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By: Max S.
Eros Tours & Travel
OUTSTANDING SERVICE. I was in a big rush to book a ticket at below the going rate for a plane leaving in 2 hours for someone other than myself. I found these guys off of CheapAirGuru.com and they had a price that couldn't be beat.I could clearly see how others have been caught in the process, but if you follow their directions to the T, you will get the best airfare out there. They have you input your phone number, they will charge you for the ticket and a dummy charge on your credit card. They will call you. They will ask you to email them (possibly 2x even). Then you will get your ticket.Your verification is taken very seriously and along the way if you cancel or take your time, they will move forward with the price or cut you for a loss. They are in the business of giving you the cheapest airfare around (I would assume anyway) and customers who are not serious about the process are weeded out (and I'm sure they take some money for using their site but not following through as it probably states in their policies).They verify your phone number against the Credit Card you provide. They then call you to verify that it is you. They will send you a confirmation email and you have to cut and paste a blurb saying you accept responsibility and are actualy going to pay the charge. They have you look up the dummy charge (not unlike the charge used at some gas stations) in your account and email them the value of that dummy charge along with your reservation number and name in order to verify you actually own the account. THEN after all that, they will send you your ticket. The process takes 15-20 minutes if you seriously sit down and do it, but I did every step and they were able to get me my reservation confirmed and eTicket within 10 minutes of me putting in my information and sending it into cyberspace. I would HIGHLY recommend this service. Yes there are places to get snagged, but if you sit down and do it, they are an exceptional service. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I believe they get a bad reputation from customers who don't follow every step and get disgruntled when they keep your money but don't give you a ticket because you aren't 'verified'. It is a good and very legal way to do business (I assume) as they probably make tremendous profits on those type of customers, but as a customer you have to be on your toes to make sure they follow through. Read their policies and be ready to jump through a few hoops, and then you'll get your tickets like I did, ~$300 off a flight leaving in 2 hours. (They also say that booking can take up to 5 hours to process, but they rushed through mine no problem...of course it was a Sunday morning). I recommend this company to any savvy travelers who will spend a few minutes to save a few hundred dollars, and while I don't usually provide reviews, I was blown away by their speed and extensive verification process. In this day and age they really take that verification of your intentions seriously and it actually gave me peace of mind knowing that if someone was trying to book with this company using my stolen credit card information, they wouldn't get far at all. Alex
By: tracyandalexandra
Eros Tours & Travel
OK, Here is my detail review and I hope it'll help people to rest assure with airtkt's excellent service. I swear to God that I am their first time customer and just feel like it is my due to write a review to thank them and to help other people to be confident If you select this site.I came across airtkt from Bookingbuddy. They offered the unbelievably lowest price ($500 cheaper than any other sites for 2 tickets to Asia).(NOT Always cheapest though: I checked back today and my good price was no longer available on airtkt either)..So in some sense, I am lucky!Anyway,I clicked on their website, called their toll free number to make sure there are some one REAL at the other end. Just like ANY customer service phone line, I was on hold for about 3 minutes until an [Yeah] [probably] Indian rep answered my question about their company.I felt better and proceeded my booking online. An email confirmation came right after I finished paying, along with the instruction of calling them back from my phone to confirm my credit card purchase.I did exactly that and was good to go.(and yes, it was another 2 to 3 minute on hold with that phone call)With the confirmation from airtkt, I can go directly on Delta to check and select my seats after probably an hour.The E-tickets number were also officially sent to my email 5 hours after my purchase with detail itinenary, and ticket prices (Break down in detail: Tax/service fee...) Airtkt service fee was ONLY $36, and for me, it is too little for what they had helped me to save!About people complaining about Cancellation fee ...please think straight before saying harsh and mean words....the $400 cancellation each ticket is from THE AIRLINE, not from the ticket agency. All they got from you is $36 which clearly stated on your bank statement also. Consider all odd and end before clicking that damn "confirm button" then you will save money and whole load of headache. Good luck with your travelling, and definitely I will go back to airtkt in the future if they offer any excellent deal like what I got.
By: kristopherwang
Eros Tours & Travel
Thumps up Eros Tours and Travel, for the timely and cost effective serviceMonica and I (Kristopher) are in a live in relationship for 5 years. Our greatest hobby is traveling around together exploring the distinct cultures of different places. We’re also into photography. While I am an aspiring model, Tim has been into photography for past 10 years. In our quest to discover different places through Tim’s lenses we often choose to travel to the countryside, valleys, forests and the beaches. We’ve already completed our recent US tour to Miami, Las Vegas and San Diego last week. All thanks to Eros Tours and Travel for providing the best deals always on the airline tickets. We travel quite often and thus we always look for last minute deals and cheapest airline to save on our travel expenses. Eros Tours and Travel’s timely service and flight plans have been helping a lot of people to select their own seats. Our common friends Jose, Harry and D’cruze also choose Eros Tours for lower fares. Thumps up Eros, for the timely and cost effective service.
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By: Evelina P.
