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By: Diane K.
Hollywood Medical & Mental Health Services
Worse place I have ever been. I had to get a letter from my doctor to use there restroom. We have to drink a lot of water as we never know when we are getting drug tested. They do play favorites as I be saw them allow some others to do it. The counselors are a joke. I got out of there fast and I like others have found a place that treats there clients with respect and dignity.
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By: App B.
Siam Inc
Very pleased with how nice the staff members were. They made me feel comfortable during my appointment.
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By: Sean A.
Liberty House
I'm approaching eight years off oxy, definitely no thanks to Liberty House. Their strategy is based on the brainwashing of the family (so as to keep the "client" longer) as well as the "client" getting brainwashed. The behavioral modification strategy they employ caused severe psychological damage to myself and others and is little more than psychological torture. I spend six weeks in that house of horror and I'm still receiving treatment for what I went through at that place and still deal with post-traumatic symptoms from my time there. I hope this facility no longer exists. It's hard to find addiction treatment so aggressive it is definitely abusive and can cause long lasting psychological damage. I guess the idea is to break down the person to the point that when told to jump they ask "How high?"
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By: Charlie A.
Herbert House Sober Living Environment Inc
I give this bad rating only because of the owner is a Meglomaniac. I won't go in to detail, but I do have detail. Those details are in the form of a "conversation" I had with this owner via text. He blew a gasket because I did not respond to one of his emails, and then he kicked me out of the house.I was given 1 hour to pack my things. the owner said, "Bro, you better take it (my belongings) with you or you will be picking them up in front of the house tomorrow. And he did not just do that, he cursed at me and berrated my character. He is quite a looney bird. But he did me a favor by getting me out of that negative environment. The place is run in sort of a militant style where this creepy guy that is the manager follows your every move. and when you make a mistake, say, leave a dish in the sink, he is quick to hand you a "write up". This manager has a power trip complex. And the funny thing about it is that all of the residents feel the same way. But they are afraid to speak up for fear of the "looney bird" owner might throw them out also. There are many other details, but that will give you the basic feel of the place. expect to walk on egg shells.
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By: Michelle R.
Midnight Mission
Today along side 20 others, I was honored to serve dinner (a hot meal) to over 690 homeless or less fortunate people. I would highly recommend people go and experience what it feels like to serve dinner to a population who doesn't know when or where their next hot meal will come from.
By: Elise C.
Liberty House
Awful there are place's to go for FREE. Salvation Army Teen Challenge. Owner is belligerent staff is unprofessional. Make no mistake it's all about the money.
By: Foxy T.
Dial Education Center Inc
Stay clear of the North Hollywood location. A good friend of mine was ordered to complete a 90 day first offender program and was turned away and the corresponding paperwork confiscated rendering them unable to comply with the court order and leaving them in violation and facing jail time. My friend also suffers from a disability which played a part in the treatment unfortunately. Theres never ever appropriate circumstances where mistreatment of those with disabiities is appropriate. The employees there had no right to play judge and mess with their life and freedom and civil rights the way they did. Shame shame shame on the both of you for doing that to my friend who was already having a difficult time in life due to their disability and who definitely didnt deserve to be treated that way.
By: Mallory E.
Hip Rehabs
This sounds cliche, but this place will seriously change your life. i have so much LOVE for HR and all the people involved whether it be the staff or the ladies at the desk or anyone there. it's such a warm place and really refreshing to the people who need to be treated. i had an amazing experience here and i met so many lifechanging people. everyone, check this place out if you're in need.. i swear they will take you in and push you to be your best. it'll change your life, honestly.
By: Amber N.
Hip Rehabs
Rachel (my niece) completed her treatment at HR about a month ago and I've seen an insane amount of improvement, I had to come and write a review because I am just so over the moon. life has been better thanks to all of you at Hip Rehabs and I cannot tell you how thankful I am
By: Keith M.
Hip Rehabs
Treated me as if i was one of their own. So thankful i was placed under such good care.... not sure if i'd be as well as i am without them. Welcomed me with open arms even though i felt hopeless. Thank you guys.. youll never understand how much i appreciate all of you
Tips & Advices
  • Talk about specific consequences of their drinking.
  • Choose a time soon after the person experiences a drinking-related problem (missing a shift at work, for example).
  • Do not threaten, guilt, lecture, preach, or use negative labels.
  • Do not try to discuss alcoholism when the person is intoxicated.
Therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who specialize in the condition can all diagnose and treat alcoholism. People with alcohol-related concerns can also consult their general practitioner, who will refer them to a specialist.
Detoxification is a medically supervised period of alcohol withdrawal to allow the body to purge itself. A doctor or treatment specialist closely monitors a patient to ensure the symptoms of withdrawal do not cause harm. Side effects of alcohol detoxification include:
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Elevated heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Sleep issues
  • Paranoia or anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
The cost of addiction treatment varies depending on the type of facility, amenities offered, treatment provided, and size and length of the program. Detoxification ranges from $1,000 to $15,000. Inpatient facilities cost anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000 for a 30-day program and include detoxing. Outpatient programs can cost $500 per session.
Outpatient alcoholism treatment is a part-time form of rehabilitation. Patients continue their normal lives during the day and return to the treatment facility several times per week. Outpatient treatment is generally cheaper than inpatient and can be helpful for people with less severe addictions. Inpatient treatment programs require patients to stay at the facility 24/7 until the completion of the program. They provide a highly controlled environment for patients to overcome their addictions without the distractions or temptations of everyday life. These clinics provide round-the-clock medical care and often include hours of group and personal therapy. Inpatient programs are beneficial for people with severe addictions or those who have overdosed.

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