By: Lynda M.
Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital
We are so lucky to have Shively here. These doctors care so much, and they forego a lot of the perks that many vets in the area enjoy just to help as many animals as they can possibly help. I have seen them take squirrels who were hit on the road, free of charge, and any person who needs help for their animals is seen, regardless of ability to pay. They accept cash and check and do prefer to get payment at the time of service, but my brother was offered a payment plan for a VERY expensive treatment that wd not have been possible anywhere else. I used to take my cat to The Cat Clinic, who insisted on expensive blood tests, vaccinations, and overnight stays just to give her an x-ray that I wanted bc of a cough she couldnt shake. I went in 3 times in 2 months, telling them she was sick and asking for a diagnosis. They saw me for 10 minutes each time and prescribed drugs without knowing what was wrong. They pushed prednisone on me every time, without even bothering to do an xray. They charged me over 300 for blood tests and then wanted to charge hundreds more and put her through more shots and stress before they would even consider an xray. It was like they didn't want to listen to me, almost out of spite. I was always very polite and obedient with their nonsensical directives. That is a red flag to me in dealing w a vet-when they won't even bother to let you ask questions. They were also rude every time I went in. I never thought it was a big deal until my cat needed actual care. I took her to Shively after getting treated like crap by Cat Clinic for 2 months, and within 15 min of getting her back to the vet, they had done an x-ray and confirmed lung cancer. Imagine what time and money I would have spent and what trauma she wd have endured if I had stuck with the crappy vet at Cat Clinic. Shively gave her fluids, b12, and supported me til the end. I paid a whopping 65 for the 2 xrays and vitamins and fluids. That is a steal. The vet, Dr. Robin, actually cried a little with me when she gave me the bad news. She offered me a much-needed hug and more than that, she provided gentle loving attention to my sick cat. I also have lovebirds and Shively is one of the few places who will see birds. They saved my baby girl's life when she was egg-bound. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. You should always expect to wait several hours when you go. They don't take appointments bc they want to see as many needy animals as possible, so they essentially work a triage system. You will get seen, however, and you can leave or wait in your car and they call when it's your turn. And rest assured that when you get in, the vet will be attending to your animal-not a tech. You will get the best care anyone can find, and at about 1/2 the price of most any vet. I trust them 110%. People come from all over the area for good reason. I only wish my boyfriend had done so when his 6 month old kitten was killed by a negligent country vet who botched her spay surgery. Our animals are too important to put behind our own comfort. Shively is just what it should be-a true animal lover's hospital. Get to Shively about 10 min before they open and it will significantly expedite your visit.
By: Alexa J.
BluePearl Veterinary Partners
I literally never write reviews for anything, but my experience here was so incredible I had to come and share it with everyone. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.My 10 month old puppy woke up paralyzed one morning. I took him to a DIFFERENT emergency vet right away, who told me unless I paid $5,000 for a surgery my pup would never walk again. That wasn't in my budget, and the vet told me I needed to put him down- that he would never walk again. Distraught, I brought my puppy home so my boyfriend could say one last goodbye... Then we PLANNED to euthanize him the next morning together. That night however, we decided to go get a second opinion (even though first vet seemed 100% positive of the condition) We went to BluePearl, since it was one of the few places open. The staff was so kind. I will say this, we had to wait about 3 hours, but I would have waited 3 more for the great service we received. The staff was so kind. They checked in with us regularly, and answered all our questions. Then the vet came in- Dr. Cullman-Clark!!! I ADORE THIS WOMAN! She was so kind, apologized for the delay (we had come on an unusually busy night), and took her time with us. She did not rush us one bit. She suggested it was a different condition, and said to wait a few days and look for improvement. She even went to the back and MADE us a sling out of medical material to help him walk. Well guess what guys- 3 days later and my little pup is out there running around and walking!! Almost back perfect, although he cant go up or down steps yet, its only been 3 days. If I had trusted the first vet, he would have never even been given a chance, or I would be $5,000 in debt!!Not only that, but the vet called me to check, and then called again on her OFF day to check on my puppy and me!! How kind is that? She thinks he should be back normal within a week or two. I would suggest ANYONE in any type of emergency situation to come here first before anywhere else. I have never met anyone who so genuinely cares about their patients. Cost me $85 dollars :-)THANK YOU BLUEPEARL
