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By: Howard S.
Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks, 5453 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90027Back on Saturday, September 2, 2017, I visited your Starbucks Store located at: 5453 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90027 and was Completely Turned Off due to the Fact that Your Whole Store Has No More Open and/or Available Plug Outlets Since They Are All Covered Up!I do Not know who had the Disgusting and Irresponsible Nerve To Cover Them All Up, but there is absolutely No Legitimate Excuse that I, nor your Good, Paying Starbucks Customers Can Accept for Your Negative Actions in that Particular Store Location.Yes, I did Inquire about that from the on-site store manager and/or store employee who was working at the time during my visit and was told that they have been Removed Due To The Homeless Population that have been visiting the store!I personally do Not Buy That Excuse Very Well because by doing this it is Not Going To Stop The Homeless People From Entering Your Store At All!They are still Going To Hang Out In Your Stores, Regardless!Your store did this Out Of Greed, Selfishness and to Save Money On Electricity and You Know It!I have also been told that they Plan On Doing This At All Of Your Stores!Do You Actually Think And/Or Believe That Your Company Will Be As Financially Successful Because Of It!Answer: No Way, Jose!More Than Half Of The Reason Of Why People Come To Starbucks Is To Consume Your Products And Use Their Technology While Being Plugged In All At The Same Time!Obviously!Well, Since I Was So Inconvenienced At That Particular Store Location, I Just Left Immediately And Went To Another Location Whereby They Still Have Some Available Plug Outlets Until You Finally Decide To Get Rid Of All Of Them Forever!Enclosed, in the attachments, please find some pictures of Your Covered Up Plug Outlets from that Particular Store Location for your review and further reference.If You would like to contact ME back directly in order to discuss my letter of Very Serious Complaint in further detail, then please call ME on my cellular phone number at: 323-514-2779.You may also email me back at: HOWARDPAULSHORE2@GMAIL.COM or PRIVATE_EXECUTIVE@YAHOO.COM.I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreAngry and Upset Starbucks Coffee Company Customer/HPSEnclosure: Please See The Attachments For Pictures Of Your Covered Up Plug Outlets For Your Review And Further Reference. Thank You.
By: flaljee
Swork Coffee
The essence of a coffee shop is usually not its coffee, but its comfort. How comfortable is it to get some work done? How comfortable is it to hang out and relax with the morning paper? For while the coffee itself is important, if it were the most important part of a coffee shop, I'm afraid, McDonalds and 7eleven might be the Shangrilla of coffee.But seriously, I am not a fan of the overly strong Starbucks coffee that gives me a heart burn every time I take a swig. Rather, I prefer light, tasty coffee, a la Dunkin Donuts.So when it comes to coffee shops, I prefer to rate it on "ambiance, attitude and allure". I think I should patent this - the 3 A's. Anyway, Swork has all of the above. They have free Wi-Fi, ample tables for singles and accessible power outlets to juice those laptops.They have great outdoor seating as well for those babysitting their dogs or those interesting in people watching.Inside, they have a couple of computer terminals for pay-as-you-go use. So it serves as a decent internet cafe. But bring your own laptop, buy a coffee and you will get free Wi-Fi.So why the 4 stars? Well, the coffee is still a part (albeit a small part) of the experience and it does not measure up. It is way too strong (even their breakfast blend is strong).Also, while some might consider being infant friendly a plus, I really have no patience for loud toddlers. Swork has a play pen area inside for young boys and girls to play around in while the parent catches a break. Some might give that an extra star and maybe one day I will too, but not today
By: jenniefang
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Wow. I'll admit, I have shyed away from here just because it kind of looked a little corporate coffee-ee. Well, whatever it is, they serve up good coffee and awesome customer service. I'll warn you, not a lot of electical outlets here- when I asked about plugging in my laptop, the staff here went on a mission. When they were all taken, they offered an extension cord from the back bar. They said we could move tables. There happened to be an empty table near said back bar, but when the extension cord and my laptop didn't work, the staff climbed under the counter to see if they could make the cord stretch. It did. Viola. The barista on staff was great- double-checked with me if my in-house coffee size was okay, if I didn't like my milk choice, let her know and she would redo, the works. Apologized to ME because of the weird tipping- can't tip on a credit card. She apologized that they did not have a workable system on a credit card. I am impressed. I hope I see this staff again. Very customer oriented. Very rare to get this level of interest in most coffee places!
