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By: smpchan
Smart Choice Electric
As part of the important inspection phase for the purchase of my home last Spring, I found Smart Choice Electrical (SCE, Robert and his helpers) from the Internet (the usual Yelp, Google, etc.). I know I want an electrician that has been doing business locally (SGV) for a number of years -- meaning no legal problem and complaints, etc. that they have to move to other new turfs. [Disclaimer: due to time constraint at the time, I did not really perform much contractor license checking, business name changes, and other business background investigations so do your due diligence as usual.]I invited SCE and also an AC /electrical contractor that installed my folk's AC system (that also did a good job and other repairs but that is a different review all together). Both parties promptly accommodate my invitation and provided free estimate among other second inspections.As a typical 70 years old SGV home with outdated and somewhat dangerous tube and knob wiring and an often faulty electrical panel model, both contractors pointed out the obvious and provided rough estimates for what the home inspectors had reported.I actually chose SCE and his helpers over the competent AC folk because Robert impressed me with his understanding of local SGV electrical code and insisted on his solution to relocate the panel (pointed out by the inspector report and my intuition) even though it appears to cost more initially than the AC folk would quote. Before of their estimates, I was able to obtain sufficient fund in the escrow from the seller to pay for the panel relocation.Robert answered all my technical questions satisfactorily (I have a electrical / computer engineering background) and lots of not so relevant questions like smoke detector in the attic for safety, installation location choice/decisions tradeoff, lighting choices, etc. Robert even spent more than 1.5 precious hour helping me to decide where the new panel could be installed to allow for flexibility for future house expansion construction.After almost 1 year of installation with no issue whatsoever, I can truly say that Robert and his folks did an excellent job with the relocation and installation of the new panel (and also proper grounding. etc.) among other little bonus things that they also performed:Robert recommended and explained the advantage of LED bulbs including dimmer (probably not compatible with most existing dimmer unit); SCE also helped install the track lighting in the living room; they even replace the exterior AC wiring and the corresponding raceway cover; SCE finished all these within the original estimate/budget and slightly ahead of schedule so we could move in on time.I would definitely invite Robert and his crew back for the balance of the electrical work that I know I would like to do to bring the wiring up to date such as proper grounding for each sockets, replace tube and knobs completely for all lighting. I would definitely recommend Smart Choice Electrical to any homeowner who will want professional, courteous, and on-time electrical service with integrity.
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By: Howard S.
Best Buy
I had a bad experience at Staples Canada, but with Jonas serving me from Best Buy made My Experience very Memorable!Jonas was one of the most helpful sales representatives that I have ever met in such a long time who was honest, caring, concerned and understanding towards my needs and budget who found me exactly what I was looking for without trying to suck out as much money as possible like Staples Canada was trying to do.All of the problems that I had with the Acer Laptop that Staples Canada had recommended, I am Not having with my HP Laptop & this comes with a Built-In CD/Dvd Player unlike the Acer one which did Not even have one Built-In which sucked!Jonas NOT only sold me a Labtop, but was very knowledgeable in his expertise and answered All of my Questions, Comments and Concerns in full! Jonas was so helpful that he even took the time to help me transfer all of my picture folders from my Pin Drive on to my Brand New Hewlett-Packard Laptop.Thank you.Howard Paul Shore
Magic Touch Appliance
800-315-9134 Sub Zero refrigerator repairAgoura HillsWhen I realized the food in my fridge was warmer than it usually is, I called my buddy (who lives in Thousand Oaks and has had his Sub Zero refrigerator worked on before) for a referral. He, very quickly, said to call Magic Touch Appliance repair because he’s been burned by other places before. Surprisingly, they came by as soon as I became available to let them in my place. Danny from Magic Touch Appliance repair checked it out and determined he needed a part specific to my Sub Zero refrigerator. Unfortunately, he didn’t have it with him, but he came back within minutes with the part in hand. My fridge has been working perfectly ever since. It was a very knowledgeable guy that services my area (Agoura Hills) as well as Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and Calabasas. I am very happy with the work.
