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1031 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  • Always treated well

    I've read some of these bad reviews, and after having dealt with On Time for quite a few years, it's really hard for me to believe that they would rip people off. Sometimes they seem a bit unorganized, but they've always given me great prices on purchases and repairs. Most repairs have been free for me, which I guess is not the norm, but like I said, I've been a customer for a while. I drive in from West Hollywood because they are the only people I trust. I had been ripped off a couple of times at small stores around where I live, then my friend told me about On Time, and they treated me right from day one. Again, I'm shocked to see that some other have had negative experiences because I've never known them to be anything but honest and really good at what they do.

  • I got ripped-off!!! Worst tech place in LA!

    The 5-star reviews were probably written by the employees themselves, or known contacts. What convinced me to come here was a persuasive ad from craigslist... you would think that you would be saving money by having your pc repaired at a low fee. WRONG! The price for a diagnostic was cheap, but they said that my laptop cannot be fixed and that they would replace my compaq laptop with an IBM Thinkpad T23. You would think it's a great deal, to walk away with a functional laptop, but there is a reason they were happy to replace my laptop. Two months later, the motherboard dies and when walking in the store to complain, I see my compaq on sale, repaired! Of course, I couldn't have replaced the IBM for my compaq because I signed off my laptop away for a cheap IBM, so take it from an angry customer, you'll be saving time and money by going elsewhere!

    PS - You will see this review elsewhere, because I am extremely upset at the service and am doing everyone a favor by explaining my horrible experience and recommending everyone to not come here!

  • Excellent PC Needs

    I learned about On Time Computer by accompanying my father who is a Civil Engineer with Caltrans located several blocks. He utlizes this small local PC store as his primary source for nearly 20 years because of the excellent service and VIP treatment from the staff, family operated business. Because of my father's occupation, he reliles heavily on Autocad, designer and engineering softwares. After his retirement, he opened up his own business and purchased multiple computers (new) and additional softwares. After experiencing trouble with the older computers, On Time Computer diagnosed, updated and repaired his computers at NO CHARGE on the basis of customer loyalty.

    In previous work, I was a Purchasing Director for largest Reprographics Company in the world. In our business, we also rely heavily on computers, softwares and servers as the backbone of our business. For that reason, it's imperative we have accounts with major vendors, DELL, HP, OCE and other high end computer retailers. Due to the volume we purchase, we set up agreesive Corporate Accounts discounted pricing. I was shocked to learn, On Time PC is not that far away from being competitive. In addition, upgades, software installation, diagnostics and repair is the heart of what they do. I highly recommend On Time PC to those that demand quality and service!

  • lamea$$ ripoffs

    in my opinion this place is the worst... at least at geeksquad you can really tell your being screwed...

    when i was younger i though this place had integrity so i trusted it... one day i came in with a 1 GB RAM side my desktop... they returned saying my hard drive is faulty (might of been, doubt it though) but what was shady was the fact that when i turned back my computer on i noticed that i have only 256 RAM.... now here comes the WTFs.... in multiple sessions...

    so i ask them about it... they say.... oh we must have switched it by accident.... now im like hmm thats reasonable... fast forward a few years.... i begin to get into the tech field as an enthusiast. When repairing a computer whatever parts you take out should be put into an anti static bag while doing repairs and what not... i remember clearly when they handed me back my ram they just took it out a random drawer that had tons of them inside....

    if you want your computer fixed, just get a friend.... if anything you can email me and i prob just do it for free...
    not to sounds like a j*rk... but thinking back about this... i feel like this place is very shady.... they just recycle old computer parts around...

  • Go only if you want a heartache and a dead pc

    I recently took my laptop to this place which is close to work. Been there before with my desktop and they did a good enough job so when my laptop's DC jack needed to be replaced, I took it there. Everything else was working fine, but it wouldn't recharge unless I wiggled the ac adaptor around.
    They were able to change out the DC jack but lo and behold, ""your laptop has glitches"". WHAT GLITCHES!!! It was working perfectly before with the exception of the DC JACK. Without hesitation, they offered me a newer used laptop they had in the shop for $300. My first thought-BS! They fried my laptop and now they want me to buy one from them! I said HELL NO, back up my files and I'll be there to pick it up...Oh and they'll ONLY charge me for the file backup! THANKS A LOT!
    This place might be cheaper than others, but as I have found out the hard way, you get what you pay for! And they'll give you frustration, grieve, pop a vein for FREE!
    I have never posted anything like this EVER but I feel the need to warn others about this place.
    Please ask around, pay a little more, but don't trust your pc to this shop unless you want it back as a doorstop.

  • Low Low Prices

    This place has great prices on mid-low level systems. I dont know how they make money with these prices. It gets even better, bring them your licensed OS and they will install it on your new system, free of charge!!

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