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By: cityhawk9
Pearl Grimes
you enter, and it's dismaying: this doctor has more patients than the Rolling Stones have fans. Apparently not may doctors wish to make our skin more sightly, for she has the biz wrapped up pretty tight as far as I can tell. The doctor herself is a sort of hyper-motion, short, African American woman with a confident and businesslike style. Talk fast... she's a busy gal and gets to the point. Her youthful staff consists of a fetching male, and a bunch of nominally nice females. Be forewarned: the one that sits at the desk as you are leaving is the money woman, and despite the doctor telling you "it's covered" u will soon find out you have a co pay.This woman will get your attention nicely on your way out for the beloved "co-pay." That is her job. What fun. btw, parking for this office is ridiculous. The parking garage is over the top; the meters are the way to go, but you need quarters unless you wish to use a credit card for a parking meter, and the fat assed meter maids are working this street like salivating barricudas. what a stimulating job they have....
By: tracie760
Angel Longevity Medical Center
On Wednesday morning I woke up with a very sore throat, coughing and sneezing…achoo…headed for a miserable few weeks of virus symptoms, including isolation from my enhancement program and work so I wouldn’t expose others to my contagious “disease”. Instead I came to Dr. Mathur for Vitamin C drip and WOW!! It is Friday morning (only 3 days!) and my throat is almost perfectly normal and my cough is rare, the mucous is cleared away, my sinuses are clear and I am breathing easily. I took off from work only 2 days and I am ready to return, feeling FINE and I know I am not contagious! My immune system is boosted and stronger than ever.Thank you for you excellent help!p.s. All the staff are kind and cheerful. This group is all about help and abundant survival!
By: alexandrarolling
Angel Longevity Medical Center
Fortunately for me I found Angel Longevity Medical Center and Dr. Mathur.Now finally there was hope. I followed the doctors protocols set just for meand she and her wonderful staff have guided me on the path to health andsuccess. I had new and healthy solutions to my old and frustrating problems.In 3-4 months through testing, vitamin C IV drips, UBI treatments and herbsand vitamins all of my issues are GONE!!!!My energy levels are through the roof, all the physical pain is gone and I amsleeping through the night. This is my new normal! I couldn’t be happier.
By: jessicamalvey8457
Angel Longevity Medical Center
Dr. Mathur reassuringly explained the natural treatments, via IV therapy, she has been successfully using for many years. Being an R.N I was very aware of the standard medicines that are used to treat Rheumathoid Arthrites, (chemotherapy and immune suppressing agents) and I didn’t want any part of that. The side effects are worse than what it purports to treat!
By: blodgekk
Angel Longevity Medical Center
After years and years feeling a certain way and continually having the doctor say no-your thyroid is just fine. Well it wasn’t. So with the expert testing here at the clinic and the correct regimen, yes there was a problem with the thyroid. Now all those symptoms are handled and I'm a happy camper.
By: barrymatherson
Angel Longevity Medical Center
The Vitamin C IV’s are quite incredible! I have been recovering from a very long term chronic illness. Although the illness was handled, my body has been in a weakened state. I’ve had so far 3 IVs and there is a tremendous difference in my energy & endurance. This is a huge change.
By: joe869705
Angel Longevity Medical Center
This is the place where my life turned from hopeless to absolute positive direction. The staffs are fabulous. They will listen to you and try their best to find out what you need most. It doesn't take long for you to find out that you are being treated like their own family.
By: karlc58659
Angel Longevity Medical Center
I did a series of 5 Vitamin C IVs. When I started them I was very sick- muscle pains, fever, and runny nose. I am now 100% better. I could feel the IVs immediately start working and helping my body to fight whatever was going on quickly.
By: rebecca.perez.940641
Central Remedies
Central Remedies has it... Product and prices best in L.A... Ill be in soon to get my medical needs... C u guys soon...
By: timdowning
Angel Longevity Medical Center
The clinic is the tops from its key staff to the doctor herself. Everyone has been very knowledgeable and kind.

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