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By: paulaespinoza
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
My dvr was not recording for about a month. i finally starting calling surveillance companies in my areas to find the solution. Everyone told me that i needed a new dvr and they wanted to charge me more than what i initially paid for the whole system. When i called digital surveillance i talked to mani and he told me that he will come to check the dvr at no cost. Mani came and checked my dvr and told me that the storage disk was bad and needs to be replaced and it will record again. He charged me minimal price and got my system up within half hour. i am so happy now i can watch the recording. I am very impressed with Mani's honesty because he fixed what was wrong and didn't just try to sell another system.
By: jraudio
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Mani did 3 of my business locations and a one acre strip mall for me. Hes installed over 55 cameras for me including my home. His systems have been extremely reliable and have not failed me.He is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls and takes care of any small maintenance issues i have had. On top of that his systems are built with future upgrades in mind, thanks to his forward thinking i have been able to convert some of my cameras to megapixel cameras. Class act, he knows what hes doing and does it well. He even did my home automation and my home audio. Would highly recommend him for any IT related issues,cameras,dvr,alarm,home automation, and access control/
By: James N.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
I was intimidated by the prospect of getting a CCTV security camera system for our business and spoke with many local companies before choosing Security Camera Crew. Mani visited our manufacturing facility the same day I called. He was really professional and I am satisfied for DSMLA services. Mani and his team worked efficiently and cleanly throughout our offices and manufacturing areas. The Security cameras system is easy to use and the images are high quality with monitoring from anywhere. After installation, questions were answered promptly and they helped us become proficient in using the Cameras system. Great customer service and highly recommended for him.
By: phillipmor
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Thank you (MANI) Digital Surveillance for doing a great job. Needed some cameras and a security system installed on my business..after weeks of price quoting and haggling i felt it was un-needed with these prices and service around let me tell you..these guys came right on time , took care of my request quicvkly and clen..great attitude and could not tell you how respectful of my belongings in my business...definitely a step above par..highly recommend to anybody...Mani is definitely the go-to guy for your surveillance needs..thanks guys..look forward to more work in the future and definitely will be referring others as well..keep up the good work!!!
By: pattricia
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
i was scared of the break ins that have been taken place around my neighborhood and since i was not gonna be here for thanksgiving, . I called digital surveillance to come give me a quote. Mani showed up on time and gave me price that was reasonable. He came with his staff two days later and install 6 cameras around my property and put it on my iphone, ipad, and my laptop. i left to east coast to spend my thanksgiving but i had my home view on my iphone all the time. i am so happy what digital surveillance has done for me. I would highly recommend mani for your home security. He is very knowledgeable about his products and knows what his job best.
By: Bond B.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
I was in need of Access controlled Entry System for my office with 48 employees.. Mani and his team from Digital Surveillance installed a Bosch Access Control System to control all our Entry and Exit Doors. The Installation was professional and they trained us how to add/edit/and delete users that are no longer with us. I love how i can provide different access level to different employees. The System is very easy to use for anyone with even a little computer skills. The customer service is great. I would highly recommend Digital Surveillance to anyone who is looking get access control or security cameras
By: Brandon K.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Digital surveillance completed a 25,000 sq ft job at my place of business, equipped with 16 HD cameras and DVR. I can watch all these cameras on my phone with a crystal clear picture which is absolutely awesome. Also installed was a hybrid IP Allworx phone system and internet lines at 15 different desk locations. Digital surveillance was very helpful answering all of my questions and concerns. They also made sure to check up and make sure everything was functioning the way that it should. I would recommend DSMLA to anyone looking for a new or upgraded surveillance, phone, or internet system.
By: Lily R.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Mani did amazing job. This business and team gave us equipment and installation exactly as quoted. The security system is all the latest and superb technology. CCTV Cameras have amazing clarity even at night. You can zoom in and out for a close look at a person or car day and night The software is easy to use. You can go back to date and time, watch any time an event and/or save on YouTube for the police. Price was fair and competitive. Recommended this business. They also respect and are happy to assist Veterans. Thanks again Mani.
By: Ruby T.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Mani and his team did a wonderful job with the installation of the CCTV security cameras in my house. Mani picked strategic places for the CCTV cameras. The quality of the video is amazing, you can zoom in and look at the recordings of the past any time. They also installed the software on my smart phone & tablet so that I could have access to "live view" of the current moment at any time, day and night. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and offer great customer service. I am glad that I picked them. I Highly recommended for Mani.
By: Alder A.
Digital Surveillance - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Mani and his team are great to work with, we are very satisfied with their quality of work and experience. He knows the business well so helps with deciding best solution for you. Great installation CCTV cameras and so fast. Mani is a master of wiring, so any kind of wires - cables, LAN, security cameras, access control, speakers, home theater. He helped us know that our cable wiring was needed an upgrade. Would recommend his team for any wiring and Surveillance cameras work. He provides best services 24/7 in Los Angeles.
Tips & Advices
  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Alarms
  • Smoke, CO2, and flood detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Panic buttons
  • Door and window stoppers
  • Spot lights/floodlights
  • Etched window glass
  • Combination safe
  • reinforced locks
  • Placing signs and sticker for security systems outside home
  • Personal safety items (firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, etc.)
No, it is possible to install a home alarm system yourself. Some systems are specifically designed to be installed by homeowners. These systems are often cheaper and more customizable. However some systems require the expertise of a professional and installation should be left up to them to avoid making any errors. Review the specifications of the system and/or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about its installation requirements.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and does not require any drilling or modification of the home.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Can be taken from one home to another during change of residence.
  • Can be combined with a hardwired system.
  • No need to change any batteries, as with wireless systems
  • No interference from other signals
  • All hardwired systems run on essentially the same technology so products and services from different companies will be compatible with each other.
  • If moving to a home with a hardwired system already installed, you can save money by bypassing installation costs.
  • New security equipment for these systems is less expensive than for wireless systems.
  • Can be combined with a wireless system
  • Hardwired: A system that uses cables to connect all sensors to a central control panel within your home. The cables are usually installed within the walls or floorboards of your home. The control panel then uses your home’s landline connection to call for assistance (police, fire, medic).
  • Wireless: A system which uses wireless technology (wi-fi) to connect all sensors to your home’s central control panel. The panel uses the established network to communicate with the outside for assistance.
  • A combination of hardwired and wireless: Custom systems can be configured to have a home totally hardwired and equipped with wireless outside communication (no landline), or have a totally wireless home and hardwired outside communication.

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