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By: Alex W.
Check Maid Cleaning
I am a slob. I am not glad of it, but I'll admit when I'm wrong. My work involves leaving early for work and arriving home late every day, 6 times a week. I normally have take-out or make quick meals or instant noodles. Well the other day my parents decided to visit and it went downhill real quick. you know when you're dirty but it's so nature that it looks clean to you? And the only way you knew it was dirty is someone telling you? This was my experience and it involved being yelled at for 3 hours by my folks for being a slob.A buddy of my at work gave me the phone number of Lindsey. I contacted Lindsey and within three days I had an appointment. I left for work in the morning and came back to a hotel. Everything was spotless and they even removed the strange smell from my room. I actually smelled lemon and flowers instead of chinese food. I am now in the process of dirtying my home again but will definitely call Lindsay when my folks come to town.
By: John H.
Swiss Cleaning Services
The entire crew from Swiss Cleaning Services was professional and highly skilled. My wife and I have used Swiss Cleaning for almost six months and we have been very impressed with their cleaning services. The girls consistently leave our apartment looking beautiful and often go the extra step to help us out -- for example putting away boxes in our building's recycling. They're even nice to our dog, who seems to strangely enjoy watching them work. For what we pay I consider it a good value to know our place is being well taken care of. Early on we had some minor miscommunications about days and times that work best, but those have long since been ironed out.
By: coryanddatens
Yolanda's Maid & Carpet Cleaning
These guys do it all! Those pesky spider webs you can't reach, dirt on your glass surfaces and even the corners of the fridge or microwave that you didn't feel like scrubbing. All crisp, clean and spotless thanks to Yolandas Maids! At first I wasn't sure if I could trust anyone else to clean my house. So I gave them a call and they sent someone out when I needed them over. I expected to have to sit around the house for a while, but they got everything done quickly and professional, the person was very nice as well which is a definite plus in my book.I'd definitely recommend this service to everyone!
By: 63mommabrandy
AYS Housekeeping Services
I heard about them through Living Social when my husband and I were located in Austin. We wanted to use the deal for our moving out cleaning to transfer to our home in Atlanta. They cleaned out our home for us in both states and we've used them every two or three weeks since then.They always do a fantastic job on my house. I especially like the way they spot clean the furniture because of the cream color it has to be cleaned regularly.They have just been wonderful.Very pleasant, Tina always is very detailed and on time. They've never been anything less than fantastic!
By: francoswabe
Yolanda's Maid & Maintenance and Carpet Cleaning
This company does a fantastic job cleaning our home. It usually looks like a fancy hotel when they leave, even the toilet paper is folded at the edges and they always do special little touched I wouldn't have thought of like folding a whole section of napkins, arranging our kids doll house or doing something pretty and interesting with the couch cushions.We send an email, the give us a time, they show up. Sometimes they have been a little late, but we understand they have other jobs before us and can't always say how long that will take, so it's fine. . We are happy!
By: Jennifer P.
Check Maid Cleaning
While living in LA for a year-long certification program, this cleaning service saved my butt! I was taking classes 9-6 and working 7 to 1 and 10 hours some weekends, so I had no time! They kept my place clean, presentable, and probably were the reason I got my security deposit back! I was hesitant at first about affording them, but their pricing is incredibly accommodating. I haven't found a single service that measures up to them in the Midwest, though I'd take even half as good. Outstanding, professional, courteous, and trustworthy. What more could I ask for?
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By: Luxjo C.
Luxjo Cleaning Service
5.0 star rating 9/26/2016 First to Review I don't think my experience could have went any better. Jose and Luz are a dream. So polite, informative, and very thorough. If I could give 6 stars to this company, I would. There weren't any set backs, they were able to be at my place right on time and got everything I wanted done in just 1 hour without having to rush through anything. My counters sparkled, my wood shined, and my house smelled beautiful after the cleaning was done. Bravo Luxjo. James
By: Bill K.
Check Maid Cleaning
My daughter goes to school in LA. She is a college student and admittedly her place can be a disaster. I found this service on line and it has been an absolute blessing. My daughter raves about the kindness of the staff. They are punctual, professional and affordable. The staff are people that I feel comfortable letting my college daughter be around. She periodically gets a women named Jenna who is a very sweet lady. Would recommend this service to anyone!
By: Justin C.
Check Maid Cleaning
Super effective. Worth every penny. Called and spoke with Lindsey about coming to clean my apartment since I've been at work late every night and I have company visiting this weekend. They were there the same day - I let them in - and they went straight to work. Super professional, efficient, and the place is way cleaner than if I would have cleaned it myself. Highly recommended, would definitely use again.
By: Monica R.
Errands From Angels
I want to thank Errands From Angels for helping me clean my properties. I manage several properties in LA County and they help me with cleaning. They have helped for 5 years and their staff is attentive, fast and efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get assistance. At times I get an emergency and I call them same day and somehow they make it work. Thanks again!
Tips & Advices
Many services offer long-term contracts that include regularly scheduled cleanings. These contracts sometimes, but do not always, result in discounted prices. Most cleaning services offer discounts in exchange for customer referrals.
Homeowners should review their cleaning service's damage/breakage policy. Some businesses compensate for damaged items, while others do not.
Not always. Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should confirm the company verifies its employees' identities and performs background checks. Those planning to hire a self-employed cleaner rather than go through a business should inquire about background check options available from their state's attorney general.
  • The annual costs. Weekly services quickly add up, and homeowners may need to pay additional taxes if they choose a self-employed cleaner.
  • Language barriers and miscommunications. Some professional cleaners might speak English as a second language .
  • Background checks and employment verification. Homeowners can be held liable if they employ a person not legally permitted to work in the U.S.
Some services charge more for pets while others do not. Regardless, homeowners should keep in mind that any pet-related cleaning, such as emptying a litter box, adds to the amount of time the service charges for.

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