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By: Lauren L.
upholstery cleaning services
I've had several encounters with upholstery cleaning services regarding the carpets in two of my guest homes. Nothing but good, positive feedback about them. Their customer service is great as there's plenty of helpful people that are willing to lend a hand whenever needed. I hardly ever have trouble booking appointments for both of the homes, and since they're both in two different locations, they always find a way to work something out to knock out both homes in the same day. They have flexible hours of operation and do a good job working around your schedule. Technicians are always professional and arrive promptly on the day of appointments. They do such a great job with the carpets and don't leave until the job is done to my satisfaction. They're the least of my concerns because they are well trained and know exactly what they're doing in any situation given. I'm never thrown any surprises or last minute charges with services. Everything is explained clearly and pretty straightforward when it comes to jobs, their work is very much appreciated.
By: ylovlencia4755
Skill, Experience, professionalism.. they have it all. I called Los Angeles STEAM CLEAN PROFESSIONAL last week and had them come out just yesterday. Let me tell you it went so right!! They gave me a two hour slot of when they would be arriving. it was a big gap but they made sure to call me and let me know they would be arriving closer to 12 my appointment was between 10-12 so I really did appreciate that it gave me time to run a couple of errands. I came back home around 11:30 and as soon as I stepped into my home I received a curtsey call from the carpet cleaners letting me know the tech would be arriving in ten minutes. I like that a lot.. The tech arrived in ten minutes and he looked super friendly, had a great personality about him. He inspected my rooms that had to be cleaned and gave me my price before starting the work (it's the way it should be with any company) he started the work, he was done within 3 hours and let me tell you my carpets looked new, they looked clean.. thank you so much for all the hard work!!
By: Jenna W.
Super Clean Carpet Cleaning-Los Angeles
I had them come out this past weekend on a SUNDAY!! yup, they are open seven days a week and they were able to send a tech right away. The lady that I spoke with over the phone was very nice and really took her time to make things happen for me. She was able to give me a price over the phone she was able to explain to me the cleaning method they do. I liked it and said "COME ONE OVER" The tech arrived on time and he was able to look at the rooms as well as the upholstery because to my good surprise they also clean upholstery. I thought it was a fair price for the work they were about to do. He was able to guarantee that all the stains were going to be gone for good. ITs now Wednesday and let me tell you my carpets still look clean, there are no signs of stains there are no signs of pet stains. this company really does go above and beyond to eliminate all stains. Call them if you live in or around the Lops Angeles area this is the company that everyone's wants to use. trustworthy and professionals!!!
By: Janelle O.
Green Carpet Cleaning Solution
Top notch work...I called Green Carpet Cleaning Solution had them come out last week to clean my three rooms a rug and a sofa.. I was very happy that this one company could clean all of that.. I didn't have to have multiple companies come to my home. The tech arrived on time he checked out all the rooms, measured all of the rugs and looked at the couch. He told gave me a price, it was a little more pricier than I thought it would have been. He noticed that I was a little hesitant to do the work, so he offered me a 10% off that total price. Let me tell you it definitely made a difference, I liked the price and he started the work. He was done within 3 hours and let me tell you he did a great job. The carpets in each room look cleaner than ever, there were no more stains it looked new! I mean the couch had no more stains, and the rug looks great.. I will be calling this company again, they definitely know what they are doing they are accommodating as well.. thank you Bottom of Form
By: Lauren J.
Los Angeles Water Damage Services
We had quite a bit of a problem and put simply; we needed seven of our area rugs cleaned. One was white and was in quite bad shape. The technicians was great and had even went ahead and picked them up at around 8pm on a Saturday at the end of his long work day so he could go ahead and take them over to his shop, clean them up and have them back over by Wednesday! I received a phone call Tuesday and they were all set and ready to go; they were brought back to me on Wednesday and were like NEW! I was also given assistance in having them returned to their rightful places in the house; and the assistant was also great. Last but certainly not least, I was also given a text the next say making sure we were satisfied with the work done! I mean who does that king of customer service here in Los Angeles?? These guys are officially "my carpet guys" for life and I highly recommend their services. Great guy, great work and just a great company as it's been said before.