By: prospect.card
Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital
I have been going to Shively Animal Clinic for about 7 years and from my experiences with my dogs and cats can highly recommend them. Yes, you will have to be patient and wait, they do not take appointments and because their prices are very fair, maybe the best in Louisville, they are VERY busy. Don't expect all the frills, bells and whistles as you will not find them here, that's not what they are about. They are about giving your pet the best possible medical care at the best possible price. I live in the eastern Jefferson County and the vet that I used to go to about 2 miles from my home gouged me every chance they could, I discovered Shively Animal Clinic when my Maine Coon Cat had "blocked" and Goshen Animal Clinic gave me a quote of $1900+ to have the major surgery that he needed to survive. A friend of mine that owned a pet salon/kennel told me to take him to Shively, which I did. I was lucky enough to get Dr. Joyce on my first visit and my cat had the successful surgery and was hospitalized for 3.5 days and is doing great today at 13 y/o...total cost for everything...$687.00!!! They never try to do more than necessary and have always been very caring, even though they are extremely busy and work very long hours. Needless to say, I have never gone back to Goshen Animal Clinic and happily drive the 23 miles to Shively for the great and affordable care that my pets deserve.
By: cynthia.c.canada
Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic
My husband lived in Louisville before, and always took his pets to Dr. Patterson at Shelbyville Road Vet Clinic. When he moved back and I moved here, our blended pet family became patients there as well.Dr. Patterson, Dr. Luba, and Dr. Lauren are excellent vets, not only because they maintain their knowledge base of medical advances (better than my own primary care physician, I have to say!), but also because they are deeply compassionate and are able to deliver any kind of news -- good or bad -- with a solid balance of empathy and realism We always have a full explanation of all options available -- and we're never made to feel guilty if we honestly can't afford an expensive treatment. (Did you know you can get cataract surgery for dogs?!)If we ever move away, we're probably going to try to talk them into going with us! :-)
By: Pam & steve H.
Sims, Kenneth J DVM
Friday 6-19 I have used them for years but will not go back. His daughter Stephanie talked to my husband like he was not human!! Dr Simms has known my husband since he was a kid. So when he sees my husband he wants to talk to him. Stephanie told us we took too much time with him (15 minutes) and they would all have to work later. She kept on for at least 5 minutes and said I am not teasing!! Dr Simms and Mrs Simms are very nice people but their daughter is not. WAS VERY RUDE TO US! Will not be back to Simms!! Sorry doc.Friday 6-26Dr Sims called us and could not apologize enough. he said it is his office and if he wanted to talk to a customer 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes, it is his right to do so. He was sincerely sorry we had to go through that and assured us it would never happen again .
By: Greta P.
Sims Animal Hospital
Since, 1991, I have taken every fur baby I have owned to Dr Sims. Thru thick & thin $ times, my divorce, my remarriage, through the 1st visits by my babies-to tears during their last moments where he simply put a loving hand on both mine & my son's shoulders, & said he understood & was sorry. As children have grown, he always asks about them, & even cares for their fur babies. He never took sides in my divorce, & fairly took care of babies on both sides. I do miss his daughter Stephanie at the front desk. I guess kids just have to leave the nest. When he removed a fatty tumor from by most favorite & closely loved fur baby, he charged 1/4th what Metropolitan Veterinary on Bluegrass Pkwy had charged me, and the tumor was MUCH worse when he did the surgery. I warned him that he could never retire!
