By: davidkwan
Little Next Door
It was disappointing and overpriced. Many places categorized this as a French restaurant but it is not a French restaurant. I had a birthday dinner for my girl friend on Sunday night with high expectation. The restaurant has a nice ambiance but the service was not that great. It wasn't bad but with the high price I pay, I would expect much higher level of service. The server misinformed us about the food item and we didn't get what we wanted. However, the menu is so limited and there was no other choice once we discovered the item was not what the server described. I was told when I made the reservation is that the restaurant has the same owner and same chef as the Next Door. However, I found out after eating there is that this place has an overpriced menu but not the same type of "French" food I could find next door. The food was average. Bottom line, I wouldn't come back or recommend this restaurant because it is overpriced, mis-categorized, and average service.
By: darylbrown
Jaragua Restaurant
The only way to get real authentic and delicious pupusas, is to have a freind or family member whose origins are from el salvador.....the process they go through once a year to make the tamales ( nothing like mexican tamales ) and pupusas, is painstaking and time consuming....as many el salvadorians restaurants as there are in los angeles, few if any, make them the way they're made in the homes of those whose tradition it is, to go through this social event....having said that....the pupusas are fairly good here....like many latin restaurants, they tend to cook everything OVER-WELL.... the puree beens are good......the service is fair to good here ...but they dont let you switch much on the menu....the place is clean and now they've added a bar... 4 is probably a bit too high, I actually say 3-1/2 is closer to right...
By: Amy F.
Great place to dine with a bird's-eye view of downtown L.A. They have a nice weekend brunch, and their dinner menu (which leans French) is good, but not great ... it's really about dining al fresco with that amazing view, especially at night. Sometimes whoever is at the hostess station can be a bit uppity if you request an outdoor table (the only tables really worth going for). Stick to your guns and wait for an outside seat. Or skip dinner and go to their open-air deck one floor up for a cocktail.
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By: West B.
I'm hesitant to post this review lest other people catch on to this apparent secret - brunch at Malo. You can walk in at any time and score a table on the half full patio. It is fully shaded so comfortable on all but the hottest days. Be careful that oyu don't fill up on the fresh chips and homemade salsa because you want to save room for the carnitas and corn pancakes. Seriously, a corn pancake short stack with carnitas layered between topped with a gooey poached egg. That just happened.
By: Kimberly S.
Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
Most people hit Fairfax for Ethiopian food not knowing the best food in the city is a half mile away here at Awash. The place scares people from the street. Barred up windows and metal security door. Drawn curtains. Be brave people. Open the door and enjoy. Always get the veggie platter and rotate their proteins. Awaze Tibbs, Kifto Special. Ran into Jermaine Jackson here, but I don't know if that's a selling point. Service is slow, but whatever.
By: builtboyle
Church & State
Whether you're a fan of steak frites or poule roti, Church & State does traditional French bistro food with tons of flavour. Excellent service and wine list. It's not your most quiet place but the busy environment adds to the charm. Located in downtown only minutes away from the historic skid row neighbourhood, Church & State is a lovely oasis of gourmet chow. It gets busy on the weekends so be sure to make reservations.
By: Jamie L.
French Crepe Company
I ordered a strawberry and cheese filled crepe, it was absolutely delicious. The guy who made the crepe was very friendly and attentive. He was also very generous with the whip cream (my request). I was actually surprised at the exceptional quality of the service/food since this plaza is known to be very mediocre due to the constant influx of tourists. I will definitely be coming back to this place next time I'm at this plaza.
By: Amy F.
I give this place one star off because it's a little on the pricey side for what amounts to Mexican food. However, love their Coke carnitas and dill pickle/ground beef hardshell tacos. (Greasy, but oh-so good... I make my own tacos at home now with dill pickles because they got me hooked!) Nice patio on hot summer nights to chill on with a margarita or cerveza. Family-friendly, and they have surprisingly awesome brunch.
By: thecircleh
California Canteen
Believe it or not, this is actually a french restaurant highlighting food from southern france and the basque region of spain. I would probably say the food is 3.5 stars but i will round up since the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. looks can be deceiving as it looks to me like something of a dive bar from the outside. C'est faux mon frere!
By: vtpm03b
Las Cazuelas Restaurant
I tried their pupusas and was peasantly surprised. Fluffy though seems to be fresh and nicely cooked throughout. Well rounded and not too doughy. I usually have the pupusas but am slowly working my way to the rest of the menu. So far I am extremely pleased with the food and service. They are usually busy so be patient usual wait time is 20 min.

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