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By: George G.
CA State Highway Patrol
Today is Nov 9,2016 aroun 6:30 am while driving on the 5 freeway around the Griffin park area I notice some brush disturbed on the side of the freeway and smoke coming from the area ,I immediately pulled over to see what was going on where the smoke was coming from ..I yelled and thru the brush I made out a hand waving back in forth ..I ran to see a truck on its side with a person still stuck inside with a seat belt on..there was two other persons trying to desperately help the guy in the truck..they panicky ask if I had a knife I didn't think twice I ran to my truck and grabbed a utility knife..we cut the seat belt off the trucks driver and pulled the injured guy to safety. I also notice a silver motorcycle on the Bush as if the truck had ran over it or something I did not see a body anywhere around brush ..I left the scene when I felt the person we help was out of danger ..(323)674-1810.jorge galindo..if you have any questions..
By: mauriceallenpetty
L A County Probation Dept
Probation is nothing nice to be on. However, if you or some one you know is on Probation. I suggest you follow all the conditions of your probation and be honest with your p.o. Usually if you follow all conditions and prove yourself to be a productive member of society, your p.o. will write a great report on your behalf to the judge in charge of your case(s). This particular probation office has great customer service and a very diverse staff to cater to probationees from all walks of life. They are very compassionate when it comes to their clients, and a great resource for those integrating back into society.
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By: Patricia R.
Each Sunday after church I await the 260 at fair oaks and Colorado and each time it is an hour or more wait. That is busy intersection and enterprising also; but then in this area are Black Lives do not matter. Anything askew no one complains but again this is an area that no one would say anything--PUSSIES! It is a given that is the way things are at 73% non black.
By: gunjan_s
Internal Revenue Service
Wait times are long but the staff is attentive, polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Also convenient parking close by although make sure to put more than enough money in the street meter :)
By: trice.mamas
Los Angeles County Cemetery
It has the best customer service bar b q man is so respectful,helpful and I cant wait to go back and visit my loved one again and buy a memorial for him ......
By: Chic H.
La City Police Dept Pacific
I lost my important documents via mail courier and I immediately gave my compliant in this station .The officer was really friendly and responded very well .
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By: Bryan M.
United States Government Representatives
Congress Xavier Becerra 2327 ridgeview ave los Angeles ca.gov home care center sign MaryLou Miranda sign Bryan Miranda
By: victoria c.
Great location when you get off from train a lot of chain around
By: squeezy6
WIC State Agency Call Center
Fast service,Nice workers..

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