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By: Sam C.
Fox Frank O Attorney
I recommend Fox And Fox in full spectrum and on all levels of service. 10 years ago, I hired Fox And Fox for my divorce. It was an ugly divorce which lasted 4 years. My former wife's and her attorney's goal was to deplete my assets by relentlessly litigating everything. She even tried to gain sole custody of our daughter and concurrently obtain a kick-out order against me from my house. The divorce battle was damaging to my health and I simply was drained monetarily and emotionally. After going through 5 attorneys, I was referred to Fox And Fox. Frank and Claire saved me from misery; they, who work amazingly together, changed the litigation game; I won back my child and was awarded primary custody of my daughter; I was able to kick-out my former spouse from my house - this was a new release on my life; and spousal support was reduced because Frank and Claire Fox uncovered her true earnings which she concealed during our marital action.3 years ago, I hired them, again, after my parents passed away and I was the designated trustee of their Trust; the beneficiaries challenged me by jointly filing a petition to remove me and requested that I be surcharged. They made false claims that I had mismanaged trust funds; I had manipulated my parents and unduly influenced them to modify their Trust; I had commingled funds and stole them. I was shattered by the beneficiaries' claims. The beneficiaries attempted to set aside the Trust. Claire and Frank Fox, again, changed the litigation game, and aggressively defended me. It was a mess and they provided the defense I needed. Thanks to Fox And Fox, I am still the trustee
By: jennette.feilds
Habashy Law
I was referred to the Habashy Law Firm by my uncle who is a very hard person to please. He went on and on about how great of a lawyer Mr Habashy is. His office is in Los angeles and i live in Orange County so initially i was looking for someone local. But let me tell you, i couldn't be happier with my decision to retain the Habashy Law firm. There are so many great things to say about the Habashy Law Firm and Mr. John Habashy. He's an attorney with heart and principle. He will not take your case or your money if he doesn't think he can help you. His honesty is unmatched knowledge of the law and his ability to "think outside the box" along with his experience makes him the best at what he does.There are so many great things to say about the Habashy Law Firm and John Habashy. He is VERY hard working, determined, intelligent, clever, confident, and honest. Mr Habashy and his whole staff gave me their undivided attention whenever I had a question or any concern and was sympathetic to me, but don't let that sincerity fool you... They were very aggressive in court and defended me to the fullest against the opposing counsel and their tricks. He took my case and won, when I did not think I even had a case to begin with. John settled my case and provided me with a better life financially. There are no words that I can express that would justify the amazing work that John and his amazing legal team did for me, and I will be forever grateful to them for giving me justice and a better quality of life.
By: Tom L.
Fox Claire S
The toughest job was to find useful, intelligent attorneys who will stand by me with values, principals and integrity. No doubt all attorneys are expensive. I recalled the opposing counsel who I hated so much because Frank O. Fox and Claire S. Fox were so dam good in litigation that they wiped out my previous family law, divorce attorney. After I lost my divorce-marital case, I thought why not hire those amazingly sophisticated attorneys who my counsel hated so much because they were far beyond her and colleagues – The Law Firm Of Fox And Fox are bullet proof machines with sophisticated creativity. I retained Fox And Fox for my complex Trust matter after my parents passed away. Fox And Fox legally shot down 12 highly litigated objections, petitions and won the war against creditors, beneficiaries and siblings. The 10 opposition Trust, conservatorship, probate counsels also hated FRANK O. FOX AND CLAIRE S. FOX because Fox And Fox were legally tactical and unveiled their frivolous claims. In fact, I told Fox And Fox to sue those attorneys for writing made up reviews about them. Thank you Fox And Fox for your diligent work and yet still having rare values in your practice
By: sandy562
Habashy Law
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mr Habashy and the whole staff at the Habashy Law Firm for the successful conclusion of my case. It has been and definitely is an absolute privilege to know a highly professional and dedicated Attorney and person like you. I cannot give enough praise to the way you have handled my case, your tireless devotion, your energetic approach and your keen eye for details. I have worked with a fair share of lawyers over the years and i can tell you that not one of them can even remotely come close to your expertise and work ethic you have set up at your firm. There are no words to show my gratitude for all of your efforts. Your personal outputs at every step and your intense commitment has made this unpleasant case in actuality a livable one.. It should go without saying that I will recommend you and your firm to as many people as possible with the knowledge that they will be in the best hands of a premier Law Firm. I would also like to thank Linda G for always being a sweetheart and answering all my questions and concerns when i had them.
By: Dileepa A.
Adamson Ahdoot LLP
My accident left me with a lot of stress, questions and uncertainty. I contacted Adamson & Ahdoot Attorney at Law. They ( Especially Attorney Alan Ahdoot) were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting I decided to hire them for my case and have not had any regrets thus far. They contact me as needed and get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. Everything since then has been smooth and it's great to have all that stress alleviated off my shoulders Attorney Alan Ahdoot and his team provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. They were easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted.Attorney Alan Ahdoot his associates, and his staff all produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want when hiring a automobile collision.
