By: ryanws
Capri Jewelry Inc
Let me start by saying that in all of my life, I have never before been so fortunate as to experience the level of service Chris at Capri has given me. I can say wholeheartedly that he has set a bar that will never be topped.I had been shopping around for an engagement ring for my fiancée, and after visiting half a dozen establishments, I simply hadn’t found “the right ring” for her. Some of the rings had elements she liked, but were just missing something. I wanted it to be her very own, one that matched her perfectly, and that no one else will ever have. I was referred to Chris by a family member who had recently become engaged, and had their engagement ring custom created by Chris. Immediately when I met Chris, he made sure I felt like I wasn’t there as just some customer, he made it clear with everything he did, that he understood the importance of what I had come in to talk to him about. Chris wanted to make this special occasion just as special as I did. He made it a very personal experience, and listened patiently to every detail I wanted to have in my fiancée’s ring.Chris took the time to focus on me and give me the help I needed, from start to finish. He worked with my budget, and made sure that I was able to find the perfect Princess cut diamond; in cut, color, clarity and size. I wanted a specific type of metal – Chris made it happen!I wanted to combine many different vintage elements (some of which are rarely, if ever seen combined in engagement rings due to their complexity), while keeping the ring somewhat petite and simple (but still bold and gorgeous) at a glance, yet immensely intricate when taken in – Chris made it happen!I wanted to ensure that the center diamond was raised to the perfect height in order to showcase it, while still complementing the ring as a whole – Chris made it happen!The ring I wanted made was by no means an easy one to create (and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m meticulous to a fault when it comes to detail and making sure everything is as it should be) and Chris worked with me to exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds!Chris went above and beyond (and then some!) in EVERY category. He made sure to communicate with me and understand exactly what I wanted in this ring, all while making sure it would look amazing, match my fiancée’s tastes perfectly, and still fall well within my budget!I can’t say it enough; Chris is amazing, his professionalism, service and personal attention in ensuring you get what you want, within your budget, all while having an amazing experience throughout, has set an unreachable bar that no one else will come close to in my book. My fiancée absolutely loves EVERYTHING about her ring (and she’s very attentive to detail); it was far beyond her expectations in the best of ways, and in EVERY way! I definitely know who I will return to, and refer to, for ANY jewelry needs from now on!Thank you again Chris! A million times, thank you!
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By: crisastro
Gem Dynasty
Although I initially went to the downtown jewelry district to find a good deal I never thought I would also find professional help and service. I was really not looking into becoming a diamond expert; therefore, I wanted a place I could trust in helping make my decision. Gem Dynasty provides more than good prices, they offer great customer service and really work hard so you leave happy with your purchase. I try to be very careful with my purchases and I felt that Frank always tried his best to make sure I was happy with my final engagement ring decision. Frank is really passionate about his business and with his years of experience helps you find something you will love. Whenever I had doubts about my purchase (which happened more often than I like to admit) he was always there to answer questions I might have. They are good with getting back to you by phone, email, or in person of course.Despite the fact that I made several trips to their place, they always treated me with great pleasure and patience. Not everything went perfect when I purchased my ring but I really liked the fact that any problem or concern I had they were always there to help. This is why I gave them 5 stars. They really made an effort to make sure I was not only happy but also confident with my purchase. By the way, my fiancé loved her ring. I actually took her by one day so the Frank could answer some questions she had about her ring. I was proud to show her the professional service that comes with the ring.
By: Michael M.
Angelos Barber Shop
The staff Alberto and lusia, since moving into the area have always been so accommodating and helpful. I tend to hate appts. And schedules. They were so good to me during a recent surgery, and took me without any hassle even at closing. I mentioned this because I stopped by ran to get a shave on Sunday. It was a few minutes before 400pm. They were fairly busy, so I told Albert I needed to go to cvs and as always he said no problem. I just wanted to thank them. There were a few appointments and walk-in s but it took no more than 10 to 15 tops to take care of me. I thought it was important to mention this because I have never been treated in anyway except with outstanding customer service. Also this person came in and was a walk-in no appt. Was asked to come back 15 minutes and came back walked in got upset left, even though they were taking him after closing. For Christ sake it's Sunday and takes longer to walk or drive around the block, than to wait a few more minutes. So don't let one negative review affect you these guys and girls are great.
By: Joseph L.
Gem Dynasty
"Happy Customers, Happy life." As a guy, an engagement ring is likely your biggest purchase aside from a car or a home. It can be very intimidating and since you probably don't know much about diamonds (you haven't spent a good portion of your life fantasizing about the ring like your potential fiancé) so it's easy to get ripped off. I get crazy when I hear about guys going to mall or retail jewelers and overpaying for low quality jewelry (e.g. a girl I worked with got a $10000 Tiffany ring which you could barely see with the naked eye--you're paying a premium for the pretty blue box). At Gem Dynasty, Frank was really helpful, low pressure, family-run business. I bought a diamond engagement ring there and over the past few years I have bought wedding bands and some other diamond jewelries for my wife (careful lads, once they get a taste for shiny objects it doesn't go away). They have been very helpful and always work within budget and the pieces always appraised for higher than I paid.
