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By: theolives
A Brides Dream
Thanking God for deliverance from an evil spirit that would cause me to flip out!I want to inform any and every one that Mrs. Donna has such a kindred spirit & I appreciate her help... BUT if you plan to shop at A Brides Dream, just make sure that you speak with Mrs. Donna (the owner) of any questions, comments or concerns before purchasing anything & please thoroughly inspect your item(s) before & after alterations. I advise that you & Mrs. Donna have a clear understanding before you give her a dime. I initially gave our 1st experience 5 Stars, but due to our recent interactions I had to re-evaluate things and expose how our experience has changed... Please read below.Dated 04/11/2013- I must state that we are now disappointed. The beginning experience was great & we took such a liking to Mrs. Donna, but after picking up the dress from alterations we were informed then it was a consignment dress due to noticing the grass stains. & now we see where there is more beading needed in places on the dress that just have strings hanging from it. I do place the blame on myself for not noticing the grass stains, but I know for a fact that I was not informed that this dress was a consignment dress & I was assured that all the beading would be replaced. Due to the fact that my sister lives 4 hours away, we purchased the dress on the spot and the actual prom date, we will now have to seek assistance elsewhere to ensure my sister has a decent dress for prom. This once thought completed journey of finding the perfect prom dress is now a Nightmare! Not only will we have to spend more money, (that is not in our budget) but it leaves a sour taste in ones mouth about having a great experience at A Brides Dream and then it turning out to be the total opposite.Dated: 04/04/2013-A God sent place! My sister and I were looking for the perfect prom dress for her and within our budget... Praise God that we found A Bride's Dream because it was our last resort since we had been to several different cities looking for that dress that my sister was dreaming about. I Thank God that we found it and that Mrs. Donna was willing to make the alterations my sister was requesting! Thanks Mrs. Donna and staff for a wonderful experience and an Awesome Prom Dress... We look forward to visiting you all soon :)
By: Tacey C.
A Brides Dream
I am so pleased we were referred to Donna’s shop, A Bride’s Dream for alterations. Only regret I have is not knowing about her shop before I bought a dress. I already bought the prom dress somewhere else and she was just as professional and caring with her dress as if we had bought the dress in her shop. My daughter is plus size and everywhere we went to treated her as such and seemed to be bothered when helping us. Donna treated my daughter no different than the size 4 customer that was before us. We were even told where we bought the dress that alterations were not needed even though we specifically asked for straps to be added. Donna shortened the dress by two inches, which was needed, and added the straps without hesitation. They even made the straps just as beautiful as they were functional. The dress is a princess style dress with many layers and a corset back. She took the time to show me how to straighten the layers evenly and to tie the corset properly.. Excellent prices and outstanding customer service is the reason Donna’s shop will be the only place I ever shop for a formal dress for any reason from this point forward as well as alterations of any kind.
By: nanato6
Sunny Daize
I stopped by Sunny Daize for the first time to see if they were taking merchandise to sell. The ladies were super nice and explained the upscale kind of items they sold. They showed me around the store and pointed out the color tagged sale they had going on. In less than ten minutes I was able to find a gorgeous $150.00 dress for my daughter's rehearsal dinner coming up and another dress for one of her showers originally costing $99.00---and my total was only $28.00!!!! We are on a tight budget, so that was amazing! If you are wanting nice name brands or good, quality merchandise, I would stop by and see what they have. I will be stoppingn by often for ten minutes just to see what they have!!!! The customer service is awesome as well!
By: rita4021
Consignments Plus Inc
You should go. Things have changed a lot this year with this store. There are quality vendors providing unique and affordable items. There is also an amazing girls booth with unbelievable prices on some really cute stuff, all new. You just can't go wrong with this place. It is huge and lots of fun to visit. It's clean and a fun place to shop!. You will also find lots of accent pieces and furniture for the home all used in great condition from known brands such as Pottery Barn, Home Decorators, Ashley Furnture...all at great prices. And sometimes you can even ask them to call the vendors to see if you can get a little better deal on some items.
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By: Truly A.
Castaways Consignment And Gifts
They have a huge selection of name brand clothes and the prices were cheap. Cheaper than most consignment stores. Theres always something on sale. Children's clothes are so expensive and they grow out of them so fast.. I save so much money on the kids school clothes and I always find something nice for myself. As far as that other rating, I have always had the opportunity to go back and pick up expensive items. I read through the contract....... I especially like looking through the book section. I'm a reader... I would say the store is ... great.. great. Great.
By: dale.d.burchett
Danny's Gun Repair
I own a K98K Mauser and I wanted to add a period scope. I ordered a scope with closed rings which required some gun smithing to mount. After going to several gun repair shops who told me the scope and mount would NOT work and much milling and stock removal would have to be done, I took the rifle and scope to Danny's Gun Repair. Chuck took one look at the rifle and scope and said no problem, just drill, tap and mount. You guys did an EXCELLENT job, Thanks.By the way, they thoroughly checked out the rifle and also repaired the safety.Thanks again for a GREAT job.
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By: Vicki T.
Castaways Consignment And Gifts
I have purchased so many nice things there for each and every one of my family members. Made it so much easier to raise children and send them to school in name brand new looking clothing up to date in style. I also consign there and always have money on my account when I go to shop. So it's like having huge coupons and discounts. They also have clearance and sales weekly and a Facebook page that keeps me informed what is the sale of the week. I also got a nice designer purse (not a knock off) for a huge steel. Anyways highly recommend.
By: coolemo
It's Serendipity
Awesome people to work with!! I took some collectible Christmas ornaments to sell on eBay and they got me twice as much money as the first consignment/eBay auctioneer told me that I would get. As a matter of fact....the first store turned me away and as I was leaving I ran into a friend who recommended Its Serendipty. The owner and staff maintain that high level of customer of days gone by. I highly recommend stopping if you are in the area...or to schedule a visit if you are not!
By: dayseybaize
Ur Key 2 Deals
I dont know what those people are talking about I go to that this store all the time and I LOVE this store, They have great deals, Amazing products. They have delievered Alot of things to me and sometimes I dont even have to leave my house, The lady is such a sweet heart and is very kind to me everytime I walk in. I've never heard her or her daughter get nasty with anyone. See for your-self and catch you a great deal. I have the best experience.
By: Anna C.
Sunny Daize
This is a really great store. They are so organized which is a must have for me when I am shopping. I can peruse the clothes if I want or I can walk right in and head to the section of whatever it is I am looking for. They have great brand names and even though some items are expensive it is worth the money for the amazing quality in the name brands and you aren't having to pay that hefty full price.

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