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By: bijanbijan
I appreciate the Crenshaw Walmart very much for the following reasons:As a businessman, I use this Walmart as a training tool for my employees; I show them how a business should not be run and how they should not behave as an employee in my business. As part of the training program I taken my employees (paid-time) to this Walmart to educate them about the consequences of being sloppy and disgusting. Every new applicant that I consider hiring must agree to go through this training if hired. I point out to them that the practices of this Walmart branch are precisely what they must avoid and do exactly the opposite to be an employee in my business. I assure you, it works and saves me many hours of training.The practices they must avoid are the following:a) Being sloppy and messyb) Keeping the store and the bathrooms dirty and filthyc) Not making themselves available to the customersd) Behaving in arrogant and dismissive manner toward customerse) Wearing trousers with the waist so low to show their underweard) wearing trousers with crotches hanging near their knees as if they are making yogurt in there.I can go on but for the sake of brevity I will stop here.One more comment. To be fair to Walmart, that location is ghetto. Crenshaw is a gang ridden, filthy, poverty stricken locality that consists primarily of African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities.I bring up this issue for this reason: just in case the Walmart corporate management in charge of this location is not aware, there are many dignified African American, Hispanic, and other minority families who live in Crenshaw as well. However, based on the demands of the exigencies of their socio-economic and familial lives, they cannot relocate from this area.Therefor it behooves Walmart, a corporation with a staggering $32.64 billion gross profits in the first quarter of 2012, to do the following:1. Hire more well trained employees for the branch to provide excellent service.2. Pay detailed attention to hygiene in the store and in the bathrooms. 3. Be fully stocked at all times.4. Aim to Create a safe, and welcoming atmosphere for the decent residents of Crenshaw.5. Keep in mind that chaos, filth, and disrepair, generates chaos, filth, and disrepair by attracting elements who are drawn to chaos, filth, and disrepair. This cycle sustains itself by feeding on itself.
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By: katomonster
It was a pleasure to get Bruce to work on our doors in our new house. He did more than 10 doors within a couple of hours! He is fast, and knows what he is doing. And he works well with a locksmith( Marty from Jefferson Locks and Keys). Now the whole house has a breath of fresh air with all the doors opening and closing like butter, and the latches work like a dream! Thanks Bruce!
By: Cecile S.
The store is in the mall. I find this store a little bit weird. The store is in 2 floors. I prefer everything in one floor. Ladies clothes are downstairs while the men and kids clothes are on 2nd floor. I wish they'll move the groceries in the ground floor and move all the clothes together in the 2nd floor. There is Starbucks inside the store.
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By: Danielle C.
TINI store
This place is a cool find - lots of vintage furniture and cool finds! Prices are high, but a lot of the stuff is unusual and special. I got an amazing set of decorative bar glasses with naughty comics on them - I have never seen anything like them elsewhere!
By: Mike F.
Great addition to downtown. Parking can be a little bit of a challenge/walk from their lot/structure. But as someone who works downtown it is super convenient to run in and pick up a small load. Also convenient for USC and FIDM students.
By: Melinda S.
This is s nice big target with groceries. Good location in Pasadena. This location has a large electronics Dept . Big parking lot.
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By: Melissa P.
My go to target-- sure it could be better maintained but accessible hours, well lit, great parking, helpful staff!
By: Patricia R.
Mucha variedad en productos, los precios un pico elevados el crédito es fácil y rápido se los recomiendo

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