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By: chapps
Well, isn't this a surprise? Not that having a good sushi bar in a mini mall is surprising in L.A. The surprise is that it took me so long to try it out - and that it was actually good. I'll have to hit it up a few more times to give it a really well rounded review, but here's what I'll say: the fish is very fresh, and they have a huge assortment of rolls, and the usual sashimi, et al. At one of my fave sushi joints, I always ask for a rainbow roll, but request that they just use salmon. Miyako actually has this roll on the menu. And when you ask for some edamame, they come to your table with a fresh, steaming hot *enormous* pile of said dish, nicely salted. That is *so* much better than the usual cold and tasteless edamame that I frequently run into elsewhere. The service was a bit shaky, only because the waitress had started her new career just five minutes before I walked in the door. She actually didn't know what edamame was - we both had the manager come over, who looked terribly embarrassed, but quickly resolved the situation. The dishes arrived out of order, but they were all so good that I didn't care. It's walking distance from home, so ... I'm very happy.
By: Martha L.
Sushi Sasabune
This is probably one of the best sushi places in LA. This isn't your California roll sushi places, which is a really nice change of pace. If you can, definitely try the Omakase (Japanese or regular). It'll definitely be more $$, but the fish selection is so good. I'll just say this, I haven't had such good fresh tasting sushi in a while. Of course I haven't tried some of the higher end and more $$$ places around town, but to those who are thinking about spending a bit more on on much better sushi without breaking the bank, I'd recommend this place. Small problem with this location, which I guess is true for most places near the west side... is parking. I don't remember seeing a parking lot for this place, but there's plenty of street parking in the adjacent streets or the nearby neighborhood.
By: henrysurfs
New Japan Take Out
Since the new owner arrived are my observations and opinions -1) the beef teriyaki has gotten worse. The quality of meat is for sure worse than before. More fatty and less lean like it used to be. 2) they do not include crab into the salads. you have to ask for it as a replacment and then pay extra.Overall the food is close to the orginal but i miss tha grouchy japanese lady that used to take my order. she made the best california rolls and her fast taste better.
By: Kwun yin C.
My girlfriend and i had the Nozawa taste me option and it was delicious! Most of the sushi comes with the sauce already on the sushi and you use soy sauce on ones that don't. Some of the sauces are quite unique and may not be for everyone. The rice was melt in mouth perfect and fish super fresh and buttery. I like more of a traditional sushi but sugar fish definitely worth a try.
My boyfriend and I tried the Nozawa set and the sushi was delicious. The sushi was fresh and everything melt in your mouth! I minuses one star because I felt majority of the option was covered in sauce so it was difficult to taste the fish itself. The wait was not too long since we came before the dinner rush and the service was good.
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By: michikotamura
Sushi Zo
This is the best sushi bar in LA, (I can even say that they serve the best sushi I've ever tried! And I grew up in Japan:). It's a bit pricy but worth every penny. If you know what the good sushi is (If you think California role is sushi, then don't even bother) and looking for amazing sushi to try, I highly recommend this place.
By: Kimberly S.
Solid sushi. Go early since they don't take reservations and the line gets very long. Best value are their prefix menus as it allows you to have a variety at a low price. Service can use a lot of help. Servers have a high sense of entitlement since the tip is automatically added to the bill.
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By: Bianca H.
Mr Ramen
I had the kimchi ramen and it was delicious! My friend had the Gyoza ramen combination and his was delicious too. The Gyoza was a miss for me because it was too greasy but the ramen was hot and flavorful. I recommend this place over other more pricey ramen places in little Tokyo
By: Erik M.
Kula Sushi Inc
Cheap, tasty and well-prepared sushi. The servers are friendly and place is well maintained. I especially love going here for To-Go orders. Since the sushi is on a conveyor belt you can run in, easily scan, find and pack what you want right on the spot. By the way, BEST wasabi!!
By: Wendy G.
Fresh In The Box
Lovely place. The owner is always there and is very friendly. I've been going here for over 5 years. They have good quality food and offer brown rice with all sushi rolls and meals. They also have warm dishes too like Wild Salmon. Try the baked salmon roll. My favorite!

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