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By: melhicks
Oscar Trash Dumpster Rentals
Really, really pleased with Oscar Dumpsters!We had a 4 yard bin delivered promptly to us for a project. While working on the project, we realized that we would need a much larger bin. I called Oscar Dumpsters back and Herbie, answered on a Friday morning. I explained to him that we needed a larger size, and quickly, because we were under time constraints for the next phase of our project. He told me he'd be at our site in an hour to haul away the full bin and get us a new one for a small discount. He showed up himself to take away the full bin and a half hour later, an empty bin arrived. We'll be using Oscar Dumpsters again for our next project. Thanks for taking care of us, Bobby.
By: Remy B.
LA Trash Bin Rentals
I've been renting 25 YDS every week since February for a commercial demo project in Brentwood. It is extremely important that I get my bins dropped off and picked up on time so that it doesn't interfere with any of the other trucks that need to pass by. I know I can always rely on these guys particularly the drivers themselves, I touch base with them every so often and if they ever suspect that they'd be running late, they'd give me a courtesy call sometimes an hour in advance, but even then it's rare that even come 5 minutes shy. I'm quite please with this company and the overall help they've given me and my associates here. Thank again LA Trash!
By: claudiaburn
24/7 Dumpster Rentals
Thanks guys! We could not have been more pleased with the service we received from 24/7 Dumpster Rentals! We had more "rubbish" we knew what to do with after our renters took off without a dime paid in over two months. They just abandoned the place and left it looking like a flop house! We wanted everything out and quickly! Thanks to these guys we were able to rent an appropriate sized dumpster and had the house cleared in less than the 7 days we were able to keep the dumpster! They even came out when we called and said we were done the same day! What great guys! Thank again!!!
By: claudetulfo
American Trash Bins & Junk Removal
OMG! These guys saved my life. I had this huge going away party a week ago because I was moving to San Diego for a new job. My landlord told me I could have my party only if I had everything cleaned up before I left. I hired a dumpster company and told them I needed the dumpster like 8am the following day. It was almost lunch and they still weren't there! So I called American Dumpster and begged them for a dumpster to be delivered at least within 2 hours. They said yes and in just an hour, I had my dumpster! I didn't have to pay my landlord any fees and whatnot! Thanks guys!
By: gerardp
Liberty Dumpster Rentals
My company has dealt with Liberty Dumpster Rentals for the past 6 months on several projects, during which time they have provided my business with excellent service. Their service has been a major factor in our company's success with these projects, assisting us to finish on-time, under budget, and helping us to become one of the most valued contractors to our clients in this phase of construction projects. I can confidently recommend Liberty Dumpster Rentals as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field. Thanks for all your hard work guys!!!
By: adam1stman
Busy Bins - Dumpster & Bin Rentals
who would have guessed that ordering a dumpster could be so painless. (Literally) lol.I was working with another company before but was unsatisfied with the price as time went on, they were charging me way too much $$$ just in overweights alone. No bueno.I did some browsing since I needed to rent one for my dad to help him clean out his garage. Ria was great on the phone, she really helped me out and did me a solid by booking me for the same day. Plus she sounded cute too lol. Anyways, good service, good staff, will be ordering one soon for myself.
By: Phillip F.
LA Trash Bin Rentals
Taking the time to find the right dumpster company is never easy. One time, I had a company call me to tell me that they were "running late" and pushed me for tomorrow, so on-top of not getting a dumpster, I was about to lose hundreds of dollars in un-paid laborers that I had to send home. Thankfully, I found LA TRASH BIN at the last minute, and they literally saved the day by bringing me out a 40 YD bin the very next hour! I was so grateful with how awesome they were to do such a huge favor for me on such short notice. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! :)
By: larrylars
24/7 Dumpster Rentals
I had the roof of my house replaced about a week ago, and I hired 24/7 to provide me with a 40yd dumpster for the shingles. They were very honest right from the start and even informed me that roofing shingles were heavy and I would most like ly be overweight. I was happy because, I originally wanted a 25yd dumpster but they said that a 40 would suite me better because it was allowed more tonnage. True enough the bin was overweight, but it would have cost me more if they stuck me with the 25yd. Thanks for the honesty guys!
By: bishopstevenson
EZ Dumpster Rentals
They’re a legit Company. We recently moved and had a ton of stuff to toss and recycle after we finished unpacking. I contacted a few trash haulers and the phone reps demeanor and thorough explanation of his services won me over. We agreed on a price and date over the phone...easy peasy!Come pick up day, the crew arrived on time and set to work. They quickly packed up an entire truck with appliances, furniture, rugs and boxes and left the area spotless. Good company, I greatly recommend them. Two thumbs up!
By: Candice J.
Construction Hauling
I checked out their website a few days ago, dropped in my number and had a rep call me for a quote in 15 mins. these guys are on top of their business! I needed some trash cleaned after a huge garage remodel. lots of leftover tile and wood that needed to go, it was taking up a huge amount of space and leaving a clutter everywhere. Thanks t them they cleaned up the area, swept, and left a clean and spacious area me. Prices are exceptionally cheap, I couldn't find anyone to match their prices.
Tips & Advices
The cost of trash pickup often depends on the size of the garbage container and whether the service is being handled by the city or a private company. The monthly rate for weekly pickup of a 48- gallon garbage container can run around $20 if this service is handled by a local municipality, while pickup for a 96-gallon cart can cost roughly $22. Rates are often higher when working with a private company.
A compost cart is used for the pickup of compostable items. The list of compostable items includes yard debris, such as branches and plant trimmings; a wide variety of food products, including everything from baked goods to poultry to fruits, grains, and sauces; non-recyclable paper products such as used paper plates and cups; and miscellaneous items, such as cotton balls, hair, and wooden toothpicks.
Trash should always be placed in a trash container when possible. However, if you have more trash than you're able to fit into your trash container, some trash pickup companies will accept the trash if it is bagged and placed next to the full container. Many trash pickup companies will accept up to five extra bags at no charge.
The most common residential trash container size is 96 gallons. A 96-gallon container is large enough to meet the needs of the average family, and it's generally able to handle weekly collection cycles without overflow. This is the largest residential trash container that a garbage truck's automated side loader can accommodate.
Paint cans should not be placed in regular trash bins. Paint and paint thinners can be hazardous to the environment, and these items require special handling when it comes to disposal. If you have paint cans that need to be disposed off, call your trash pickup company to make special arrangement to have them removed.

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