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By: conelrad
Been meaning to try Wurstkuche for ages and had hoped to bring a certain co-worker who has since departed for the East Coast. As advertised, exotic sausages and great beer and fries, served in a fun, well run space. My wife and I had a child-free Saturday dinner date over the Thanksgiving weekend and decided to finally drop in and check out Wurstkuche. There was a line (inside) for ordering but a staff person also came down the line and answered questions and took drink orders, distributing drinks even as people waited to place their orders. We had the Austin Blues (hot & spicy tri-pepper & hardwood smoked pork) and Duck & Bacon with Jalapeno Peppers sausages with caramelized onions and grilled sweet peppers (two topping per choice) - both flavorful and not too spicy. We split a large ("Groot") order of Belgian fries and chose Chipotle Ketchup and Bleu Cheese Walnut and Bacon dipping sauces. For drinks we passed on the somewhat intimidating draft & bottled beer ("biers") and split an Aspall English Cider - very refreshing (and 6.8 ABV)!With cider in hand we found seats at the end of a long table (seating is communal) and enjoyed the lounge/beer hall atmosphere while waiting 10-15 minutes for our order to be brought to us. A very pleasant time - the crowd and atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the food and drink perfect.Obviously I need to plan an office holiday outing to this place - it's a real treat.Highly recommended to all sausage lovers including those of the vegetarian persuasion (there are 3 vegetarian and several chicken & turkey sausages). Hard to resist trying the "exotics" on offer - Buffalo, Beef & Pork with Chipotle, Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno, Alligator & Pork, and more besides "gourmet" sausages like Filipino Marharlika and Kielbasa.
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By: michikotamura
We made a reservation at 6 p.m. on Sunday and when we got there, it was already packed. The place is very small (can probably fit 30 people or so) so reservation is a must on weekends. We had an amazing Travelozoo deal where 2 glasses of wine, 2 appetizers, 1 pizza or pasta, 2 entrees are only $65 for two! For appetizers, we tried Baccala (whipped salt cod croquettes. salsa rossa) and Fichi (figs. whipped sheeps milk ricotta. saba). Baccala was good but a bit too salty and wasn't my favorite. Fichi, on the other hand, was amazing. I loved it. The next course was pizza; we chose Margherita D.O.P. (tomato. mozzarella di bufala. basil.). This was our waitress's #1 recommendation but it was very disappointing; it wasn't good at all. For entrees, we had Agnello (colorado lamb chops. potatoes. artichokes. black olive) and Port Braciole (neapolitan rag├╣. swiss chard). Both are very good but not the best Italian dishes I've had. The restaurant was packed so it took forever to bring the food; we didn't mind since we were not in a hurry but I saw two separate guests that night complaining to the manager. Our waitress was very apologetic and checked on us many times and they gave us free dessert so that was nice. I didn't see any self parking space or valet but you can find paid meter parking; but only 1 hour max so we had to leave the restaurant to feed the meter again while waiting for the food.Overall, I liked the restaurant and its ambiance and because of the Travelzoo deal, it was very good deal. But, I'm not too sure if I would come back here again anytime soon (I would rather want to check out other Italian restaurants in the area...)
By: Ashley D.
Di Vita's Italian Restaurant
I miei fratelli e sorelle!It's been awhile and I've been pleasantly adrift Lord knows where but when I finally resurfaced, I was craving a quick Italian fix. The stupor caused by mind numbing days at the office caused me to forget about the dirty old neighborhood friend (shoot, you know we all have 'em, okay) in Di Vita's.Old dirty Di Vita's. My ex-supervisor used to order from this place ALL THE TIME. Calzones - he swore by them. There used to be a gi-normous blond gal behind the counter there and she was feeling my ex-boss something fierce. Why, there were days when he went down there and I thought he might not make it out alive. Forgive me but I digressed. Anyhow, we were craving quick-fast-and-a-hurry eats...cheese pizza, chicken alfredo and something for dessert was what we ordered. Well, you probably get the idea here - it's never that memorable but it gets the job done and gets it done on the cheap. BONUS! - they deliver. It's been awhile since I been to the spot but I drive by there all the time. It's not much on decor but sometimes, you don't need to dress up to stuff the pig, capiche?Anyhow, keep this place in mind when you're in a bind (or just desperate and need something easy and quick). Dunno about you but I ain't too proud to beg - even for Di Vita's.Ciao for now!Good eating to you!
By: Christine R.
