By: jaimekritch
Trader Joe's
Oh Trader Joe's....I love you. But I hate you. Shopping at TJ's during normal working people's available shopping hours (any time on the weekends or after 5pm on weekdays) is just awful. It's h#ll on earth with reasonably priced organic produce. Don't get me wrong, the staff are friendly and helpful and I love the merchandise and the prices, but dear god....from the aneurysm inducing parking lot to the panic attack inducing aisles, it can be quite the clusterfxck. Seriously, after last night's shopping trip I felt like I needed a drink. Or a Valium. Hell, I could have used both. If you have the luxury of being able to do your shopping at 2pm on a random Wednesday, take advantage of this. You'll be able to browse all the great products at your leisure. But if you go on weekends or weeknights, forget it. You need to have a plan. You need to know your list by heart as there is nowhere to stop for 10 seconds to make sure you're not forgetting anything. You cannot stop to check the dates on produce. Can't decide between regular feta & the reduced fat version? TOO BAD. Keep it moving or else you'll p!ss everyone off. This can be a problem because some of the produce isn't as fresh as it should be. On numerous occasions I've had to throw out produce because I realized it was moldy when I brought it home. Examples of this are the pomegranate seeds and raspberries. If you have the time, really look at it to make sure it's fresh enough to last a few days. The prices and selection keep me coming back. I just wish the store had wider aisles and a bigger parking lot.
By: mdrtproducer
First Annuity Source
I did this as a favor to Dan, because he has really helped me make a lot of money this year. Their program is unique in that you have to have the right expectations. You can't just expect to show up at someone's home and expect that person to have their bank statements and tax returns ready on the dining room table for you. Anyone that thinks that hasn't been in the business for very long and I will bet any amount of money will never be a million-dollar Roundtable member. I go into every appointment with the expectation that the person knows someone has called them and verify that the information they were looking for is accurate and based on that I tried to explain how just a few minutes of my time may help benefit their future financial situation. In many occasions, especially the wealthier clientele, I bring gift cards with me. Their leads on very expensive and neither are gift cards that helps me get in the door and make a proper presentation. This program is meant for a producer, someone who understands the business, someone who understands annuities, not someone who is waiting for a lay down because it's never going to happen. I spend at least $10,000 a year with them and I make a significant return on my investment each and every year. If you have any interest in finding out more from you directly send me a message may be more than happy to get in contact with you.
By: cityhawk9
Thanks to Vons, I have actually decided grocery shopping can be a pleasant task, rather than a frenetic ordeal. The store is neat and organized, but what's most impressive is the staff. I was asked if I needed any help at least 4 times on my last visit, and this has consistently been their style, which is much appreciated. If you are uncertain about buying something in the produce section, they even offer a sample if you wish.The prices seem reasonable, the selection is fine, and they offer an organic line of foods as well as all the processed stuff. You can grab some hot food to go, a sandwich, soup, or Starbucks. It's all there, and I like that they encourage people to use re-useable shopping bags instead of plastic, which I do. (They sell 'em at the registers.) I like to go early on weekend mornings when it's mellower and not like a shopping cart version of Bumper Cars. The only reason I might not give Vons a full 5 stars is that the Vons card "savings" seem a bit meager, but I suppose it might be more impressive if I had a family the size of The Brady Bunch.
By: Marget H.
Trader Joe's
I have been going to Trader JoeJoe's oh for a very very long time. But I have never seen any of the workers go out of there way the way socks does (i mean tirzah) go out of way for all her customers. That girl is so amazing. Oh she is a god set to that company. I love see her talking to her. She does listen to what you have to say and she remembers Cause when see you again no matter if its a day or 3 years laters she always asks how did everything go. She is one last true good person in this world and very respectable un like some of those workers over there. Oh and i love her socks. So don't ever get rid of her cause if you do I will never step foot back into another Trader Joe's again. Like i did said before some of those workers over there are so rude. Also some of the mangers are also mostly the women. They are so fake. I wasn't going to go back into this anymore. But then they hired Tirzah and now I won't leave cause of her thank you Trader Joe's for hiring her.
