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By: mdrtproducer
First Annuity Source
I did this as a favor to Dan, because he has really helped me make a lot of money this year. Their program is unique in that you have to have the right expectations. You can't just expect to show up at someone's home and expect that person to have their bank statements and tax returns ready on the dining room table for you. Anyone that thinks that hasn't been in the business for very long and I will bet any amount of money will never be a million-dollar Roundtable member. I go into every appointment with the expectation that the person knows someone has called them and verify that the information they were looking for is accurate and based on that I tried to explain how just a few minutes of my time may help benefit their future financial situation. In many occasions, especially the wealthier clientele, I bring gift cards with me. Their leads on very expensive and neither are gift cards that helps me get in the door and make a proper presentation. This program is meant for a producer, someone who understands the business, someone who understands annuities, not someone who is waiting for a lay down because it's never going to happen. I spend at least $10,000 a year with them and I make a significant return on my investment each and every year. If you have any interest in finding out more from you directly send me a message may be more than happy to get in contact with you.
By: mikehenderson1234
Organic SEO Marketing
ORGANIC SEO has done a great job for my company for the past 4 years. We had spent a lot of money with a big marketing group and had so so results. I am writing this because it's been pretty remarkable that they came in 4 years ago and helped us build a position, re-do our website, get us a mobile website (had no clue how that was gonna be such a good thing to have, now i tell everyone to get one) We have rankings for the keywords we wanted and have improved conversion with the new site. Daniel and his team have been really helpful and responsive, we actually like doing business with them even when they told us our original website basically stunk. Thanks ORGANIC, we are pleased , more than pleased with all that you have done.
By: Dave J.
NKP Medical Marketing Inc.
I started with NKP just under a year ago (about 10 months). I have had nothing but praise for this incredible group of individuals. I came in a little nervous, as I was switching from one of their competing companies that just wasn't working out. NKP Medical took me into their arms and I have never looked back. They created a custom website that met and exceeded my expectations. Their Social Media Management has been very helpful and is converting new patients left and right. Don't even get me started with how good their SEO team is. I started at page 7, and in 6 months my organic growth with google and the social media marketing put me on the very 1st page! Can't beat that! So thank you again NKP, you're the best!
By: Gloria R.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
As I’ve had not-so-pleasant experiences with previous SEO companies, the hunt for a new one seemed very hard. But then after a recommendation from a close friend, I got in touch with Welpi. Since then, my website is thriving. It’s completely rebranded and has a fresh look. At first, they proposed several designs, and I realized that they understood my vision and where we wanted to go. It wasn’t long before I had a new logo, slogan, and banners on my site, which I liked a lot. I also noticed that the site loaded faster and it was easier to find your way around.Once they were done with preparing the site, the second phase came along, ranking my site. Which took several months to achieve.
By: Hyme L.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
I’ve had in mind to launch a website for my business for quite some time. And that plan came true when I stumbled upon Welpi. They turned out to be an SEO experts company that met my needs, design wise and marketing. In a short time, they designed a great outline that contained all the features that we’ve previously talked about. I’m very happy for that. They kept me updated during the whole process of building the site which I personally liked. Even now when I need something changed, they’re still here to give me a hand. I totally recommend them to everyone who want a modern site that’s easy to use.
By: Van M.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
A truly affordable company that is very kind towards your budget. Welpi handled everything SEO- and SMM-related well. The quality of their work is amazing and a proof of that are the high traffic numbers. And the team of super talented people truly cares about the work and clients. What I needed from them was help with the social media management. Running all of my social media profiles by myself just didn’t work. But when Welpi took the wheel, everything started going for the better. Like after like, comment after comment, they carried out everything they had promised me when I hired them.
By: Mace D.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
There wasn’t much money in my budget for SEO, but Welpi still succeeded to create a marvelous online marketing campaign for me. Their team was so informative and friendly that I knew what was happening at all times. By opening profiles on all social media, they seriously maximized my online exposure and my overall SEO. The engagement with the customers was amazing to watch. From the social media management to the emails, Sean and his SEO experts took care of everything. A real pleasure to work with. If you need similar services for affordable prices, don’t hesitate to contact them.
By: jblack54
First Annuity Source
I have been in the business for over 25 years, and I was looking for a source that can provide me with fresh prospects. This is the hardest part for me to do with my existing business. I do not want to simply rely on referrals, rather I want to continue growing. I have been with them for over 8 months now, and I have been averaging my normal closing ratio. My appointment setter has been averaging about 3 of 4 panning out, but I like the fact that I am able to dispute the one that didn't work out without being charged. Thanks and I look forward to another great year.
By: Jannie M.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
Looking for a great SEO expert that truly delivers is hard especially in the Los Angeles area. My company has worked with several other SEO companies but with no results. Eventually I stumbled upon Welpi and since then my traffic numbers went up. The revenue numbers did as well. The one thing that stood out for me was their dedication and professionalism. They changed the design of my company’s site and tried their best to establish it as a brand. So grateful I found them! Now whenever I meet someone worried about their SEO performance I know who to recommend!
By: Liz S.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
I was at first very skeptical about all that SEO stuff, but after a bit of persuasion from my team I started looking for an SEO company that will put us on the first page of search engines. Welpi and its team of great and pleasant individuals did just that. After we’ve handed them the task, our site was featured on the first page. What is more, they have excellent communication and relationship with their customers. The people working on our site constantly kept me updated. Overall I’m very satisfied with them and I’d absolutely consider hiring them again.

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