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By: Leah P.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
So I purchased a Groupon for oil change and new whipers for $29. They got me in and out quickly and replaced my air filter for a reasonable price. Unfortunately it rained that night and I realized the drivers side whiper they replaced was broken. :/ but I called Charlie and he told me to come by in the AM which I did and they replaced it. Now this place is on the outskirts of town and I live downtown so I wasn't excited about wasting the gas and time to go back BUT what really won me over and why I am writing this review.... One of.the guys In the shop. I don't know his name but I know he served 3 cruises in the Navy.... He took the time to repair my windshield washer fluid hose at no charge. ( I want to had been defective since I became the owner of the car over a year ago, and also why I didn't check the windshield wipers on site before I left) and that small act of service made.that second drive worth it in my mind. I will absolutely return I'm the future. Thanks guys!
By: Barbara M.
Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
I just got my car back this week from Cottman Transmission after rebuilding the transmission on my Saturn. I checked with other companies over several months trying to decide who to take my car to knowing that the repair would be very costly. Finally, I decided to stop by Cottman because they have been in business so long in St. Matthews which is close to my neighborhood. They were wonderful to work with and the most knowledgeable of all the businesses I had contacted. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and took the time too explain what the problem was with my transmission and itemized what they did to repair it. I am so happy with their work and wish I had gone sooner. I give them 5 stars.
By: trackdance
Discount Transmission Center
Awesome Service at unbelievable prices!.......I am a very satisfied customer and I wanted to share this because normaly you only hear negative comments on businesses....people who are satisfied only comment 5% of the time nationally......The mechanics that work here know what they are doing and does it extremely well.......I have experience in the auto service industry but am now disabled. Being the best and the knowledge of everyone in the business sold me immediatly and my Jeep NOW purrs down the highway!
By: David M.
Discount Transmission Center
Had to make this account just to leave a great review for Fred and his guys over at discount transmission. My 2006 SS impala needed a rebuild. This place did it for an awesome price with a few added modifications to ensure this transmission is more durable. 1535 dollars and out the door! 3 months later ......PERFECT! Thanks Fred! Also my father in law had a Ford Escape transmission rebuilt there over 2 years problems! Thanks for being an awesome local small establishment!
By: Terri S.
Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
I have used Cottman numerous times in the past few years and have always had a positive experience. In 2011 my ford Focus, a car that I love, had a transmission problem and unfortunately it had to be replaced. Jeff and his staff at Cottman were able to fix my car very fast, and at amazing price. My car has run perfectly ever since. When I have any auto concerns, I go to Cottman because I can trust then to take care of my car with outstanding customer service. Thanks guys!!
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By: Susie S.
Discount Transmission Center
This was yrs ago but I have other people say they are the same. I took my car in when others wanted $2000.00 just to look at it and if you then don't want them to work on it they will hand you your transmission in a box. We decided to try discount and they were so great. A part had come loose and they tightened it. At first they wanted $30.00 but then told me no charge. It was refreshing to be treated so honestly.
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By: tysonrexroat
Performance Transmission
I give a 2 because they are trying to fix the ongoing issue. Long story short. It's been back 5 times. They have install parts without authorization, done things without my permission, and pretty much lied to me about the work they did. I actually know transmissions, so I am able to call them on their short comings. I feel sorry for the people who have paid for bad service. And been taken advantage of. -TysonSean
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By: Bethany H.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
This place is amazing! Love the work they do and their honesty. They take the time to listen to me and figure out what's going on with my car. They don't just throw parts at it. And always looking for ways to save me money. I've got an older car and I know they'll help me keep it running. Thanks Aamco!
By: cleavon
Discount Transmission Center
This place delt with me fair and square. Owner has a guaranteed not to exceed price which was still better than the big rip off chains.Personal, local ownership is much better. They seem to really care about what they do.If you want a good deal at a good price this is the place.
By: theresa765
Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care
Cottman Transmission did wonderful work with my daughters BMW 318i. She had a bad oil leak and Cottman was able to fix it far less than the dealer. The service was done very quickly and Jeff was very kind. The customer service is great!Thank you,Theresa

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