By: mosheco
International Flooring Center
I placed my order with Flooring Supply and needed one additional item so I called them about 2 hours after I had submitted my online order. As I was dialing I received email notification that my order was ready to ship. WOW that was quick! The phone was answered by a human and he was really helpful. I explained that I needed an additional item. He said "no problem, I'll just pack it in the same box with no additional shipping charges". Can't tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone who takes the time to care. I have another project in the near future and I will be ordering from Flooring Supply again. Thank you.
By: Ann K.
American Floor Covering Center
I was just here all of there floors are backed with a 25 year or more warranty. They gave me very helpful tips and were very negotiable. I've been recommending this place to all of my friends because I've been buying from them for over 10 years and I've never had a complaint. After all of these years they've NEVER talked me into buying hardwood flooring or any expensive floor. If you are doing any remodeling please check this place out.
By: arlene.paige
99 Cents Only Stores
There's a surprisingly good refrigerated food section where there's usually plenty of yogert, pizza, and assorted things that I like. Once they had fresh chicken breasts. The selection always changes and the produce is great too. The whole store has a surprisingly good selection of all sorts of things and often has name brands. Strangest great choice: gourmet chocolate bars from Poland.
By: James C.
American Floor Covering Center
Very affordable company and customer service. I first met them at the convention center show. After viewing their prices and how high quality these floors were, I knew I couldn't pass this by. I'm in the business of flipping houses so I'm always looking for deals. Very helpful staff and economic prices. Parking is easy and the area isn't bad. Definitely recommend this place.
By: Lissa A.
American Floor Covering Center
I've recently taken upon myself to upgrade my home. I bought some laminate flooring from American Floor Covering Center the "Milano" i loved how easy it was for my husband to install it and how great it looks. The guy at this store gave us some great tips for proper installation very helpful and nice of him. Definitely worth checking this place out you wont be disappointed.
By: Jo S.
American Floor Covering Center
I highly recommend AFCC this place has very affordable prices. After researching for the best flooring deals and warranty's, I found my Triple Moisture Barrier Protection floor in Acacia. Now my floors will be childproof and pet-proof with the 10hr moisture barrier and I did everything over the phone in the convenience of my home, very helpful customer service.
By: aleida.ward
Epic Residential Homes Inc
I pick up a client at this home I work for a trnsporation company and all the girls at this home are always well taken care of very clean the home as well as the girls and the staff is very friendly and professional I would greatly recomend this home to a person looking for residential care
By: aldomorales
Rivera's Floor Covering
As our home is now complete with carpeting, linoleum, marble, and tile, all i can say is I am so happy i went to Riveras Floor Covering! They do very good work and we will most assuredly recommend them to anyone searching for good flooring services in the L.A. County area
By: gadian
American Floor Covering Center
Dude! I've never seen a store do business like these guys! products are great and real cheap! and elan so nice, he thought us and gave us other options to cut the price and still would look like the one we wanted it! you guys better check him out too! his a great guy!
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By: young h.
Daiso Japan
You could get anything from stationery, toiletries, ties, socks, snacks and to whatever you can pretty much think of... Daiso might have it! Most items are around $1.50! Validation for parking available if you make a purchase.

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