By: davidcox1
This Starbucks is my favorite one downtown. Even though there were two Starbucks locations closer to my work I always ended up walking to this one because they always got my drink of choice absolutely perfect everytime.Starbucks wants your experience and your drink to be exactly the same at every location you go to. This does not happen and I cannot imagine they aren't aware of it. I order an iced green tea latte a lot of the time. Sometimes they shake it, sometimes they stir it, sometimes it has milk, sometimes it's all water (blegh!), sometimes it's sweetened just right, unsweetened or way too sweet, etc, etc. You get the point. At this location they always get it right and I am so glad someone knows what they're doing! I've also ordered green teas, iced coffees and caramel macchiatos here and they all end up tasting like they're supposed to. Also, the people are really nice. Rarely do I have a bad customer service experience here. Way to go Starbucks on Fig! You always make my day that much better.
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By: Yvonne L.
My first experience at Klat was great. My friend and I came here on a Friday around 6 pm, parking was bad but the restaurant wasn't busy at that time. We ordered Ribeye Kimchi Fried Rice (topped with fried egg) and also the Shrimp and Bacon Fried Rice (with pesto sauce). Both dishes were served in presentable ways and the tastes were very flavorful and delicious! My friend and I walked out with full satisfaction! Klat was located at the southwest corner of CGV Cinema Plaza. The atmosphere was lovely, clean and bright (large windows so perfect lighting for pictures) ! Outdoor seatings available with good street views. Order your food first, then you can sit anywhere you want. Service was super friendly. Servers were so polite that I almost had a hard time hearing them lol. Free wifi available!
By: llbean
Starbucks Coffee
While the coffee here is perfectly fine, as is the staff, it's the location that's both a positive and a negative. Anyone who's ever been to the Ralphs here knows that the parking situation is crazy. The spaces are mini, and the one-way lanes make it really frustrating to get in and out easily. On the plus side, it's a great location because you can do your shopping and grab a cup, and the lines are usually pretty short here. If you can get a space, that is, in the parking lot from Hell.
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By: Howard S.
Starbucks Coffee
This Starbucks Location Is One Of My Favorite Locations!I live exactly 20 minutes away by foot and really enjoy coming out here.The service is excellent, the people are friend and there is a great vibe and atmosphere.I personally want to Commend and Thank Francisco and his staff for all of the Wonderful Service that they provide to their Customers, including myself.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreLoyal Gold Card Customer To Starbucks And Fan/HPS
By: Et D.
Cafe Demitasse
This place is great. quality of coffee is extremely high and baristas are very skillful. Try their black sesame lemongrass latte-very delicious and unique flavor. try their roasted marshmallow in your coffee-they roast it right in front of you. This place is famous for its Kyoto style cold brewed coffee which is very rich and flavorful. It's expensive $6, because only 42 drops of coffee can be brewed a minute!
By: Amy F.
Cafe Stella
Love the atmosphere both inside and on the courtyard patio. Maybe it's the French cuisine, but the place just sort of transports you. The food is rich, but delicious. (Reservations recommended). I usually get the filet, but have been talked into sampling the escargot before. (Nope, still don't get it). They have a cool, more modern bar toward the street which is also a fun place to convene with friends.
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By: West B.
Cafe Stella
Stella is a great balance of a nice, elegant meal without feeling overly stuffy. Most tables are on the patio (request when booking) giving a nice feeling of space. The food is solid French fare with all the brasserie classics you'd expect (escargot, foie gras, coq au vin, steak frites, etc.)and a solid wine list. Also be sure to grab a plate of profiteroles before you leave. Yummm.

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