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By: Erika M.
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
When Cane's was first available to Fern Creek, I was so excited. And for the fist few months they had their drive-thru down pat with fast, accurate orders...but the last, probably five times I've ordered through drive thru, I've been stuck in a lunch or dinner "rush". This restaurant always seems to have a long line of cars no matter what hour. This shouldn't ever take as long to wait considering all they make is chicken, fries and toast. I've also gotten orders with no toast and no drink. The chicken is always full of gristle and bone. And the fries are tasteless and not even salty. I don't recommend this restaurant to anyone. Hopefully the Lexington or even Westport Rd store is actually worth your money.
By: Cody L.
Southern Style Cuisine
Friendly staff and tasty food! Mama Shelia is bringing it to Kentucky! I met two of her daughters, Julia and Tia and was rather overwhelmed with the kindness the two had! I saw what appeared to be Shelia who is in her 30's I believe and cooking in the kitchen! I also saw another person back there working hard! I heard she has 3 daughters but I couldn't tell if that was her or not since he/she never looked up. Whoever it was keep it up because the food was fantastic. This is actually wayyyyyyyyy better than Big Mamma's and the surrounding area is calmer. I actually went into Big Mamma's the other day and the staff was just plain ghetto. Instead of Big Mamma's you should definitely come here!
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By: Paul M.
El Tropico Bar Restaurant
You should steer clear of this restaurant unless you are Mexican or at least fluent in Spanish . The wait staff is pleasant enough but they don't understand enough English to be effective . This review was written after 2 visits .------ This restaurant was clean . I didn't get sick . & The steak in the 2 entrees that I tried was good , other than that I can't say much else that is positive.
By: Mallory H.
This place was wonderful! The people were warm, welcoming, and very helpful. Best ribs I have ever had! If you like grits, look no further in the Kentucky area, they have the most delectable cheese grit cake. A literal block of cheese grits baked to perfection. Cannot wait to go back here!
By: skychief42
Dasha Barbour S Outhern Bi
Off to a Good StartThis cozy eatery is just as it claims to be, serving good southern comfort food.The location is off the main road, and seating is limited. But worth the effort to find it.As time goes on, I am sure they will be adding to their menu and gaining customers.
By: Beverly A.
Yoki Buffet
I have never seen such an extensive buffet. Something for everyone. Delicious! Fresh seafood, salad and fruit bar. Also dessert and ice cream to scoop...not soft serve. American food as well as Asian.I don't think they serve alcohol. No reservations needed.
By: haythem
Volare Ristorante
volare restaurant has a lot to offer, great food, live music, a great selection of wine. i go there often and i always keep coming back. i'd recommend this place to anybody who's looking for great Italian dishes and great selection of wine.
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By: Susi S.
Shady Lane Cafe
The location and some of the hours are now correct, but Shady Lane is also open from 5:30 to 8 PM Thursday and Friday evenings. The prices of this website are WRONG, and the food is FANTASTIC. CHECK IT OUT!!!!
By: justin477
Shady Lane Cafe
This was by far the best burger I've had in years. Ample portions and Rachel is amazing. Very friendly staff and just an overall amazing experience. I will definitely make this a staple for dining out.
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By: Garyfields273 B.
Dixie Chicken
If you're looking for great food at a decent price, this is it! Best wings around. And the side's ate wonderful.You will throw rocks at Kings, Hooters or any other chicken place on Preston Hwy!

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