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By: eknoodles
We placed our order with ETO Doors on August 7th, after being told that it would take 3 weeks for the doors to ship to us. I contacted ETO on August 24th and was told that the doors would ship on August 29. When I had not received tracking information by August 31st I contacted ETO again and was told that they would not ship until September 7th. I called on September 7th to verify that they were shipping and was told that they were not going to ship until the 12th. They finally shipped the doors on the 14th. ETO did not contact me with any of the changes to the shipping date. When the doors finally arrived 3 of the 8 doors were damaged due to poor packaging when shipping. (The wood doors were placed directly on top of other doors with nothing to protect them from the screws in the weather stripping and a threshold was damaged beyond repair). I notified ETO within the 24 hours of delivery. I was sent a claims form which I immediately filled out and included the required photos. I have left multiple phone messages, and emails since then. After over a week of my phone calls not being returned I was finally referred to Leigh (the manager) on Friday, September 28th. Leigh told me that he would look into what was going on and would get back to me on Monday, October 1st. (Leigh assured me that he always returned phone calls the day that he received them even if that meant he had to stay late). I have not heard from him since even though I have left multiple phone messages and I have also emailed. I just got off the phone with ETO. I asked to speak with Tal (see ETO's response to one of the previous negative review - extension 41 is for the general receptionist and not Tal's) and was told that they just implemented a new customer service policy and the receptionist transferred me back to leave a message on their standard customer service line voice mail. Who knows if I will ever get the damaged doors replaced. I may have to dispute the charges with my credit card (if it is not too late).It seems that ETO gets good recommendations as long as there is no problem with your order. However if something goes wrong with your order do not expect service as they do not offer any!! Update: After I posted my review I was contacted by Tal (ETO's president) as well as by a few others in the company. They quickly rectified the situation and sent me out replacement doors immediately. The service I received once Tal got involved was excellent! The replacement doors were packaged well and arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I would have given them a 5 star review had they responded in this manner in the first place. I have adjusted my review from 1 star to 3 stars.
By: Mike S.
Originally called the LA location and requested a quote for a door. The guy who provided the quote was really helpful and friendly. But the shipping was higher than expected due to the door being shipped from CA to NY. So I noticed that the company had a location in NY. I called and requested a quote for the same door. Like the first time, I didn't have a model number and I don't speak the "door trade" language. I had dimensions and stated that it was a basic slab - solid wood.The NY guy seemed agitated that I was a novice door buyer - saying that he had 5,000 types of doors. So I further elaborated - dimensions, that it was a basic slab, no panels, solid wood, no pre-hung required, and that I was going to paint it, so the cheapest wood door of this kind. In literally 2 seconds he says it will be like $850 + $195 in shipping. I told him that I got a quote from their California for $176 + $195 shipping. Then he went back to the "I have 5,000 types of doors, I don't know what you want". The thing is, the LA guy asked me questions and located the door that I needed no problem. He wanted to help me. The NY guy didn't want to be bothered. So, five stars for the LA location and one star for the NY location. Come to find out, the NY location is just a show room and the door would need to come from LA anyway. In any case, the door including shipping from LA is still cheaper than buying locally in Brooklyn - by $200. Maybe the NY guy was having a bad day, but his lack of good customer service and a total misquote tarnishes the image of the company in general. To the LA guy - thanks for your help and great customer service!!
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By: Carmon D.
STAR USA Garage Doors
First off, I called just wanting to ask questions and the guy who answered, Jason, was very informative and answered all my questions. He then told me that he could get someone out to my house within the hour. The technician, David showed up about 45 minutes after the call and was thorough in explaining what the problem was. He took the time to inspect the entire garage system to make sure there weren't any other issues and got to work right away. Not only did he give me a complimentary tune up to the rails, drums, etc., but also rectified issues that were created by the original builders of my home. Once the job was completed, David again showed me all he had done and allowed me to test the opening of the garage to make sure everything was to my liking. Talk about amazing service! Prompt service, no hidden fees, no overtime fees, no 'unexpected' charges and they had all the parts needed in the truck. I would recommend this company with my eyes closed if you ever have a garage issue.
By: Neev K.
STAR USA Garage Doors
My garage door broke and I wasn't able to get my car out. I called a few companies which came by to examine the problem and they all told me I had to replace my garage door. All of the bids I received to replace the garage door were extremely expensive and my HOA did not make things easier with their requirements for replacing the door. Luckily, I called Star USA and they sent their representative to come and examine the problem. Everything about their demeanor, professionalism, pricing just felt right so I decided to hire them for the job. They were able to build a new frame for the door and get it to work again. I am so happy I chose them and would definitely recommend them to anyone considering having their garage door worked on. They were professional, ethical and were able to save me a lot of money. Thank you Star USA!
