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By: 99problems
I found these guys on yp and have been very satisfied with the service I received a week ago. My brakes were squeaking noise, and I couldn't tolerate the sound. I was on the verge of going insane. They fixed my brake, and found out what was causing the noise (brake pads and calipers were installed wrong). They were good at communicating and honest throughout the entire process. The price was beyond fair for the time and efforts.A week later, and my brakes are working like new... and another auto-shop may have elected to do an entire brake job.I will definitely be bringing my car back here for future service.
By: theboxer4
I've been recommending brakeway to friends and family after the experiences I've had there. We've had our brakes worked on by these guys a couple times over the course of the past few years and never had a bad word to say. Once we chose their best package and had all the brake pads replaced, fluid exchanged, all new hardware and calipers put in, the works. Only cost us around $250. Recently we just had the brakes replaced on our secondary family car, and to have all four done it was only $149 and some change. Great options for services and fair prices. We'll continue to go back as we need to.
By: _rachael_
I brought my 2009 Nissan Murano here for the sake of the free brake inspection, knowing that it was about time to have the brakes replaced/repaired/whatever needed to be done. I was really happy with not only the inspection at no charge, but with the fact that the guy who worked there brought me out to see my car and showed me exactly what would need to be fixed right that day, as compared to what would need to be considered some day down the line. I felt that he was honest and treated me right instead of trying to take advantage.
By: ritchieray
All I have to say is Wow! I hadn't gotten my brakes (or anything attached) serviced or replaced or anything in years, and my car had dealt with a few years of harsh winters, uncovered or protected, up north. I chose their best package option, which was $249, and they replaced all the hardware, the calipers, and new brake pads. I've been around the block a couple times, and I know that this amount of work done to a vehicle should've cost me double. Car's running much better now... much less grinding and squeaking thank God!
By: free__bird
Called late Monday afternoon, got an appointment on Tuesday morning to have new front brake pads and rotors installed. Check-in was quick and they promptly called me to confirm the repairs that they'd be making and what the cost would be. Work was completed quickly and all is well. I think brakes are an important part of the car, so very glad to have fully functioning brakes in place now.I plan to use Brakeway for future brake work/repairs and would recommend them to anyone.
By: peter_paul_mary
Took my car to have the brakes replaced and they did a wonderful job. I made a same day appointment and their service was fast and honest. The parts and labor charges were very reasonable. They could have easily charged me double. But instead, Al informed me that my back brakes were fine and should last for some time. Therefore, they only replaced the front brakes and rotors and the total was well under $200. Glad that I finally found a great shop!
By: alyceinwonderland
I've been needing to change my brakes for the longest time but I was having trouble looking for a good auto shop. Looked up places on yp and came across Brakeway. All their stores seem to have above average reviews and now I know why... Great customer service unlike most places I've been to and got a great deal for brakes. I'm totally happy with all their services and I'm definitely going to be coming back. :)
By: lovinit6
The mechanics here are extremely knowledgeable and trust worthy. I came in and left feeling like I didn't get hustled. The mechanic showed me to my car and pointed out what the problem was exactly: rear brakes. He took the time help me understand the problems and for that they gained a customer for life. Totally happy with the amount charged as well.
By: chubbybunny8
Ok so I waited one whole month to write a review to see that he fixed my problem and he did. I came here to fix my squealing brakes and he gave me an estimate and I liked the deal. The guy is very nice and incredibly honest he was quick with the job even though my brakes were bad. he fixed the problem fast I will be coming back here again.
By: minpin2
This is THE place to bring your car for brakes. When the dealer wanted $600+ for new rotors and pads for my car I went to see Lauren, boy oh boy am I glad I did. Not only was my car done in 90 minutes, for under $300 I had the job done and he resurfaced my rotors and replaced the pads- thank god I told the dealer to forget it.
Tips & Advices
Ceramic brake pads are made from dense, durable ceramic. They are favored for their relative silence while driving compared to metal or organic brake pads. They also have little wear and tear on the overall brake system and are very reliable. However, they are more expensive than metal or organic brake pads. Additionally, their performance deteriorates in extreme driving conditions.
Brake rotors typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.
Brake shoes are used in drum brakes--rather than disc brakes--which is the original braking system designed for vehicles. Just as brake pads are the friction component of disc brakes, brake shoes are the friction component of drum brakes. When the brakes are applied, a wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoe against the brake drums, which spin while the vehicle is in motion, and causes the vehicle to stop.
A squeaking or squealing sound when applying newly replaced brakes is normal. It comes from the rotor vibrating against the new brake pads. It should quiet down after about 250 miles, and should be more or less silent by 750 miles, when the brake system has had some time to synchronize itself.
This depends on the car, the brake system, and the car owner's driving habits. Typically, a car's brakes should be replaced after about 50,000 miles, but some car's brakes may last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Car owners shouldn't wait for a magic number to replace their brakes. They should check them regularly, and pay close attention if they hear any weird noises or if the car feels shaky while braking. Brakes are a critical safety component of a car, so it's important to stay on top of brake maintenance.

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