By: markwatkins
Sims, Kenneth J DVM
I have been going to Sims Animal Hospital since 2001 when I was new to the area and living in St. Matthews and was looking for a vet that had evening and weekend hours like Sims. Dr. Sims and Dr. Evans have both been wonderful, along with the staff. We have both dogs and cats and have had them to Sims over the past 9 years and have been very pleased with the services and care of our cats and dogs. From dealing with epilepsy in one of our dogs and getting that under control and maintained, to instructing me how to give shots to a cat we rescued... Dr. Sims and Dr. Evans have been wonderful. I continue to drive 25 minutes to Sims one way because they provide great service for a fair price and would highly recommend Sims Animal Hospital.
By: cathy.brown.961
Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital
Anyone that goes to Shively Animal Hospital is going to have to wait! So what. I would not put my pets in anyone hands but Shively. All the vets there care SO much about your animals. This is a business and they run it well. The counter tops are absolutely covered in rows of (see the vet), (walk backs)...etc.The parking lot is jammed all the time. There is a reason you have to wait!I hate to say, but, there are always some of the very rudest..ignorant acting clients that treat the desk help and vets not very nice. I would have a hard time if I was there to endure that on a daily basis! The price is much lower than other vets too. Shively is packed all the time! There is a reason why!A++++++++++++
By: liz5375
Johnson Animal Clinic
I recently took my new puppy to another vet office (gaslight animal hospital) and was very unpleased with our visit. I bought my puppy and found out he had kennel cough and took him to this other office. They gave us medication and sent us away. After using the medication, the problem was rapidly getting worst. After speaking with some family members I decided to come to Johnson Animal Clinic. They were awesome!!!! Every question I had was answered and more. I learned about kennel cough and learned about the medication given to my puppy. I found out thing the other vet office should of told me and more. I am more than pleased with Johnson Animal Clinic. I will not take my puppy any where else!
user avatar
By: juscusiam
Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital
I have been taking my fur babies here for about 17 years. I sign in and they call me when its my turn. They have very good vets and take very good care of all the animals.Yes they spend time explaining what is wrong and the treatment plan. On occasion you find a rude desk person, but then don't we all have a bad day occasionally ? Never once when Dr Joe was there did I ever encounter any rudeness. And if I do run across one that is out of line I take it up with someone who has enough say to take care of the matter. Most all the staff are polite even when I am upset. They are good vets and I wouldn't trust any one else with my fur babies. The wait is well worth the service they receive !
Tips & Advices
Most 24-hour clinics do not allow owners to stay with their pets overnight. However, many do have specific visiting hours or will let owners see their pets at any point during the day. In addition, owners can call most clinics at any time for an update on their pet's well being.
  • Important phone numbers, especially those of the the veterinary clinic, the animal hospital or emergency clinic, and the poison control center
  • A book detailing pet first-aid steps
  • Copy of medical records
  • Nylon leash
  • Muzzle (only use if pet is not vomiting and has no difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Nonlatex disposable gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting only at the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Milk of magnesia (to absorb poison only at the recommendation of a veterinarian)
Find a 24-hour animal hospital that provides emergency services within your area. Keep the facility's contact information in a place that's easy to locate, such as the refrigerator, address book, or smartphone. Most veterinary clinics operate on standard business hours and are not equipped to handle emergencies.
Veterinary clinics operate on a smaller scale than animal hospitals. The latter are more likely open 24 hours and provide emergency services. The former generally operate on typical office hours and only perform wellness exams and minor surgeries. Veterinary clinics also do not generally perform laboratory tests on site.
The specifics vary depending on the type of visit. For a wellness exam, bring:
  • Medical records
  • The type or brand of food the pet eats
  • Medication (including flea, tick, and heartworm medication).
If the animal needs medical treatment, the following may be helpful depending on the situation:
  • Fresh stool sample
  • Vomit sample
  • Video of the pet engaging in abnormal behavior
  • Substance the pet may have ingested

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