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By: Yellow C.
Beverly Glen Leasing
We continue to get intercom calls even though we moved out 9 months ago and asked them to delete our number. Crazy, cuz it never worked when we lived there! They keep ignoring our request to remove our #. This, and many other reasons, is why I am writing this review, I don't want anyone else to suffer.In the 4.5 years I lived here, they hiked the rent twice and had 4 different managers.Positive Points:-New kitchen, floors, bedroom carpet-Secure parking (although bikes were stolen)-Pet friendly-Returned our deposit in a timely manner after moving outNegative Points:-Old bathroom needed many repairs-Repair calls take many months before fixed-One of two washing machines was broken most of the time-Bad seal on front door - you can hear everything clearly outside-Olympic so noisy-Door directory always broken-Repairmen don't always speak English (Google Translate ftw)-Repairmen rude (one cleared the clogged tub and took pictures of the gross mass he removed and called his buddy to tell him about it)-Repairmen can be inept - they cut a huge hole in the bedroom wall to fix another tub problem and they never fixed the wall. We told the management and just taped up the removed drywall with painters tape and they never fixed it to the day we moved out.-The internet is unstable because of "noisy lines" - needed cable repairman 3x-They rented us a fridge for $20/month. This fridge was so old, and must have been left behind from previous tenants. It was noisy and didn't keep things cold. We bought our own fridge and the management made us dispose of their fridge while continuing to charge us $20/month. I'd like to say it was easy to get back the money they accidentally overcharged us, but it wasn't.Note for pet owners: there are fleas in this neighborhood. We always used Frontline and flea baths to take care of our pooch, but apparently not everyone else does.
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By: foodie1
Prudential Real Estate
I'm not related to my agent or anyone from that office. Nor my agent asked me to write a review, because I don't think he cares either way. I just moved into my house in Silver Lake. The house was a short sale, and as you know, it wasn't short at all. It took a year. As a matter of fact, I had just finished all the inspections for another house when he called and let me know that the house I saw a year ago came through. Some agent might not do that because it was only a couple of weeks away before he could get paid. BUT my agent knew how much I liked that house (more than the one I was in escrow with) so he told me. He is one of the few agents with integrity. And patience. Well, I looked at 100s of houses. He put together offer letters about a dozen times. I'm not an easy person to deal with either, but he put up with me too. We are only human, so a couple of times during the past year, we kinda got irritated with each other. However, even after a year he was honest and helpful. I think that's amazing. I totally recommend him. His name is Tom Inatomi.
By: Anne M.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
I found Flat Rate LA Real Estate and Natalya by searching on Zillow for a Realtor and I saw that this team got many high reviews so I thought I would give them a call. I found out that all high reviews were very well deserved. Everything was AMAZING from the start through the very end. The service was exactly what I was looking for and ended up saving me over $32K in broker fees. Natalya is a highly honest and experienced agent. I was impressed with her punctuality and energy. She is knowledgeable and extremely reliable. She has a charming attitude and is obviously a great asset to her company. In addition, Natalya is trustworthy, positive, and will always make you feel at ease. She conducts her business Flat Rate LA Real Estate with the utmost professionalism. I recommend her and Flat Rate LA Real Estate without reservation!
By: Tony D.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
I would VERY highly recommend Flat Rate LA Real Estate to everyone! I had a great experience, they really deliver. I will never use another agent again! Natalya was prompt to respond to my requests for information and provided a GREAT value. She was there every step of the way and on top of every issue with no delays. She took so much stress off me from knowing how to handle every detail. Flat Rate LA Real Estate truly cared about getting me to closing with the best price, and my personal best interest was always first. Natalya was ethical, knowledgeable and professional at every turn. And I walked away with nearly $30,000 more than what all real estate agents had told me I would get for it plus I saved more than $22,000 in real estate commissions. The bottom line, Flat Rate LA Real Estate deliver on what's promised!
By: Nick G.
Sperry Van Ness
Sperry worked with us for two weeks looking for homes all over LA, we found the perfect home, submitted an low ball offer and after Sperry worked his magic, the sellers accepted. That would have been great if we hadn't had such a hard time getting our loan approved. Found it we had some issues and we're so distraught about losing the home until Sperry recommended that we get a home loan mentor on financingmentors. Our mentor was awesome, he created a checklist of everything we needed to do to qualify for a home loan and then helped us check off each item. Within a week we we're approved and now have a home of our own! Thanks again Sperry. You we're awesome!
By: Jacqueline F.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
In one word...outstanding. Flat Rate LA Real Estate team is very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The entire process was without a glitch. One of the most important things was that we saved over $17,000 in fees as promised, which was huge! This company seems to be invested in helping consumers save money and in keeping the real estate industry honest. I would recommend Flat Rate LA Real Estate to everyone.
By: Lisa Y.
Supreme Real Estate
Grand real estate property managing staff, I meet with their agent related to my commercial property sale in speedily, for my money problem. Supreme Real estate agent provides me finest choice of my commercial property and sells in little time. Thanks for my property sell according my occasion!!
By: Lenora P.
Supreme Real Estate
I no longer have to agonize about them because Supreme fill them all before I overlook any inward lease. This is a massive load off my brain. They find renter very quick. In addition, they raise the rent for my unit. I am very happy I hire Supreme Real Estate Property Management.
By: marry90
Supreme Real Estate
Our actual apartment was fantastic too - brand new kitchen appliances, bathrooms with granite counter tops on the vanities, in-unit laundry and plenty of options to choose from in terms of size and floor plan when we first picked out our apartment. I highly recommend that!
By: Kathleene B.
Supreme Real Estate
Good Post!! My advice to all who find the commercial and residential property in California, Contact with this agency for real estate property. This agency provides me a best and my location based property in Los Angeles….

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