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By: ozzfestamy
Pacific Dining Car
I wondered exactly what this place was about! the pictures on the web give you no clue to how great it truly is in this place! The seating is so comfortable I felt like never leaving! plus I felt like I had just arrived home! they rolled out the welcome mat for me, a total stranger! I felt like I was getting the same treatment any of Hollywoods elite would have gotten! And, when they offer you a soda, it tastes like no pop I have ever had! I can't describe it to you, but it had this rich and clean taste! it was as though it had been specifically made just for them! It was even bottled in 10oz glass bottles! He brought it out to the table and poured it as if it was the finest wine! If price is an issue, you better wear a blindfold when you look at the menu! It is pricey and it tasted so good! my son had French toast, and it came with fruit! The fruit was the freshest cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, and grapes I had ever seen! here I had a burger that tasted like a steak! the garnish for it was some of the freshest produce! I thanked my server and knew that one day I would be back! probably a regular! When he brought the ticket to my table he called me by name and treated me with the utmost respect! Thank You for an experience I would fully recommend!
By: Matthew R.
Pitfire Artisan Pizza
This place has great pizza and terrific wine and beer list. I am so glad it's within walking distance of my house - I can enjoy a few glasses of wine or sangria and not worry about driving, plus I can walk off the carbs. WIN! We've had the "Greens, egg & ham" and the Field Mushroom pizzas and all were tasty and incredibly fresh. After our third time coming here, we branched out and ordered a pasta dish - the chicken and mushroom cavatappi, and almost ate the finish off the bowl. The service is pretty good - attentive staff and very friendly. The patio is especially nice since it's so open and makes a great place to sit on a lovely LA afternoon and sip sangria!One evening we were feeling lazy and rather than walking somewhere to eat, we felt like ordering in. We discovered they deliver, and we've ordered in twice now. On both occasions we ordered the Tuscan bean soup and hand chopped salad which make a great soup and salad combo. The soup is very hearty and warms the heart, and the salad is fresh, crunchy and full of great flavors with the roasted corn and bits of bacon.Ok, so that makes five times now that we've either eaten here or ordered from them. I think it's pretty safe to say this place has a permanent fixture in our dining rotation.
By: Matthew R.
Mud Hen Tavern
I recently moved to the area and this place is just a few blocks away. Happy to say, it's become one of my neighborhood joints. I typically stick with the small plates since they're great to share with my significant other. Our favorites so far have been the fried oysters, the chicken and waffle croquettes, the spinach pierogi, the pumpkin ravioli and of course, the kaya toast. I'm all about the kaya toast and we've been known to get two orders on occasion. Also, and to pretend like we're being healthy, we'll order something green, such as the (crispy) brussels sprouts or the house salad. They have a terrific drink menu with cocktails that are too difficult or time consuming for me to make at home, (which is what I look for in a drink list). I can make my own, great old fashioned. I like trying a new drink every time I go. They also have a nice wine list when I'm in the mood for a glass.The service has always been great and the staff has always been friendly. I would recommend making a reservation before going since seating fills up pretty fast. Otherwise, get there once they open for dinner, like we usually do, and seating shouldn't be an issue.
By: chapps
Two Boots
It took a couple of decades, but I seem to have found my perfect L.A. pizza pie at Two Boots. Just as I discovered so many other fantastic pizza joints in Silver Lake - a wealth of fab cheesy pies!I knew of Two Boots from NYC, so was eager to try it out when it opened. First thing I liked - the awesome ingredient list. I mean, we're not talking about pre-sliced small mushrooms and standard pepperoni. No, we're talking about things like sopressata (Google it), andouille (Google it), crawfish, Cajun ham (!), tasso, BBQ shrimp, artichokes (finally!), Creole chicken and my lovely portobello mushrooms.My favorite is currently a pie with sopressata, portobello mushrooms and red onions. OM*G. Not to be missed is BBQ shrimp and portobello mushrooms on a white pie. Or try one of their combos, like The Dude (had to restart my heart), the sublime Tony Clifton or the nasty but nice Cleopatra Jones. Seriously, I could just sit there every night and grow happy and obese. That's why I take it home. Nom, nom, nom ...
user avatar
By: Dominik C.