Palermo Ristorante Italiano
We were doing a little pub crawl down Vermont last night....but it stopped here. We sat at the bar with Heather from NYC. She was great fun. This place takes me out of LA. Very unassuming, my boyfriend said, it reminds you of the place you went with the family for your 1st Communion. (You Catholics know what I mean!)As soon as we sat down at the bar, we had a few slices of pizza in front of us. We grabbed a table for dinner, and split the veggie lasagna. The cheese pasta sauce ratio was perfect, and the sauce is great. To his dismay, it was full of mushrooms. But, I enjoyed those, he picked them out, and LOVED this dish. Plenty to split. The traditional garlic bread and house salads are a great start as well. I wish they had a better wine by the glass selection, next time I'll order a bottle. And we'll get the pizza next time.The sweet bartender got us a slice of tiramisu to split, maybe to welcome me to the neighborhood? It was a really nice touch!Overall, we'll go back again. On a cheat day. Heavy delish traditional comfort food. Glad we walked home.
By: davidkwan
Little Next Door
It was disappointing and overpriced. Many places categorized this as a French restaurant but it is not a French restaurant. I had a birthday dinner for my girl friend on Sunday night with high expectation. The restaurant has a nice ambiance but the service was not that great. It wasn't bad but with the high price I pay, I would expect much higher level of service. The server misinformed us about the food item and we didn't get what we wanted. However, the menu is so limited and there was no other choice once we discovered the item was not what the server described. I was told when I made the reservation is that the restaurant has the same owner and same chef as the Next Door. However, I found out after eating there is that this place has an overpriced menu but not the same type of "French" food I could find next door. The food was average. Bottom line, I wouldn't come back or recommend this restaurant because it is overpriced, mis-categorized, and average service.
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By: Sean L.
Second time at Bestia and we enjoyed our time at the counter. If it's just two of you, you should really try the counter and watch some of the appetizers as they're being prepared. We ordered the calamari to start with, mostly because it sounded really good on the menu, but the cooks were preparing the tomato salad over and over again. My wife and I just stared. Over. And over. Again. And again. Obviously almost every table was ordering the tomato salad. Mind you. We walked in as soon as they opened the door and we were waiting behind a line of 20 or so customers. We ordered the calamari, a pasta w/ homemade sausage, and the ribeye. Before the ribeye made it out, we gave in. We ordered the tomato salad after watching the 20th salad plate go out. With burrata and other things on the dish that we couldn't figure out... We absolutely loved it. In the end...Happy birthday to me!PS. Parking isn't easy. About $8 if you want valet. Also, reserving ahead of time is HIGHLY recommended.
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By: Danielle C.
The restaurant is really beautiful. Loved the atmosphere, and it is pretty big, with its own parking lot. There aren't a lot of comfy booths or anything, but there is a lot of seating in chairs. The menu changes weekly (the specials), and the food was okay - I had the pizza, and it was fine - a little dry. My friend loved the burrata, and another had a steak salad that she enjoyed. We also had the donut dessert, which was not as great as it sounded - the donuts were really hard on the outside and oddly doughy on the inside (like Indian bread). It had a vaguely beer-like taste. Server was very nice, but got a little inattentive by the end of the meal. We went for lunch (the place opens at 11:30am).
By: Patrick M.
I have been to Bestia's before and have always been pleased. It had been over one year since the last visit, and all the things I loved about it before remain in place still. I brought my nieces for their first time. Our waiter was so cheerful and pleasant. The food came out and all was delicious. We were allowed to take our time and at no time felt rushed. They allowed us to share dishes and even split the spaghetti and meatballs for us. I can't say enough good things about the restaurant and the staff. My nieces were so enthused and happy with our meal that we are already making plans to go back. Don't miss this gem!
By: ilovebacon
Bottega Louie
Bad acoustics, but good food. If you're willing to wait an hour and a half for a table in the evenings and weekends, this place is good. If you're willing to eat dinner at 530 or 6, then you'll have better luck and maybe only wait 15-20 minutes. The hostesses remembered my name and who I was and was able to grab me in the waiting area. The food was good, inexpensively priced for DTLA and the hype, and the desserts were delicious. I was lucky to sit near the side and was able to hear my fiance, while he spoke to me but if you're looking to take someone on a date, don't expect to talk much.
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By: michikotamura
Osteria Mozza
Went here on Sunday night. I had a high expectation about this place but I was not impressed. Yes, the food was good but felt it was over-priced. I've tried popular restaurants that are owned by celebrity chefs but I always feel that because of that, all these restaurants are over-priced for the quality of food. I also did not like the wine list; way too over-priced. The cheapest bottle of wine was $35 and it tasted like $5 bottle of wine from grocery store. Oh, and they charge you $6 for tap water!!

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