By: Justin B.
Henri Salon & Spa De Beaute
Nicole at Henri Salon rocks! She is an exceptional (and fun) hair stylist. Her own hair looks good too.I'm a 29 year old guy in LA and about a year ago I was looking to find a regular hair stylist who makes it easy and enjoyable for me to keep well groomed and looking my best.I stopped by Henri Salon, liked the light/nice space, got a haircut from Nicole, and have been going back ever since. Nicole is professional, has a great personality, and loves what she does. She tells me about new stuff all the time. Nicole listens to detailed requests and handles them really well when I have them but also knows my current look, and brings suggestions, so I can just space out and let her do her thing. When I think I'm done, Nicole fusses over the little things. Eyebrows for example. I generally don't think or ask about those items, but much appreciated! Must also mention scheduling as Nicole is kind when dealing with my hectic schedule.Thanks Nicole! Love all the compliments I get
By: Ramon B.
Gem Dynasty
Simply a great place! I cannot think of a better experience than what I had at Gem Dynasty. I came into the place with the expectation of the store being just like all others are very uncomfortable and high-pressure. What I found was professional people passionate about the art / design and significance behind jewelry, and a great desire to make sure that their customers are comfortable with their purchase. I sat down with Frank and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and the fact that he took the time to make sure that I had the knowledge I needed to have in order to make an educated decision. The quality of service, of selection (the unique diamond engagement rings that they have was the reason I stumbled upon their establishment in the first place), and above all, the people, make this a place I will return to whenever I need to purchase jewelry in the future. In fact, I am actually excited to go back to Gem Dynasty to pick our our wedding bands in a few months...
By: Steven W.
Wonder Jewelers
I recently purchased 3 rings from Wonder Jewelers. The work that they do is hands down the best ever. I started working with Carol and she is absolutely great and will only work with her in the future. I wanted to write because Tony which is a owner also can use a coaching opportunity in customer service and how you speak to people. I do not live in California so I took the ring to a place in the mall to get it cleaned and they discovered a loose diamond. I told Tony and instead of thanking the other jeweler he got really loud and went off and said "why are you taking my work to a lower end place"? He explained that if you have a BMW that you do not just take it anywhere. After he became com I explained to him that I have really nice cars but I do not take them to the dealership to get cleaned. Not bashing Tony at all but he needs improvement on his customer service skills and I believe this will come with age and experience.
By: Eli B.
Gem Dynasty
Honest and pleasant business man. There are a lot of shady dealers and scammers in the Jewelry District market in Downtown Los Angeles. Frank is in a different universe. An honest universe! He is the real deal. A key advantage is the degree to which he uses "transparency." I was able to understand before I arrived how it would work and what I could expect. He weighed my diamond and gold as I watched. We talked about so much, that when I left I considered him as a friend. I will recommend him to everyone I know! (How often do you feel inspired to do that?) He is terrific, honest, pleasant businessman who treats you fairly and pay generously. I was very impressed with him and the way he does business. I count myself lucky that I found him on the internet and went to him. I had spoken with other jewelers and diamond exchange businesses. Those others don't even come close to the integrity and fairness that Gem Dynasty.
By: Jamestine H.
Gem Dynasty
THE BEST!! I went to multiple diamond places in LA Diamond and Jewelry District and not only were most of diamond rings are ticky tacky, but some of the places were downright rude when they found out I had a limited budget to spend. I'm so thankful that my friend mentioned that he got his ring from Gem Dynasty and I was really happy with the whole experienced. Frank was seriously the best customer-oriented person I ever met. He had a way of making me feel like a family or someone I've known forever. He was genuinely there to help me find just the right ring for my fiancee, not to just get me to drop a huge wad of cash. When dealing with something so important, emotional and special to me, it really meant a lot to have such a heart-warming encounter while finding the right ring. And best of all, my fiancee adores her new diamond ring! I highly recommended Gem Dynasty for everyone!
By: Regs V.
Gem Dynasty
I recently got engaged and was thrilled about getting an engagement ring of my choice. My boyfriend and I was pretty rookie in the diamond world so we did a researched online. The first thing that came up was Gem Dynasty having excellent feedbacks from their customers. Then we called and made an appointment with a courteous staff. And finally, I met Frank who was so professional to accommodate us. He has great sensitivity on my budget and other preferences, thus, maximizing the best stone possible. He is very honest and straightforward that brought me to a more relaxing and open atmosphere. And yes, I picked my certified loose diamond and my engagement ring and so happy about it!!!! (my friends could attest to that). Indeed, Frank doubtlessly provided a TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!! I will not have a second thought of referring him to others I know.

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