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By: teacherellen
Tabuchi Nursery
The people here are always fair and their prices are very good. They are also helpful in loading the car and making sure the plant dirt does not get all over your car's upholstery/carpet. The down side is its small with a limited variety of plants to choose from. However, the quality of plants has always been good. I've been buying bedding plants here for over 25 years.
By: Amy F.
Rolling Greens Nursery
More upscale than your average chain "nursery," this West Hollywood location has a great assortment of home decor, pottery and plants, both for green thumbs and people like me who just want to find some cool houseplants that don't require a ton of maintenance. Staff person was helpful in explaining how not to kill the affordable dracena I purchased.
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By: Steve M.
Mimosa Nursery LA
Over the years I have purchased the following from Mimosa:1 apricot3 little kumquats1 orange1 loquat1 mango1 soursopThe soursop has not done much (these are famously difficult to grow) but the rest are THRIVIING!My wife and I love this place and I can't imagine going anywhere else!A+
By: C. white D.
Echo Garden
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By: West B.
Sunset Blvd Nursery
The service here tends to be pretty good, but it loses on both price (pretty expensive) and quality as a number of the vegetables I have bought here have been runt plants (anyone want a 3/4" jalepeno?). For the price I expect top quality products.
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By: Rusty Y.
Sunset Blvd Nursery
Lovely indoor and outdoor nursery with a huge selection of succulents, fruit trees, vegetables, seeds, and more. Knowledgeable and helpful staff to help you green up your life.
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By: foodie1
Sunset Blvd Nursery
They carry pretty good selections of succulents and drought tolerant plants. The lady works there is like a encyclopedia of succulents. Ask her any questions, and she answers.
By: goodeearnest
Anawalt Lumber Co
This place is just perfect, they have everything that I was looking for, from the nails to the nail gun. I was just so lucky to find this place in a short notice.
By: brianparker
Anawalt Lumber Co
I was doing some piping in my house and I was looking for a very specific kind of pipe. They had it in here, that flexible pipe that I was looking for.
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By: Dana R.
Plant Systems
We had Plant Systems come out to bid on an outdoor landscaping project and we were impressed with their knowledge and professionalism.
Tips & Advices
Yes, many nurseries ship plants and trees, but inter-state shipping regulations are complex and strict, and nurseries must be in compliance regardless of whether that disallows a customer order. Also, even if items are allowed to ship, they might not survive if outside the proper USDA growing zones--in which case a nursery might try to discourage the customer from placing the order.
The ease of caring for fruit trees varies according to where you live, but lemon trees and apple trees are widely considered easy to grow. Pear trees are fast-growing but need to be planted alongside another pear variety to bear fruit. Stone fruit trees, especially cherries and plums, are popular in regions with defined seasons and cool winters.  In hot/humid regions, banana trees (producing small varieties of banana) and mango trees are known as “fast fruiters” that require little care.
Plant Hardiness Zones are the government-researched standard geographical breakdown of broad climate regions across the United States. The USDA has created a map of the United States, which includes 11 planting zones. This map helps gardeners determine what to plant when, based on accumulated weather data. Factors like soil quality and microclimates are not accounted for in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, and should certainly be taken into consideration as well.
Perennial plants and trees grow anew each spring, and are dormant in the winter. Annuals have a lifespan of only one growing season, and need to be replanted each year.
Evergreen is a term for plants and trees that keep some green foliage year-round. While the term “evergreen” is closely associated with pine trees, many other types of trees are also evergreen, including live oak, blue spruce, eucalypts, and most of the coniferous cousins of pine.

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