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By: cityhawk9
Rockaway Records
A few times a month I get the urge to browse the bins over at Rockaway Records, and I almost always leave with two or three treasures at a great price. The place is well-organized, has a nice parking lot, and is not an overwhelming behemoth like Amoeba.( Sorry, I do NOT want to park in some underground catacombs to shop for music!) If you love finding those "hard to find" cds, here's where they often are. If you are into vintage soul music, as I am, the place is fabulous. I recently walked out the door with two cds I thought I'd never find plus James Horner's soundtrack to Avatar for next to nothing.That's called a groovy Saturday! You can also find tons of rock and pop classics at really low prices. And classical music as well! ( I had little knowledge of classical music until about ten years ago, but found great collections of the masters in this very shop at good prices and now I know my Bach from Beethoven, my Schubert from sherbet!) C'mon people: if we lose all our record stores (and bookstores) it's gonna be a lot duller city. Let's support 'em and hope that Rockaway doesn't lose their groove. Buying from the amazon jungle does not match the sheer joy of finding music you never thought you'd find again in your life. It's like hitting the jackpot in Vegas if you're a music lover like me. Long live RR!!
By: glendale100
On Record
Well stocked and edited. Jackknife is a wonderful new addition to the hip and vibrant Atwater Village community. It's located right next to the bookstore Alias East in the busy part of the Gleandale Blvd. strip near Grain and Viet. First impression of the store is that it's all about the vinyl, mostly vintage; well laid out and not cramped. A further glance revealed a wide variety of music with an excellent selection of rock/pop, punk/new-wave, jazz and small, but excellent selections of reggae/ska, country, and film scores.The owner is very knowledgeable across the entire music spectrum and I learned a lot in the short minutes I spent there. Prices are fair. I'll be back!
By: Matthew R.
Amoeba Music
Finally sold off my entire 80's Madonna/British pop record collection and I thought the pricing I received was pretty fair. They make the process of selling very easy and the staff was friendly and helpful. Afterwards I spent significant time in the DVD section and found a lot of great old movies and TV collections. I've spent hours in the CD collection in the past and they have many hard-to-find releases.
By: rique1972
Gimme Gimme Records
I read about this record store in a book about Los Angeles area record stores and thought I'd check them out. What a great selection of both new and used vinyl records. They had so many great albums to choice from I had a hard time narrowing my selection to my budget. Their prices are also very reasonable.
By: Jim C.
Amoeba Music
in 2012, i found out about amoeba music in california. as a 38 resident of las vegas, nevada i wish we had amoeba music stores here. the store at sunset and cahuenga also helped me complete my airwolf tv dvd set. that store is the greatest. jim caraway las vegas, nv
By: rique1972
Rockaway Records
I have been going to Rockaway for several years....since the mid 80's. They have great collectibles and their used CD's are reasonably priced....unlike Amoeba :). If you're in Silverlake make sure to check out Rockaway!
By: builtboyle
Amoeba Music
Whether you're searching for that obscure experimental jazz LP or just shopping for some DVDs, Amoeba Music is the place. It's massive and beautiful. The selection is great and the staff extremely helpful.
By: devorawilloughby
Rockaway Records
My friends also enjoyed the records that I bought from this place last week. I’m hoping that I will be able to go back here to find more great stuff and share it with my friends.
By: matthew
Amoeba Music
Amoeba is THE authentic music store in LA. Seems like one of the last places to buy a CD, and so much more. If you like music, you can get lost in here for hours...
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By: Dana R.
High Fidelity
A great record store! Fantastic selection and really helpful staff. Plus it's around a bunch of great restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream, etc.

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