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By: Matthew R.
Water Grill
We had a lovely double-date experience at Water Grill. We started with cocktails, fresh oysters and stone crab claws (first of the season). Two members of our party ordered the same cocktail and upon delivery, one was noticeably more well-crafted than the other. We sent the one back with a busboy and when it returned, it was only half-heartidly fixed. Thankfully, our server quickly fixed the situation and everything was uphill after that moment. Our oysters included the Tomahawks and Mermaid Cove's, (all east coast). They were wonderfully briny and super fresh. The crab claws did not dissapoint.In addition to the raw bar, each couple ordered wedge salads and clam chowder. Our server was smart enough to have the kitchen split each item without us asking. Kudos to her. The chowder was probably one of the best I have ever had. It was loaded with clams which were sweet and tender. It also included thinly sliced fingerling potatoes which I thought was a nice touch. The wedge was wonderfully crisp, and had the perfect amount of blue cheese with generous bits of lardon. The soup and salad alone would have been a perfect meal.Since we were so full from the first two courses, we each decided to split lobster rolls and get a couple of sides. Having had lobster rolls all over the east coast, in addition to many of the popular sea food places around LA (Connie & Teds, Hungry Cat, Littlefork, assorted food trucks), I can honestly say, this was one of the best I've had. The roll was piled with tender lobster. It contained the perfect amount of mayo which allowed the flavor of the lobster to shine. I washed it down with a glass of Turley Zin, which is one of my all-time favorites. I was super-excited to see it on the wine menu.We finished with the Key Lime pie, which was good, but maybe a tad bit tart for my taste. Overall, service was spot-on. The staff understood we were two couples catching up and enjoying each others company. They were attentive and not obstrusive. The food itself is amazing and I'm already craving the clam chowder. We had a great experience and we're looking forward to going back.
By: chapps
Well, isn't this a surprise? Not that having a good sushi bar in a mini mall is surprising in L.A. The surprise is that it took me so long to try it out - and that it was actually good. I'll have to hit it up a few more times to give it a really well rounded review, but here's what I'll say: the fish is very fresh, and they have a huge assortment of rolls, and the usual sashimi, et al. At one of my fave sushi joints, I always ask for a rainbow roll, but request that they just use salmon. Miyako actually has this roll on the menu. And when you ask for some edamame, they come to your table with a fresh, steaming hot *enormous* pile of said dish, nicely salted. That is *so* much better than the usual cold and tasteless edamame that I frequently run into elsewhere. The service was a bit shaky, only because the waitress had started her new career just five minutes before I walked in the door. She actually didn't know what edamame was - we both had the manager come over, who looked terribly embarrassed, but quickly resolved the situation. The dishes arrived out of order, but they were all so good that I didn't care. It's walking distance from home, so ... I'm very happy.
By: Matthew R.
Mud Hen Tavern
I recently moved to the area and this place is just a few blocks away. Happy to say, it's become one of my neighborhood joints. I typically stick with the small plates since they're great to share with my significant other. Our favorites so far have been the fried oysters, the chicken and waffle croquettes, the spinach pierogi, the pumpkin ravioli and of course, the kaya toast. I'm all about the kaya toast and we've been known to get two orders on occasion. Also, and to pretend like we're being healthy, we'll order something green, such as the (crispy) brussels sprouts or the house salad. They have a terrific drink menu with cocktails that are too difficult or time consuming for me to make at home, (which is what I look for in a drink list). I can make my own, great old fashioned. I like trying a new drink every time I go. They also have a nice wine list when I'm in the mood for a glass.The service has always been great and the staff has always been friendly. I would recommend making a reservation before going since seating fills up pretty fast. Otherwise, get there once they open for dinner, like we usually do, and seating shouldn't be an issue.
By: cityhawk9
H Salt Fish & Chips
If you are hungry for good old crunchy fried fish then go! The chips are not particularly good; I barely touch them, in fact. Everything else on the menu is OK if you want a fried food fix. (As you may have gathered this is not exactly a place you'll want to tell your cardiologist you sneak off to from time to time). It's all about FRIED shrimp, mushrooms, prawns,scallops,etc. If they could fry the cole slaw they probably would! Thus it's a little like carnival food, and can be fun once in awhile. As for the staff taking orders, they are a rather dour lot; I have honestly never seen a smile there once. Perhaps being around all that boiling grease is unpleasant. More likely, it is nothing more than a language issue. I have almost always found their counter staff a little hard to understand, but so what? Bring on the fish! It is what it is, (and sometimes I marvel that it remains in business; one would think it would go the way of, say, Pioneer Chicken, which was a grease-lovers' delight as well.) It's a guilty pleasure once in a while and the fish is yummy.
