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By: patriciajb
Bellarmine University
Having just graduated from Bellarmine University with my Bachelors of Science in Biology, and taking the time to be extremely involved in both campus life and community service my four years there, I believe that I hold the right to portray the accurate description of what a Bellarmine student truly is. I never would have thought that I would fall upon my Alma Mater being described as a location for "drinking and vandalism". While still respecting your opinion, I have to 100% disagree. Never would I classify Bellarmine as a university that will have their students develop a drinking or a vandalism problem, nor would I classify them as having an "entitlement-prone, thug-student population". I find it comical that someone would have this opinion of my home. Yes, even after graduating a week ago I still classify Bellarmine as my home. The reason behind this is due the people I met there, and the relationships I gained while obtaining my degree. The Bellarmine that I know should be classified as a home away from home that will strive to make each student a solidly principled and morally strong individual while still teaching them how to succeed in their field of study after graduation. The area surrounding the university is welcoming and safe, and when my parents would visit from out of town they would often compliment on how every hotel they stayed was just as friendly. I am proud to say that I graduated from Bellarmine University and would encourage any high school student to schedule a visit on our campus.

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