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By: leslie.c.blackford
Genghis Grill
I had high hopes for this place, but it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be a semi-fast food place (like Qdoba, but with stir fry). The approach and quality was along those lines, but before standing in line to pick your ingredients, you had a server come to your table to ask what size bowl you wanted, and bring you a drink. *so you end up having to tip for that fast food) My food was good. My husbands food was terrible. The tables are squished in there like sardines in a can. Seating arrangement was very akward and unfomfortable. In the end, the was good if you chose the right things, but we had two small bowls of stir fry and two sodas, and a grand total of $27 plus tip. All in all, I left feeling guilty for spending that much money on what we got :(
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By: conan50248
Taco Bell
man the service in this place is poor and the fact that i had to wait for 35minutes to get three taco supreme and this was in the evening with three cars in front i thought that the staff had been low with employees so i came back about three days later for lunch wet sighns was down and the floor was dry i waited about 20minutes for nacho supreme my point is that someone is very unconcerned about customers like the customer owe them thier business. and to note that the taco was crunchy on top and bottom was mushy as if they allready had taco sitting around but made me wait like it was comming out freash i said wow not a good place for me to eat
By: coolemo
I've been coming to this location since they opened years ago. Best Subway in the city...I once asked to buy a promo shirt they no longer had available and the owner took my number and called me a week later to say he had tried to locate one for the last week to no avail. I was very impressed that he tried AND that I received a call from him to let me know. How many fast food places would have done that? Also..they have always given me two slices of cheese on my kids meal sandwich when the others just give me one. Fast, fresh, and very friendly!
By: barbara.albert.77
Sonic Drive-In
While reading previous comments'I felt a couple were very biased and unfair. We have always received good service at this Sonic. The staff are curtious and efficient. The only time we waited for our food was due to rush dinner hour on a Friday night. We feel the negative complaints may be from out of towners. This Sonic is very neighborhood friendly. Our compliments to the staff and company for continued good eating in our neighborhood. People visiting Churchhill Downs appreciate and frequent here as well.
By: Emily W.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
I visit this location regularly and I just wanted to brag on them... The food is always great, and the restaurant is always kept clean, but the service there is outstanding! Today I came in around 5:30 and got 10 burrito bowls with extra meat to go. Everyone was smiling and extremely nice. I'm very impressed with this location in Middletown, and I highly recommend them. I've been a manager at a restaurant before so I know how hard it can be to have such a good team. Keep up the great work!!!
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By: ravenbeckysmith
White Castle
I was in white castle about 11:30am, this morning & they were jammed. I had a large order & the manger, I think her tag said Tina, helped me greatly. She was working just as hard as every other employee. A lot of places i go to managers don't work like every1 else, but this woman was a really hard worker. i just thought someone should let you know what an excellent employee you have in this woman, Tina manager. Thank You Raven-Becky
By: ashley.burkett.58
Sonic Drive-In
I am a sonic carhop and I honestly do apologize for anything that has ever gone wrong with your order. However, I think people tend to forget that A) your food will take awhile when you pull into the lot and see that it's full. We cook our food fresh and have to hand blend every single shake. B) you are supposed to tip your carhop. We don't make minimum wage and you assume we do and ask a lot of us sometimes.
By: David K.
Taco Bell
Very clean place. Me and my wife ordered from both kfc and taco bell annd the food was fresh, the employees were very welcoming, and most important the bathrooms were super clean. We go there every Sunday. The cashier Natalie was very helpful as well. I like all the employees, they are so helpful, they even take my tray when we are done eating. I recommend this place if you live in the area.
By: S D.
Panda Express
Went to this location when it first opened and had a good experience. The store was very nice looking back then. I drive by there almost on a daily basis and have noticed that the landscaping has not been touched all summer long. There are giant weeds everywhere. Hopefully they care about the quality of their food more than the outside store appearance.
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By: tracywindus
I was trying to find either the phone number or address do the McDonalds at U of L called Market Street location and was spoke to rudely and hung up on called this location and was greeted pvery friendly on the phone and the employee took the time at 11:30 on what I'm sure was a very busy Sunday to get the information for me thank you

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