Happy Tours Travel Agency
Febrero 3, 2016Sra. Directora de Agencia de Viajes Happy ToursDeseo expresar mi sincero agradecimiento a usted y su personal que labora en Agencia de Viajes Happy Tours por la excelente labor realizada el día 17 de Diciembre, del 2015 en el Aeropuerto de Los Ángeles, en el mostrador de AMERICAN AIRLINES.Quiero felicitar, muy especialmente a las personas que estuvieron a cargo de solucionar en el preciso momento el boleto cancelado previsto para mi viaje a realizar el día 17 de Diciembre. Con mucha ética profesional tomaron de inmediato mi problema de boleto cancelado. Me demostraron su calma y con educación supieron darme la seguridad necesaria a solucionar el problema en el tiempo estipulado, no me dejaron sin su atención en el aeropuerto.Les exhorto a que continúen contribuyendo al buen servicio al público, a elevar el potencial turístico de nuestros hermosos países y a explotar la gran capacidad de servicio en su Agencia.Altamente agradecidaLa Sra. Paredes
By: Yesenia N.
El Mundo Travel Tours
Este comentario lo escribo a manera de advertencia para todos los latinos que como yo confian en este hombre llamado Alvaro chinchilla ya que este sr. Me mmetio en un problema legal bastante grande por su manera poco profesional que tiene de manejarse.Esto paso en 2013. Me prometio un rembolso n mis taxes y todo lo que obtuve fu un poblemon con el TIO SAM y desde entonces le he pedido que me ayude a salir del problema en el que me metio, pero a estas alturas me queda claro que no lo va a hacer ya que no hay dinero de por medio porque a el lo que le mueve es el dinero y sino lo creen fijense en sus hojos cuando casi le arrebata auno de las manos sua honorarios. Porque yo si le pague.En cambio el me metio en un gran problema y solo se limito a decirme que no lo comentara con nadie. Pero a estas alturas estoy desesperada y tengo que buscar ayuda y no se vuanto tenga que pagar por sus errores y negligencia. Yo no le doy niuna estrella.Tengan cuidado con este hombre.
By: lonnystrum
Eros Tours & Travel
Eros Tours & Travel- Excellent Service!Whenever it comes to booking air tickets, I stick to Eros Tours & Travel. This is mainly due to its prompt service. This tour operator does an excellent job. I found them co-operative and diligent. Their customer service representative listens to what’s needed. They’ve been helping me and my colleagues in planning trip throughout the year. It’s being more than 3 years now that I have been travelling worldwide with Eros Tours & Travel. I use their website AirTkt.com to book tickets, because it’s easy and gives the convenience to book tickets at any time. Few years back, I had to fly to USA from Canada on a short notice. This was the first time when I started looking for last minute deals online. Thankfully I came across Eros Tours & Travel. Till now, whenever I need to book air tickets I choose Eros Tours & Travel and no other.
By: saraleew
Eros Tours & Travel
Eros Tours and Travel available at AirTkt.com did a great job helping me and my husband coordinate a trip that was complicated by our own situation. We had planned a trip to Chicago and had already made our flights to and from Chicago and booked time off work. Unfortunately my husband’s schedule for a presentation at his office changed which lead to the change in the trip schedule. We were unable to commit to the tour schedules and locations until two weeks before the trip, when his office schedule was announced. AirTkt.com helped us getting us booked on 2 weeks’ notice. The flight arrangements were planned immaculately. I am glad that I choose Eros Tours and Travel. The cost for the trip was actually less than if I had booked the flight myself. I would use Eros again. Sara Lee, Canada
By: byronbdgington
Eros Tours & Travel
Eros Tours & Travel Inc- Great Tour CompanyI chose Airtkt.com to plan a holiday in Paris. That was probably the first time when I was heading to Paris or a European destination. I spoke to Adam for a long time and I told him all I wanted and hoped for. It was so good of him that I got the airline schedule and rates mailed in my inbox in a matter of few minutes or. He helped me to save a lot of valuable time. Since the first trip to Paris as per the personalized itinerary given by Adam, I must say that I was quite impressed and now whenever I need to travel to a foreign destination I choose Eros Tours & Travel Inc straight away. Perhaps booking flight tickets online has been easier. With clear details and helpful staff, Eros certainly does a good job.
By: johnhighman
Eros Tours & Travel
Thanks to Eros Tours & Travel! Saved my Money!I and my husband Nick like to trip a lot. For the past 4 years or so, we have been booking tickets on Eros Tours & Travel. Their website AirTkt.com is quite user friendly. For the first time when we were looking for last minute flight deals to save on a few bucks, we were literally stressed out browsing through different websites crowded with a hell lot of information.We had a tough time streamlining the best websites. After comparison with few more websites, we found Eros Tours & Travel to offer the most competitive rates. Therefore, we decided to go for Eros Tours & Travel. Our decision to choose them was mainly based on their eye for details, knowledgeable staff and timely support.
By: gitijafari
Travel ATT
My family has been using Travelatt to book our travel and hotels. I travel extensively to South America, Europe and domestic. My 3 sons travel a few times a year from their schools to LA and back. They also travel to the far east. Lucia of Southwinds has taken care of us for the past 20 years. We have never thought of using anyone else or booking Internet flights. Extensive travel presents challenges and change of plans. Lucia has always been there for us and has handled dealing with the airlines for changes and other problems we run into. She is always available, goes to bat for us and more often than not soaves the problem. We've recommended Southwinds to our friends and it's always worked out.

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