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    180 Promenade Way

    Thousand Oaks,CA

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By: francoswabe
Louis Vuitton Los Angeles Century City
The AMC Century was remodeled a few years ago (along with the rest of the Century City Shopping Center). It is one of the better multiplexes in Los Angeles for me (due to prices, proximity, and movie times), though it does seem to be slipping of late (in terms of projection quality).The good:--Usually a good sampling of mainstream and independent films (plus in the fall, this theater often gets the movies playing only in NY and LA).--Large variety of times (including early times), so you can see a movie early and get on with your day.--Stadium seating throughout; no tiny screens like the old AMC Century.--Like other AMCs, $6 a ticket for shows before noon.--Free parking for the first 3 hours.--Popcorn (when fresh) is good.The bad:--The automatic kiosks don't record your movie watcher points, which forces you to go to the counter (ugh).--Can be quite difficult getting a ticket/seat during peak times (this place is often super busy).--There have been some projection problems recently; usually, it gets fixed before the previews end; but one movie I went to recently was pretty much out of focus the whole time.--The IMAX screen isn't a real IMAX screen (it isn't a big screen like the one at The Bridge).Best moviegoing experience at this theater (pre-renovation): Black Hawk Down (2001). Pre-renovation celebrity sightings: Nick Stahl, Halle Berry.Best moviegoing experience at this theater (post-renovation): Children Of Men (2006). Post-renovation celebrity sighting: Judd Apatow.
By: marvzz23
Highland Theater
you get what you pay for, I mean you don't expect an AMC kind of place for payin $6's a steal really. were there to watch a movie for an hour or two not sleep on the floor and a have a picnic. the dirtyness of the seats kinda bothered me tho, expect to get bed bugs out of them. it's the perfect place to watch movies if ur in a big budget. I wouldn't come here all the time tho, the neighborhood seems sketchy and ghetto at night. so keep a look out if ur plannin of watchin movies at night. me and friends made a little joke cause there's this one dude inside that seems to incharge of everything, sells popcorn,tickets, open the front door, turn on the projector..hes either the owner or the only guy workin there lol. overall I give it a 3 out of 5.
By: cityhawk9
Vintage Los Feliz 3
This is the story of one good-sized screen and a couple of, well, smaller screens. (It is conceiveable that some persons may indeed have a larger viewing screen at home I suppose.) As other reviewers have noted, it's quite acceptable to see smaller films here in the mini-cinemas, but a poor choice for more grand scale films (unless shown in the Main auditorium.) I much prefer their sister theater, the fabulous Vista, but I will continue to patronize the Los Feliz Theater as well if there's something I wish to see. The matinee's a good deal, you can eat right in the area,(Palermos!! (: and even visit Skylight Books after the movie. It all adds up to a nice experience, and I'm glad this theater is there.
By: Matthew R.
Arclight Cinema Hollywood
Hands-down my favorite movie theater in Los Angeles. My only beef is they don't screen Pixar or Disney films. Otherwise, I see all my movies here. They have plenty of screens so catching a new release isn't that hard. Super clean theaters with nice comfy seats and since I'm tall I appreciate the steep arrangement or rows. I don't have to worry about people behind me! They also feature adult-only screenings allowing you to take your cocktails, wine and beer from the restaurant bar.
By: Richard C.
Pacific Theatres Cinerama Dome
This is one of two theaters in the Us that can show three strip cineramaThe other cinerama theater is in Seattle WashingtonThe theater is very clean and well maintained . The staff are very friendly and attentive. It is always a treat to see a film in the cinerama dome with its huge cinerama screen and it's great sound systemIt is especially a treat to see a cinerama film there or any print of an old 70mm filmIt also has reserved seating and a bookstore and lots of parking
By: Amy F.
Arclight Cinema Hollywood
I usually dread going anywhere in Hollywood, but I'll make an exception for this cinema, since the parking structure makes it pretty easy to negotiate. I like perusing their little gift shop while waiting for a movie to start (or you can go to the bar and have a cocktail!) They have lots of screens and showtimes to choose from, and typically feature costumes from current movies on display in the lobby.
By: Karena G.
The El Capitan Theatre
This place really does have an historic feel. The theatre itself has so much detail everywhere you look and has just a magical feel. I came here recently to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D and was thoroughly impressed. The organ player before the movie was amazing. Would highly recommend coming here for any movie because it makes the movie going process an entire event.
By: builtboyle
Beverly Cinema
This was my film school. The seats have seen better days but that's part of the charm. Be sure to check their calendar for special events and programmes. This is for real film fans. The ticket prices are great as there are many double features. Some people might get freaked out by the old school anologue aesthetic but I love it.
By: Amy F.
Vista theatre
This might not be the most state-of-the-art theater, but what it lacks in comfort (and multiple screens), it makes up for in panache. Cool retro interior and the guy taking your tickets typically dresses in costume to match the theme of the movie, which is what I call going the extra mile. A special neighborhood spot.
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By: young h.
CGV Cinemas
For a Korean movie theater this place is pretty nice. It's a little packed but the theaters are extremely well-kept. If you can't understand all the Korean lingo like me they have subtitles for Korean (English subtitles) and American (Korean subtitles) films! They validate for a few hours for parking.

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