insulation, but were still more affordable then the guys trying to use the cheap stuff. we are impressed.
By: Ashley B.
Cotton Service Company
Our AC went out on a 100+ degree day- we thought we may have to replace the entire unit. Cotton Service Company was there first thing the next AM, and determined that it was our capacitor- they saved us thousands of dollars, and we know that we can trust them! Very friendly & efficient staff too :)
By: victorialr
Planet Fitness
Love it, I can go ANY time I want because they are opened 24/7. The tanning beds are the up grade beds at Sun Tan City. Without the up grade price. It's clean and up to date and if something does break. Planet Fitness is quick to fix it. A pool would be nice tho.

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