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By: Beatrice A.
Ruiz Appliances
This appliance repair shop always comes to the rescue. My washer broke down yesterday. I called and had an appointment the next morning. The repair man came evaluated the reapair and fixed it on the spot. He even showed me the broken parts. Its working like new. Im so grateful for this repair shop. I hate going to the laundromat. Great service affordable prices. My repairs was under $100 and to think that I was gonna buy a new one. Thank you Ruiz you saved me $500+ love it!
By: honestelectric
Buffalo Electric Wholesale
Buffalo Electric Wholesale is a great electrical wholesale shop that carries many top brand name products and their warehouse is pretty well-stocked. They even do FREE delivery if the destination is within 30 miles of the shop. The prices are pretty competitive and if I show them that a competitor can beat their price, they are usually willing to work with me. All in all a great local, small business which I am proud to support.
By: Greg G.
Kravets Appliance Co
I have had a wonderful experience with this company. The techs are really knowledgeable they have fixed my air conditioning system and I even had them come out and fix my kitchen appliances. I love the girls in the office they are really helpful and they really care about taking care of their customers. I would highly recommend this company.
By: benjaminn107
Powell Electric
Luciano was one of the most thorough, polite, courteous, and respectful workers I have ever had in my home to do work. I really appreciate his knowledge and willingness to explain his findings and concerns. You are very fortunate to have an electrician of his caliber working for you. I hope you value him in your employment. He was great!
By: John M.
Electricians in Sherman Oaks
A few days ago I called to Electricians in Sherman Oaks for rewiring in my house. It was my last hope cause other companies were not professional and can`t answer my questions when I called them.These guys were able to quickly inform me about time and prices that they needed for work.And after 2 days all work was done. Thank you guys!
By: jackmish
LA Appliances
Had a very good experience with this company, and for this reason wanted to share with people my thoughts. It is not easy to find a repair place so professional, reasonable and knowledgeable as this company. They have highly trained technician, that finish the job with first attempt. Will definitely use them again.
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By: West B.
Pacific Sales
Located inside Best Buy, Pacific Sales is definitely convenient. The selection is good, not great as are the prices. Look for holiday sales if you can, but if you find yourself in a pickle with a dead fridge, just show up on a Wednesday and have your new fridge installed before the weekend.
Tips & Advices
Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment while sitting or standing in water.
  • Don't overload extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Put caps on your electrical outlets if you have small children.
  • Call an electrician if you notice your sockets or switches are warm to the touch, discolored or if they make noise.
  • Keep electrical cords away from stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.
  • Do not use an appliance that has a frayed cord.
  • Do not staple extension cords into place or cover them with carpets or furniture.
  • When using extension cords, make sure to unwrap them before plugging them in.
  • Don't overuse extension cords. Have an electrician install extra outlets if you need a power source closer to you.
  • Only use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your lamps and light fixtures.
  • Contact a licensed electrician if you frequently blow fuses, since this can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem.
  • Have an electrician look at your fuse box to ensure you have the right size fuses and circuit breakers. The wrong size fuse or breaker can be a fire hazard.
  • If you have fault circuit interrupters installed in your electrical panel, make sure you test them at least once a month by turning them on and off.
It can cost from $40-$100 an hour depending on the job. This does not include additional costs for parts or trip fees. Make sure to ask in advance what they charge for or if they will provide a free quote.
In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level. If an apprentice reaches journeyman status, he or she can complete most electrical work, but cannot design it until completing more testing along with 2,000 more on-the-job hours.
Yes. While all electricians need a license, not all of them do the same types of jobs.
  • Outside: These types of electricians work outdoors on electrical lines that connect to power plants.
  • Inside: Inside experts typically focus on commercial and industrial buildings that require a lot of power.
  • Residential: Residential electricians work with low-voltage systems and wiring to install fuse boxes and light fixtures.
Watch out for contractors that greatly underbid other electricians. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, always remember to get the estimate in writing before settling on a company.

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