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By: Howard S.
Raymona is the Greatest Cashier Of All At Ralphs!I really enjoy shopping at this particular Ralphs location at 5080 Rodeo Road, Los Angeles, California 90016.Whenever I visit, I always get treated as family by all of the staff members, including Raymona.I feel very honored and comfortable to be her customer and feel as ONE on each and every visit, including today's.Not only is the Service Amazing, but the Food Selection and Prices are as well compared to the one around the corner from where I live.Ralphs is by far Superior and so is Raymona!I just want to say Thank You Raymona and the staff at this Ralphs location for the Excellent, Memorable Service that you have been providing to me as well as to your other millions of customers out there!Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreLoyal Ralphs Customer/HPS
By: darylbrown
Food Fair
First of all...4.5 is my rating.....When you enter, your like, this place is tiny...the kitchen is bigger than the sitting area....Secondly, the table are too close together...obviously because the place is so small.The wood bench is really hard to sit comfortably on...Ok...so why the high rating ???The service is good....The waiter really was friendly anddefinitely on his game...But here's the real reason....The Food...Food in this little strip mall restaurant is usually foundin top notch, established and polished establishments...The chef here killed it on every itemThe tortellini, the shrimp bisque soup,The fried calamari....all of it was spot on...For the entree, I had the steak...as good as any 5 star steak house I've been to.They get a solid 4.5 from me....
By: davidcox1
Trader Joe's
I wish they'd put more of these in the city, and maybe then it wouldn't be so crowded all the time. And I do mean ALL THE TIME.This isn't the kind of place you can pop in and out of in five minutes. You tend to have to wait in line for a while, and navigating all the carts and people takes a bit of patience. There is a parking lot out back, just for Trader Joe's, but that's often full too.But the food is cheap, especially for city prices, and a lot of it is the type you can stock up on so you can take a once a month trip. Like everyone else said, the produce section isn't that great, but everything else is. Their stock runs low sometimes, because of the huge amount of customers, but going at off-hour times (early or late, I've found) tends to help.
By: mikehenderson1234
Organic SEO Marketing
ORGANIC SEO has done a great job for my company for the past 4 years. We had spent a lot of money with a big marketing group and had so so results. I am writing this because it's been pretty remarkable that they came in 4 years ago and helped us build a position, re-do our website, get us a mobile website (had no clue how that was gonna be such a good thing to have, now i tell everyone to get one) We have rankings for the keywords we wanted and have improved conversion with the new site. Daniel and his team have been really helpful and responsive, we actually like doing business with them even when they told us our original website basically stunk. Thanks ORGANIC, we are pleased , more than pleased with all that you have done.
By: Jeffrey M.
ok my Review for this ralphs is bad as well scary to me the store is wonderful inside i went there to get the foster farms chickens that was on sale the week of the week of June 18 thru June 24th 2014 ok i found 2 Chickens on sale 1 was $3.75 and the other was $3.90 with club card good deal you say ok when i went to check out the cashier was an arrogant hispanic guy what he did was shocking to me he charged me the $3.75 for one chicken he taken the sale label off the other chicken he did not think i seen him and he charged me $7.39 for the other chicken im like what the hell but i didn't say anything to him or make a seen his name is J Ramiro im using his name because if he can do this he can deal with it
By: Gloria R.
Welpi SEO Experts Los Angeles - Online Marketing
As I’ve had not-so-pleasant experiences with previous SEO companies, the hunt for a new one seemed very hard. But then after a recommendation from a close friend, I got in touch with Welpi. Since then, my website is thriving. It’s completely rebranded and has a fresh look. At first, they proposed several designs, and I realized that they understood my vision and where we wanted to go. It wasn’t long before I had a new logo, slogan, and banners on my site, which I liked a lot. I also noticed that the site loaded faster and it was easier to find your way around.Once they were done with preparing the site, the second phase came along, ranking my site. Which took several months to achieve.

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