By: vijay.khanna.948
Root Law Group
I have known Mr. James Root for over 10 years and have used his immigration services extensively in several different types of cases for my family. Mr. Root does get my highest recommendation as an immigration attorney for his niche skills, foresight into immigration laws and regulations, tactful approach to immigration cases, quick turn around time in meeting deadlines, personable staff and a very high quality of customer handing expertise that I have experienced with every member of his staff.I have visited him at his various office locations, in OC, LA etc and have had several in-person meetings and appointments with him and his staff... which have always been fruitful and have helped in resolving my concerns and issues.Mr. Root has been more than cooperative in offering soft payment plans for extended periods of time, which has been helpful.If I were to rate Root Law Group's professional services, I would give them a neat 10-on-10 for handling all my immigration cases.I wish Mr. Root and his staff all the best in their future professional assignments.Dr. Lata Khana.
By: Jeff Z.
Fox Claire S
I initially contacted Claire S. Fox of The Law Firm Of Fox And Fox regarding my father’s Trust after he passed away. The Trustee was refusing to provide any information about the Trust, refused to provide a copy of the Trust, refused to provide financial status of the Trust and refused to account. I was denied my rights as a beneficiary of the Trust. Claire S. Fox of The Law Firm Of Fox And Fox provided intellectual guidance and instructions. I followed and communicated with Fox over a period of months before I retained Fox. I have been a trial attorney for more than 16 years and have no experience in the Trust, Estate Planning, probate, wills and trust, and conservatorship proceedings. With Fox’ brilliance, I collected my entitled share and Fox and her partner, Frank O. Fox, were able to obtain an Order surcharging the Trustee and had the Trustee removed from the Trust. Although the procedure took over 3 years due to Trustee’s relenting adversarial position, it was well worth it. what a relief thanks to FOX
By: representyou12
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By: Jasmine F.
A Bankruptcy Law Office of Jasmine Firooz
This is a response to Ms W's defamatory, false and libelous review of my law firm. Ms. W has never been to my office. Statements in her review regarding my personality and my law office are totally false and groundless. Over the past 20 years I have consulted and represented thousands of individuals in bankruptcy cases. I understand the stress and financial burden that my clients are suffering and therefore I treat my clients with utmost respect, empathy, understanding and care. Ms. W's review is instigated by an attorney competitor in attempts to cause damage to the immaculate reputation of my law practice. Ms. W had placed the same exact negative false review on Yelp, which was successfully removed after I informed Yelp support department.I am presently in the process of bringing action in the court of law for libel, against the attorney who is behind these malicious, defamatory and false reviews.Jasmine Firooz
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By: Howard S.
Aidan W Butler Attorney At Law
Aidan Butler Is A Great Guy!I was referred to Aidan Butler actually twice and the most recent time was through the ( Los Angeles County Bar Association. The first time I spoke with Aidan Butler was on the phone almost two years ago and we were discussing the National Do Not Call Registry List.This time we were discussing another important Case which I will keep private online, however, I just want to say Thank You for the time that was well spent in your office discussing the incident.I think I learned a lot and was able to ask many questions uncase I decide to hire him at a future date if necessary.Aidan Butler is a very inspiring person who has an excellent legal background and specializes in Consumer Law and if You are ever looking for a lawyer in this field, then You have come to the Right Place.Thank you for the appointment by the way.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShorePotential Future Client/HPS
Tips & Advices
Some immigration processes can take months or even years to resolve. USCIS posts an online list for each field office that shows current processing times for common applications, such as ones for permanent residency, citizenship and proof of citizenship. These estimates provide a sense of the current backlog. An immigration attorney will usually monitor these timelines for you and communicate any updates.
An immigration lawyer might request copies of numerous documents, including a birth certificate, passport, letters from employers, proofs of address, income tax returns and photos/correspondence with family (if you are applying for an immigration benefit via a spouse or family member).
Yes, if you want them to. While an attorney cannot directly answer a USCIS agent’s questions, he or she can provide support and clarification during the interview. Having an attorney present is generally a good idea if you are involved in a complex immigration case.
Yes, for applications such as an adjustment of status (for example, going from a tourist visa to a green card) and citizenship, it is usually a good idea to agree upon a fixed rate that covers all paperwork and responses to evidence requests. This can save you money compared to an rate based on billable hours.
Fee schedules vary significantly depending on the case type. Immigration lawyers usually charge for both the required application fees from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and for their services. Longer, more complex cases such as deportation defenses are more expensive than simpler matters like completing a citizenship application.

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