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By: Sam B.
upholstery cleaning services
I have used these guys twice now and both times have had great success! The people here at Upholstery Cleaning Services are really really nice and they take the time to go ahead and explain the whole process to make sure that you understand if certain stains will come out. I just wish that I could have called these guys much sooner on a couple of occasions. The lesson here is that you should call these guys as soon as possible so that you can remove stains! The long it sets in the harder is it going to be for it to come out! I must say that their services are exception and the machines used are probably some of the business! Also all of the solutions are pet friendly and also environmentally friendly as well. Go ahead and call these guys up for your next cleaning service. Thank you guys for being so cool and so professional!
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By: Mongoltown A.
ChemDry of the Future
The services provided by this company have met all of my expectations. The owner is responsive to requests made, and the primary worker sent to clean has been prompt, thorough and meticulous. I have made a few special requests for scheduling unexpected cleanings, and have always been accommodated. The costs are higher than some might like (including me!), but rates are comparable in my market. I have not disappointed in the cleaning performed, so much so that I recently provided a gift to a friend for home cleaning services. I have never met the owner in person, and have no stake in the reputation of this company, but felt compelled to write a review given other reviews on other sites that have been totally inconsistent with my experiences with this company.
By: giovannajns748596
Hollywood Green Carpet Cleaning
I had an emergency. so yesterday I came home to a soaking carpet. I FREAKED!!! It was 7pm, I didn't think any company would be open to come and clean this mess up. I feared that the longer the carpet stayed wet to more possibility that I would get mold. And it would cost me a fortune to replace the carpet, which I didn't have.. I found this company at the very end after wasting my time with other ones that weren't even open, they were able to send out a tech right away. he came within 20minute and he knew the severity of the carpet. he knew what he needed to do. and before I knew it he was sucking out all the water and cleaning my carpet. giving me the good news that there wasn't any mold. thanks for the work you guys rock!!! you saved my carpet and wallet.
By: rachelrs.
Cisneros Carpet Cleaning
Wow!!!!!A carpet cleaning company that actually CLEANS the carpet! Can you believe it?I had Venturi Clean come to clean my carpets &, no kidding, the guy was done in 15 minutes & told me that all of the stains (that were unchanged) were permanent. I found Cisneros on craigslist & they were promising to get out the stains & clean the rugs to the bottom of the carpet. I figured that I'd try them out.Let me tell you...the rugs are spotless! They even got out a huge "waterproof ink" stain that my teenage daughter made when doig some art project in her room. Unbelievable!!I'll be definitely calling them again in a few months when the babies & the one teenager have completely destroyed the house once again. :)
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By: Sam W.
upholstery cleaning services
I got to say the tech I was sent was nothing short of amazing! We here are in the process of moving from our apartment and everything that includes that carpet was in poor shape! Pet hair littered everywhere; dirt, etc. I was in an absolute huge rush and paid them up front and left the tech and his men with just about an empty apartment just hoping that they could make this thing look marginally better. I had came back hours later and let me tell you -- THIS CARPET LOOKED BRAND NEW. It's also as if me, or nobody else had lived here. The guys are amazing and not to mention so nice too :). Would recommend them for everything and anything in regards to cleaning up carpets.
Tips & Advices
Signs of hidden water damage include:
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Foul odor
  • Texture changes
  • Discoloration
  • Clearwater is clean water with no solids. It includes water generated by air conditioning units and water that goes down the drain while the faucet heats.
  • Greywater refers to all other form of waste water except for toilet water. It possibly contains hair, soap particles, cooking byproducts and flakes of skin. Areas that have been damaged by grey water are at a mild risk of contamination.
  • Blackwater is water that has come into contact with urine or fecal matter. Toilet water is considered blackwater. Blackwater can contain pathogens and is usually considered a biohazard.
Water damage restoration is a process where water-damaged areas are dried, sanitized, and rebuilt.
Home insurance sometimes covers water damage from storm-related accidents. However, most plans do not cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or floods. For the latter, homeowners should purchase flood insurance.
Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of water damage.
  • Clean and maintain gutters so rainwater flows properly. Direct downspouts away from the house.
  • Repair any roof damage.
  • Use drain snakes to clean clogs. Chemical cleaners erode pipes.
  • Do not place outdoor plants with invasive roots near pipes, septic tanks, sprinkler systems, or drainage fields.
  • Make note of the water bill. A sudden, random spike in charges could indicate a leak.

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