By: mcdonaldart7
I am writing to express my gratitude for Nick's professionalism on Monday, October 29th to identify what was holding up the delivery of the doors as well as quickly obtaining authorization for a second person to help deliver the pre-hung French doors. His efforts could readily serve as a benchmark of fine service.The doors look great with hardware to match existing door hardware and the addition of a surface down bolt to hold the inactive door closed, when necessary, that also enables the active door to lock closed. My goal was to be able to create a “warm room” to lessen the cost of heating in the winter. ETO's Energy Efficient French doors made this work well with temps in my den consistently in the high 70’s. Nice. So, again, thank you for your help.
By: christybaki
My front door was broken into late Saturday night, and I called ETO Doors at 10am on a Sunday...they took my call, sent me an estimate on the spot and my order shipped that Tuesday! ETO's customer service is top notch, something I have no experienced in a very long time. Our neighborhood is about 60 years old, so everyone's doors needs to be updated...I plan to recommend ETO to everyone. As far as price goes, I received a couple of other quotes and asked around, and most vendors were twice the price as ETO. An absolute pleasure to work with! Don't even bother calling anyone else, these are the guys you want.
By: Tom C.
11/30/2015-Great fabrication/design. Included adjustable sill plate to fully seal against air infiltration.-Doors were milled for the sill and no screws were needed in the sill.-Structurally heavy and quality, glass is impeccable (rain glass plus designs, all insulated).-Price was 1/3 of similar door system from Home Depot. (12'wx8'tall plus transom!)Really well crated/packed. Ashley was fabulous, knowledgeable and got it right the first time.Lots of research showed us that ETO was the best choice, the best price and it turns out, great service.Tom ChiABC Builderz
By: mj709041
My garage door arrived yesterday. We opened it on the dock and determined that ETO had done a great job of packaging the door and everything was intact. I brought it home today and it is great. Way beyond my expectations. The curve of the windows was made to match my house which I had not expected. Their attention to detail is great. The door is fabulous. The next closest competitor priced the door to me at $5500. With ETO I spent roughly $3000. I have a better design and a much better looking door for a lot less! Great Job ETO, I am ready to tell the world!!
By: evetinsc
We're building a home (two phases) and we ordered 2 exterior mahogany doors over a year ago and had a great experience. The total cost was less than it would have been had we used our builder's local supplier, even taking shipping and handling charged into account (we live in SC). We then ordered 20 interior doors this year (knotty alder). Despite some shipping issues (no fault of ETO Doors), we have again had a great experience and have saved hundreds of dollars. Customer Service is exceptional! I would highly recommend this company!
By: billdaniels95
I purchased ETO’s Eclipse model doors and they arrived on time and in perfect condition. I have posted the photos of my front doors. The doors have made the entry outstanding. I am remodeling the whole house and the difference is astounding, and the compliments I receive on the front doors far out numbers the compliments I receive on any other part of the house. I am sending them an order for another eight (8) doors as I continue on my never ending project. Thanks ETO for the beautiful doors.
Tips & Advices
Monthly, carefully observe the door as you open and close it. If you hear or see anything unusual, take a closer look. The regular motion could loosen up some of the hardware, so take a few minutes to tighten everything up. Also, be sure that tracks, tires, and other moving parts are lubricated. If your door is painted, make sure it isn't chipped or peeling. Deteriorating paint on a wooden door could let moisture in, which leads to warped doors, while a steel door could rust.
On average, a new garage door installation will cost around $1,000. Most homeowners end up paying somewhere between $740 and $1,400, including the installation and the door itself.
It depends. For someone who tackles home improvement projects, installing a garage door might be a viable do-it-yourself project. An experienced wood or metal worker can install with the right materials, tools, and knowledge. Someone less experienced should contact a professional. Depending on the size, a door could weigh as much as 200 pounds, though some smaller or uninsulated ones could be less than 100 pounds.
If you begin to notice this around a change in seasons, check the lubricant on the tracks. Weather patterns will affect lubricant's effectiveness. Dirt or debris on the tracks could also be the cause; make sure they're clear and clean. If the tracks look fine, make sure the doors are hung evenly.
It could mean your tracks are either dented, falling, or otherwise misaligned. Misaligned or damaged tracks can cause the door to cease working or fall off its tracks. If your door is stuck, slanted, or looks unstable, call a professional who will have the right tools to fix the problem.

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