By: pearljamten
Los Angeles Spinal Decompression
After much research, I discovered that only a very few doctors take health insurance for spinal decompression. I found myself suddenly in a painful situation with my lower back and leg pain and the bills were adding up quickly. Each doctor had their own approach as to how and help me. I did the epidurals several times with some relief, but it didn't last and surgery wasn't an option. No one told me about spinal decompression. I had to hear about it from a friend and that's when the research started. I met with Dr. Karr and he reviewed my exam and MRI with me in detail. It mode complete sense as it related to the pin I was having, that being a nerve in my lower back being pinched and how everyone has a different idea of how to treat it. I decided to do treatment with Dr. Karr and I started noticing a difference rather quick. He explained that most people don't notice relief that quickly and Dr. Karr changed my treatment plan and started me on strengthening exercises. I believe he is the only office offering Medx with decompression. The cost was a fraction of what other offices wanted me to pay out of pocket and I must say I can imagine getting any better treatment elsewhere. I like to DRX9000 as oppose to the other machines I looked into. I am pain free and much more confident in my daily activities. I suggest seeing Dr. Karr before considering anything else.
By: maquejaq
Los Angeles Spinal Decompression
First off I would like to say thank you to Dr.Karr and his team for the wonderful service they provided me the moment I walked in the door. I came in as a walk-in and was treated like family. The whole team was kind, informative and helpful. So I finally decided to see a specialist after months of pain in my rib area. I am so glad I saw Dr.Karr as my Chiropractor. With Dr. Karr's expertise, he was able to diagnose the problem and use his magic hands to readjust my back and ribs. I feel fantastic after my first visit and kick myself for not coming earlier. It was also surprisingly affordable. It was so great to see Dr.Karr actually cared for his patients. He was all ears when I spoke and his face time was invaluable. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to use West Los Angeles Chiropractic office for all my chiropractic needs. I hope other patients will be able to experience what a wonderful practice you have. Best wishes. Anton
By: Chanito M.
Imb Acupuncture
Been thinkin bout submitting myself for Acupuncture for alternative medications for my chronic pain caused by off and on SCIATICA which bothers me for more than over 10 years. I had treatment from my doctors and the pain is actively recurring and yes its my first time and choose IMB ACUPUNCTURE in top of my research list. And i got myself treated for the first session yesterday 6/23/14 with a warm welcoming heart of DAVID CHUNG and with his modern art technology ELECTROACUPUNCTURE combined formula medication approach in treating the areas where sciatic pinch nerve causes me a lot of discomfort after more or less an hour of treatment ... an instant relief and feeling of pain free was truly achieved with not much needle inserted with the help of ELECTROACUPUNTURE....i am fully satisfied and would highly recommend you to try IMB and you get your moneys worth more than anythingelse..with a truly fullfilling effect.
By: cindyalbon
WellStream Acupuncture
Did you know acupuncture treats more than just back pain? Acupuncture helps with many conditions and is wonderful to reduce stress. Too much stress creates a hormonal imbalance which can lead to other health problems like allergies, digestive problems, infertility, menstrual irregularities and PMS, migraines, and lowered immunity resulting in frequent colds, flu, and sinus problems. Chronic stress is effectively relieved through the Integrative Acupuncture treatments WellStream Acupuncture offers, which includes Aromatherapy, Ear Acupressure and Sound Therapy. Get relief today from the compassionate, comprehensive care at WellStream.
By: bennynjune
Los Angeles Spinal Decompression
Regardless of what others say, they do take insurance for decompression therapy and I have the EOB's from the insurance company to prove it. Mind you they told me NOT all insurance companies cover this treatment.I had a terrific experience working with this office. I fould them all very thorough, professional and low key. It's all high tech and I did follow up assessments on my iPad for them to follow my progress. Thanks Dr. O for all the attention.I believe in this and for me I am out of pain now. As an alternative, why wouldn't someone try this before surgery and or medications and or injections of steroids? It makes sense.
By: david.flores
ABCO Technology
I am currently attending ABCO Technology. I came here with no Information Technology background to speak of. All i had was a drive to get ahead and a love for computers. I have currently passed to exams 70-640 active directory and 70-643 which is application infrastructre. I have recommended this school to some of my freinds i have had them enroll for A+ Certification and Cisco Certified Network Associate. I highly recommed this school for beginners like me or seasoned IT professionals.
By: Betty B.
Los Angeles Spinal Decompression
Why do back surgery and not see if this treatment worked first and save you the risk and complications from surgery. I know many people who've had back surgery and regret it everyday. They are in worse pain now and are in a pain management clinic which is basically a place where they just issue pain meds for the rest of your life. Who wants to be on medication everyday?I really liked this treatment and found it very helpful for me. Insurance does cover the cost sometimes as well.
By: Benedict B.
Chinese Healing Institute
Dr. Xu has helped me for 25 years! Recently I had a dog bite and my hand is healed quickly! One time, I had poison oak and nobody else was able to treat me! Within a week, all of the itching and irritation was gone!She has helped to cure many "incurable" flus and colds and headaches quickly in one visit!I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Xu!
By: Laura F.
Maya Wunstell
Maya took such great care in understanding the science of my ailments and applying gentle but intensely effective treatments. By that evening my body was responding and I felt rejuvenated for not just days but weeks! I wish I lived closer but when I am back in town, I will be getting my therapy with her.
By: Sarah A.
ABCO Technology
Great school , excellent teachers and really helpful staff. Thanks to ABCO's support and guidance I'm now a CCNA. I'm currently working as a Network Engineer and I got the job because of the CCNA certification. So thank you ABCO Technology could not have done it without your help and support.

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