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By: Michael A.
Tower Textile
project.avaspour@yahoo.com . Dear Mr, Behnam of LA Fabric Company in Los Angeles State of California .to reminding on my a name: Nadji from 1992and on that time : I did not to working on my Education position. You Click on Google:-->[ Inventor.michael@avaspour.com ]Yes, I am an Inventor of Technology and on second Education : U.S.City Project Organization .and Still : on my a mind to working on the Fabric too and I am in California and to see you on Couple minutes then to give you on aSpecial Design of Fabric :[[ U.S.Sexy Denim Jeans' Design ]]and I did to make on Fashion Design too and on those part then where has' to be . and my a best Friend and Likes on a brother to me name : Dr, Krendian from in Beverly hills said oh, on this design is a good for Mr, Behnam LA FabricOk, Mr, Behnam , Dont to showing on the Fabric makers . Reason : first : you do Patent on it .Explain : Women watching on those design by 4 Eyes and Men watching on those design by 6 Eyes and on same Teenage Explain : when you see on that Clothes from 37 Feet then you will going on more to closer to see whats' going on . Thank you . T#:818+917+2463 = 91367 / CA / Michael , Nadji. Avaspour Techakor / Gracias Tambien /Danke Schon auch / Merci pour de rien / Shokeran /
By: Veronica F.
Fabric Universe
I work with a design firm that has clientele in Mexico, Canada and the US and have been doing business with Fabric Universe for over 2 1/2 years. In our line of work schedules are everything and every product we specify is a reflection of our quality of work. I cannot say enough great things about Fabric Universe and the level of professionalism and customer service and level of quality control given to every order we have placed, and there have been many. We have had numerous repeat clients thanks to the level of craftsmanship and quality of material Fabric Universe has delivered, both on time and on budget.I highly recommend Fabric Universe to anyone and everyone, their prices and selection cannot be beat! Trust me, I've checked!
By: Moto O.
International Recovery Solutions
I extended UIS$1,250,000 equivalent Yen in Tokyo when he run business in Japan in 2010 to Michael C. Ning. He also run Arque Capital Ltd. Scottsdale in AZ. In 1/2010, he fled from Tokyo to LA.Since then I have been pursuing him (24710, Via Valmonte, Torrance, CA90505). The Loan Agreement charges default interest of 18%p.a. on US$1,250,000 until now. Can you handle this for collection ? All detail are certainly available.
By: E W.
Silver Textiles
The most heinous business and group of family, shiva, sam, the lil sis, i forget her name. they are racised, they are all about there money, they dont care a rats ass about their employees. The father hits and abuses the mother, the sisters fight and pull each others hair. The son, sam is stupid as a rock. Shiva is the brains of the operation, but my god, the company is sick and is based on middle eastern abuse.
By: Cindy P.
World Linen & Textile Co
Not sure what the other reviewers are complaining about! I had stellar service and the prices on the linen cannot be beat. They have been around for 20 years so they must be doing something right! I think they mostly sell wholesale but allowed me to buy just a few yards.
By: Rachel D.
RY Silk & Textiles Mill
They have nice fabrics and price is very competitive! I usually buy from other wholesalers in CMC. But this is the best place I've been to. Love their price and quality! And sales are very nice and helpful.
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By: Lina P.
I could not find any Organic Fabric in DTLA... Koshtex had a few options and they were very helpful. They have a large selection of fabric and are very giving with samples.
By: Lana K.
World Linen & Textile Co
great business. Fairly priced linens, and great inventory. The warehouse manager seems very knowledgeable about the products, and was a great help throughout my time there.
By: Ronnie D.
Fabric Tiffany Inc
They have the greatest fabrics. Their laces are so beautiful. Tiffany is really friendly(she is the owner) Don't buy from anyone until you see ronnie home textile.
By: C D.
World Linen & Textile Co
A good solid company. Our designers have been dealing with them for years. A service oriented company. We always get prompt, courteous and efficient service.

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