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By: Michael A.
Tower Textile
project.avaspour@yahoo.com . Dear Mr, Behnam of LA Fabric Company in Los Angeles State of California .to reminding on my a name: Nadji from 1992and on that time : I did not to working on my Education position. You Click on Google:-->[ Inventor.michael@avaspour.com ]Yes, I am an Inventor of Technology and on second Education : U.S.City Project Organization .and Still : on my a mind to working on the Fabric too and I am in California and to see you on Couple minutes then to give you on aSpecial Design of Fabric :[[ U.S.Sexy Denim Jeans' Design ]]and I did to make on Fashion Design too and on those part then where has' to be . and my a best Friend and Likes on a brother to me name : Dr, Krendian from in Beverly hills said oh, on this design is a good for Mr, Behnam LA FabricOk, Mr, Behnam , Dont to showing on the Fabric makers . Reason : first : you do Patent on it .Explain : Women watching on those design by 4 Eyes and Men watching on those design by 6 Eyes and on same Teenage Explain : when you see on that Clothes from 37 Feet then you will going on more to closer to see whats' going on . Thank you . T#:818+917+2463 = 91367 / CA / Michael , Nadji. Avaspour Techakor / Gracias Tambien /Danke Schon auch / Merci pour de rien / Shokeran /
By: E W.
Silver Textiles
The most heinous business and group of family, shiva, sam, the lil sis, i forget her name. they are racised, they are all about there money, they dont care a rats ass about their employees. The father hits and abuses the mother, the sisters fight and pull each others hair. The son, sam is stupid as a rock. Shiva is the brains of the operation, but my god, the company is sick and is based on middle eastern abuse.

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