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  • i am still a customer

    I was sitting at the bar, and i saw the manager handling it in a very professional manner. The lady inquired about her dish and proceeded to raise her tone in a inappropriate manner and used derogatory language to the manager in front of myself and other families.The manager proceeds with an apology and suggests to take the dish which she had complained about away and bring any dish to her liking free of charge. Once the new dish was brought out this individual had ordered and drank several pitchers of margaritas. Two of the ladies left and the third lady, whom was the individual who had initally complained remained. It seemed that the final lady was about to leave and take her belongings as the other two had just done moments before. The manager then proceeded to ask in a civil and professional manner if she would mind leaving her I.D. behind.After the manager had askd her in a civil manner to leave some type of collateral, she profusely once again started raising her voice, shouting and obnoxiously making accusations. A scene which was completely uncalled for quite ridiculous. The manager instantly apologized that he did not mean for any type of accusation. The other ladies then come in and they all begin to curse and start yelling at the manager accusing him that he had said they were going to ""dine and ditch"". One of the ladies then begins to throw hundred dollar bills at the manager in a mocking manner as they are all yelling and cursing at the manager. I then find this completely ridiculous and kindly ask one of the ladies ""excuse me maam"". Right after this she turns around and yells, ""this is none of your ****ing business, so stay the **** out"". At this time the manager tells the ladies to pay there bill and leave, in which he is still acting in a professional manner unlike the ladies whom had been cursing and yelling the whole time. I'm still a customer and a happy one.

  • Horrible Customer Service!......I agreed!

    I was truly disgusted by this person who claim to be the owners...son. First of all, food was nothing special and pricy compare the quality. I took my friend to have a dinner. First, we placed an order, and they brought wrong dish and they decided to accused me. After patiently waiting for a long time we finally got right dish but came wtith brownish vegetable(clear to everyone that looked like it was sitting out for a while). So, I asked to speak to the manager which is the owners..son. This person(Owner) was not only rude but he had the temper. He accused me(again) for placing a wrong order and I changed my mine??? When finally got new dish on my table I was so upset and lost appetite. ....So, We paid (least we are the moral pepole) and left. We agreed this place is not recomended to anyone! Without doubt, Thumbs Down!!!!

  • Horrible Customer Service from Owners SON!

    I was apalled at the way i was treated by a man i was told was the owners son, he was not only rude when a dish was sent back that someone in my party was not pleased with, but also upon going for a simple smoke break after the meal, prior to finishing our cocktails the man told me to leave my purse with him and when i asked if he was implying that i was not going to pay for my meal? he said nothing, i told him i was offended that he thought my moral values were so.. low as to have a meal and leave without paying for it. He never once apologized for his actions i left my keys with him so that i could go tell the others in my party what happened, when they heard they were furious and both told the man they were as well upset by his comments, we paid for our meal and left without finishing drinks we had paid for. My friend who had recomended the restraunt was very upset and now the 3 stylists and also myself who is in customer service will make sure others know of the experience we had. Some people should stay behind the scenes. Thumbs Down!

  • really great mexican food

    Casa Valencia is the best mexican food in town I could eat there atleast 2 times a week. If you want to try something new try the Pollo Boracho its so good its a combination plate of marinated chicken, beans, and rice. Their table salsa is so good they sell it to go.

    When it is busy service can be alittle slow, but all in all great resturant

    Don't miss out its really good....

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