800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria
I don't discriminate. I love pies of all forms. Pizza, nonetheless, is one of my go to food. Whether it's a slice of heaven from Mozza or a hearty tasty slice from Lou Malnati's that really gets the job done, I'm all for it. 800 Degrees deserves anyone's chance to get some love and respect too.It's really simple here. You choose a type of pizza. Classic or burrata on focaccia. Then you pick your base and toppings.800 Degrees isn't the best pizza in the world. It isn't the fanciest either. However, it does execute reasonably and well balanced for it's price and quality. I normally don't like to build my own entree / food (i.e. The Counter), but I really like that same concept applied on the creation of pizza as long as the ingredients are simple. Even though the quality and ingredient isn't quite like that of Pizzeria Mozza, I'm still a fan of this joint. I'll be looking forward to building my own burrata on focaccia.
By: Peter C.
Hero's Character Rental
Hi, my name is Peter Collins, owner of Hero's Character Rental. We have been in business since 1999. We were the first to bring the Hero vs Villain stunt show to your parties... since then, a few have tried to copy us. But none have equaled us. We are still the ONE & ONLY company with theme decorated HERO CARS. "Batmobile, Spiderstang, X-Man Car, Power Ranger Speedster and more.Don't hire "something like" Hire "Hero's Character Rental", don't just hire a character, "MAKE A MEMORY" P.S. Many companies even try and copy our name and or web address... Don't fall for it, they do it because they know we are the best. It's said; imitation is the...... Well, you know the quote. We are based in LA , near LAX. There is a travel fee after the first 15 miles. In like others, we only ask for a deposit to book(travel fee may apply) then balance when we arrive. Many others ask for complete payment up front and may not show up.
By: Yas K.
D'Amore's Pizza
This place was a success for us! I decided to buy the $10 certificate of Groupon worth $20 on Friday and decided to make the trip Sunday afternoon for a late lunch. We arrived only 2 other people were there. We got them to put the Lakers game on for us, which was awesome besides the part of them losing . :( Any who... Let's get to the food part. We ordered a Medium Pep pizza, order of wings (crispy and extra saucy) and also their Garlic Knots . OMG, the knots came out first with a side of marinara and they were absolutely delish. The pizza was also very good thin crust pizza. Now the wings were exactly what I was looking for the were super saucy and crispy just how we like them. It was def worth the trip. Wish they had a location in the South Bay we would def be regulars.
By: Igo B.
D'Amore's Pizza
Stumbled across this place on 3rd street over the weekend looking for some good food. My mom was here visiting and we needed a balance because the kiddos wanted pizza and we wanted some real food - this was PERFECT!! The food was delicious - they give you salad and drink with your entree and the salad was very very good and I'm not a salad lover. I am a pizza lover, however, and I loved the taste of the pizza so light and yummy. Because we had (6) people in our party - 3 kids, 3 adults, we ordered two pizzas, a lasagne, a spagetti, a baked zita, and one ravioli and we sampled everything from all the plates and it was some good eating!! everyone was happy with the food when we left and the service was amazing too!! That girl Christy she rocks. It was a great experience.
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By: Dana R.
Ozu East Kitchen
We're so happy to have another great restaurant in our neighborhood! We went on a Saturday around 5:30pm - it was a little crowded but they were so good about clearing tables quickly and helping us find a place to sit. The space itself is beautiful - really well designed with good music playing. Overall a friendly, welcoming energy. We tried the charred edamame, gem lettuce salad, pork ramen and chicken ramen. All were great. I LOVED the way the edamame was prepared and my kids could not get enough of the ramen - they finished two bowls and asked for more. Plus they offer a great list of wine and beer options. We will definitely be back soon!
By: Jaye C.
D'Amore's Pizza
LOVE this place and love Christie D'Amore who runs this operation. This crust, fantastic sauce and great atmosphere! I like my pizza made very specific easy cheese, well done, extra sauce, if I go with Hawaiian I like the ham chopped into small pieces... seriously... Whatever I request they hit the mark every time and with no questions asked! I am from CT and have lived in NY, it's really hard to find great Pizza in LA, but I found it here, thanks team D'Amore's!!! Love the salads as well, they know what they are doing as they are completely family run and the recipes have been in the family for close to 100 years. You guys rock!!!

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