By: llbean
Son of a Gun
This place brings new meaning to the words "Shrimp Toast." Or chicken sandwich, for that matter. Sold to me as a seafood place, it's more like a California tapas place with a seafood slant. Bring a massive appetite, and don't get fancy, because even though the line is out the door and it's hard to get a reservation -- this is a wear-a-bib type place. Not so much because it's not nice, it is, smack in the middle of the Third Street district. But because the food's meant to share, and you will be licking your fingers. Absolute musts: Shrimp toast (really more of a buttery grilled sandwich packed with perfectly cooked shrimp in a decadent Russian-type dressing). Fried chicken sandwich (don't doubt, just do it) -- the pickles really make it. Also solid is the lobster roll (a mini two-bite version but really succulent) and any of the fish dishes.
By: Martha L.
Sushi Sasabune
This is probably one of the best sushi places in LA. This isn't your California roll sushi places, which is a really nice change of pace. If you can, definitely try the Omakase (Japanese or regular). It'll definitely be more $$, but the fish selection is so good. I'll just say this, I haven't had such good fresh tasting sushi in a while. Of course I haven't tried some of the higher end and more $$$ places around town, but to those who are thinking about spending a bit more on on much better sushi without breaking the bank, I'd recommend this place. Small problem with this location, which I guess is true for most places near the west side... is parking. I don't remember seeing a parking lot for this place, but there's plenty of street parking in the adjacent streets or the nearby neighborhood.
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By: Howard S.
Kings Louisiana Seafood
If You Like Fish And Good Seafood At Low Prices, Then You Have Found The Right Place...I have been to this neighborhood before for various reasons and I had discovered this seafood restaurant on my Very First Visit and I am so glad that they still exist because I went back today being Thursday, August 18, 2016 and really enjoyed my meal.For Your Information: This restaurant has been in business for the past 16 years and I can see Why?For Today's Meal, I had Shrimp, Fried Catfish, French Fries and Garlic Bread.Yummy...There was so much Food which was a Good Thing that I even had leftovers to take home for my dinner.I definitely recommend this restaurant to anybody seeking out Great Tasting Fish and Seafood at Low Prices!Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreCustomer/HPS
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By: michikotamura
Amazing food! With the invitation only exclusivity, you would certainly feel that the dining experience is very special. Definitely the best beef I've had in the US; especially I loved the raw meat. The beef is so fresh that you can eat them even raw. However, this was not the best cooked beef I've ever had in my life; the best beef I've ever had was in Niigata, Japan (restaurant called Yoshigen in Murakami City). The price for the entire course meal is about $150 per person; it's very expensive but for lots of food. You can bring your own alcohol with no corkage charge! I would recommend bringing good sake for appetizer and raw meat and wine for BBQ.
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By: Yvonne L.
Traditional Korean Shaved Ice place located in the same plaza as Hae Jang Chon KBBQ. I came here with my friend on Monday night; the parking was really bad. We ended up parked at the lot across Hobart Blvd for $2 (Valet). We ordered the Gold Snow Bowl which came with red beans and two mochi at the side. The flavor was light and the texture of the ice is quite fine and moisture. The ice bowl cost $8.25+ tax, a bit pricey; but still worth trying for the tastes and their signature half-dome shaped presentation. For those who have sweet tooth, help yourself to get syrup from the counter. Too bad they do not have condensed milk available.
By: Silv communication ..
Yamashiro is an awesome restaurant and we have several parties there. The location and environment really good. For my personal events and also office parties we feel a home environment there.A very busy office like a leading calling solutions in USA, we work hard and waiting for our weekend party. We all like their starter foods, salads and desserts. As an employees of an international calling service provider company, we take a lot of trace in our mind/ head and after taking their food we all feel pleasure.Their cuisine and menus are hygienic and we all like to go there again and again to take the delicious foods.

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