By: James P.
Wesley Johnson Loan Officer
I would highly recommend Wes Johnson to handle all your mortgage needs. Wes is highly motivated, intelligent and will do whatever it takes to find the right mortgage program and make it work for your needs or personal situation. I searched everywhere in Southern California and beyond and none of the mortgage reps I talked to could find a program that I would qualify for. Wes Johnson was the only broker who could find the right loan package where I would qualify. As a result I now own 9 income properties made possible by Wes Johnson's mortgage financing expertise. Wes is highly knowledgeable and competent. I am very grateful for the work he has done for me and I would highly recommend anyone to give Wes a call regarding their mortgage needs.
By: Richard K.
Bill Rayman Home Mortgages
I have known Bill for about 4 years now and besides being a great guy, he has always shown the utmost professionalism toward me and my clients. I've never hesitated to recommend him to people I know and ask for his help for myself. He is NOT a cookie cutter kind of Broker. When issues pop up, as they invariable do, he thinks outside the box to get the job done. In fact, I would venture to say that if he can't make it happen, then it can't be done. And if he has to call in other resources to assist in making it happen, he knows just who to call. The client is always his number one concern.
By: Gerri B.
Wesley Johnson Loan Officer
As a real estate agent, I believe that a great lender is the most important part of a smooth real estate transaction. Working with Wes Johnson has been a great experience because I know when he prequalifies a buyer, he has done all the preliminary work to ensure an approved loan. He researches and finds the latest and best lending programs that best fit the buyer. I appreciate his timely responses and willingness to answer questions to put my mind at ease during the transaction. He has a good report with the escrow companies and works hard for my clients. I highly recommend Wes.
By: Dan A.
Around The Clock Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc.
My air conditioning was only blowing out wisps of warm air. I called on a Sunday afternoon and the woman who answered the phone was extremely polite and helpful. Someone would have been able to come out on a Sunday (today), but she suggested I first turn on and off my air conditioning circuit breaker switch. It worked! My air conditioning is now working perfectly. I very much appreciate that she helped me to fix my air conditioning for free on this 100 plus degree day! I will certainly call Around the Clock for any regular maintenance I need.
By: Adle A.
Churchill's Los Angeles HVAC Solutions
These guys know how to repair a furnace, not just replace it. The newer equipment is often poorer quality than the older, so replacing a part or two and tuning up an older unit is far less expensive than ripping it out and starting over often. Also more environmentally conscious. If you want to go more efficient, a newer model may be best, and you'll get the best advise and price with this company. I've had many HVAC companies work for my construction firm and rental units... some good, some really bad. Highly recommended.
By: Nick G.
Mortgage Capital Associates, Inc.
Mortgage Capital got our loan approved but not after a lot of work on their part unfortunately, we really made them work for this one lol. Even though it took longer than anyone really wanted, they helped mentor us on financingmentors.com which we we're really grateful for. Once we had checked off all our approval requirements, we actually qualified as promised. Just moved into our new home a few weeks ago and are happier than ever. Big thanks go out to Kim for all the hard work she did as our mentor to get us approved!
By: John B.
Roberts & Partners A/C Services
the next day, they said they're still waiting on the part. Finally, we got frustrated and called Apollo Heating (yes, stupid it took us that long but we were still thinking maybe it was a tough job). Apollo Heating then came out and said it was an easy job but that since these guys had taken our part, they couldn't fix it until we got it back. So we had to wait another day. Thankfully, these guys did bring our part back when we called again. Finally, Apollo was able to come back and they fixed it in one day.
By: Patricia P.
Green & Partners HVAC Services
Call them on mon. Jeff gave me a 10 to 11 window next day. Not this 10 to 4 crap and shows up at 3:55. Jeff was early too. Explained to Jeff the problem. He opened the lid and looked at it for a min. Resolved it immediately. He knew exactly what to do. He took the time to explained what happened. He even vacuum the inside of the furnace for me. I will call them from now on if my furnace is not working. The five stars is well deserved. Thank you
By: Tony M.
First Title Loan
I want to thank the people in FIRST TITLE LOAN! It was almost impossible for me to get an auto title loan with no credit and they went above and beyond to ensure that I get my cash fast! Super nice, polite genuine and provided full support and guidance throughout the whole process.If you need an auto title loan in Los Angeles, California go to these guys, they are true professionals!Thank you for you help!
By: Heather D.
Marshall's Los Angeles Expert HVAC Services
So I was not that thrilled when my heater started having intermittent problems (failing to start only when the house was good and cold). I felt even worse when I did some online research and found a forum for heater problems and noticed that a do-it-your-selfer who had my exact problem with the same model of heater spent weeks trying to diagnose and solve the problem himself. Who's got that kind of time?

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