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By: Crissy S.
Prosperity Missionary Baptist Church
What can I say about Pastor Terrance Phillips. Words cannot describe how my pastor and church family has gotten me through the roughest time of my life. We all have them but sometimes don't know where to turn. Divorce, Family issues,drug problems, abuse mentally & physically, friends,co-workers, and just day to day living. I did not always pray and give thanks to GOD like I do now and I did not understand the importance of putting GOD first and he will take care of the rest.. Being single,young, and living in Los. Angeles is not always easy. You have to make sure you don't associate yourself with the wrong people, you have to learn from your mistakes so you don't keep repeating them,you have to stay positive and not let the devil interfere with the blessing GOD has in store for you, you have to not involve yourself with the wrong mate, and you have to have faith and pray. I was able to overcome my problem through support from my church and prayer. I have grown a lot this year and often times during the week I can't wait until Sunday is here so I am able to fellowship at Prosperity Baptist Church. If you're looking for a church home where you can learn what it means to be a Christian, make new friends, and help the community, "Come to Prosperity You will feel like part of the family from the minute you walk in the door. We are a dynamic fun loving congregation devoted to fellowship, spiritual development, and worship. Pastor Phillips is very personable and knows all of his members names. Even when I slack I will often get a text or call to remind me I need to come to church. I love how personable my pastor is and his wife Tracy is such an inspiration and when you are in your her presence you will feel the love just by her smile. Hope this message helps someone.Psalms 34:1 Psalms 100Sundays messageAttitude of gratitude! Are u thankful at all?Your circumstances cannot affect your praise . Your circumstances might not look right in this present time. But believe god is working on you through this trial. You have to praise him in Advance. Your emotions show in your response to people around you. Praise engages your emotions. We are emotional people. God has bought you through many trials because that one thing he did for you could have killed you. You have to praise him. Worship engages your heart. Praise will transform your attitude. If we are going to react in a responsible way we have to do something about our praise. If god would switch places with you for 1 day and you see what a homeless person has to go through maybe that will make you praise more.Things we need to do daily.1. There must be some private praise. Coming to church should be dessert to the meal you have already prepared because you are praising him already . When we wake up in the morning there should be a thank you praise. Remember what he has done for you. He is a mind regulator. You need private praise at all times.2. Not only should u have private praise you should have public praise. Not praise just on Sundays he is talking about praise Monday -Saturday. Where is your praise during the week when you have more month left and no money and he still stretched the $2.00 you had.3. You should have a perpetual praise. This does not happen a lot because we only praise when the music is going. You only praise when times get hard. Sometimes you won't have the choir. Your praise needs to be ongoing.
By: firstfedphil
West Los Angeles Living Word Christian Center
I am writing this review as an actual member of this church. Prior to becoming a member here, I was in fairly good teaching churches, which is very important to me. This is a bi-lingual church. Spanish and English. I speak and understand English and know some Spanish, but I have no problem understanding the sermons and bible studies. Pastor Eddie Ildefonso is fluent in both languages. This church is truly a missionary church that understands and lives out the "Great Commission" which is detailed in Matthew 28:19-20. This church has planted and is actively training leaders in Romania, Africa, Honduras, Guatemala, Pakistan, India and soon in Chile and Brasil. Over 500 churches worldwide. Pastor travels to these countries regularly each year and when not traveling, he conducts Skype training. There are also missionary teams that travel as well. Pastor Eddie is also the overseas dean of Covington Theological Seminary and partners with affiliated churches in overseas missionary efforts. Here at home, the congregation is also involved in local missionary efforts. All in all this is a great church to receive in depth teaching in the bible and learn to apply biblical principals in your life. I would recommend this church families and individuals looking for a church home in the Westchester area of Los Angeles.
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By: Wilma D.
Immaculate Heart Of Mary
The IHMC communities and organizations' unity, teamwork and collaboration made r activities worthwhile and a total success. Thanks to working Angels Mary, Mely. Lorie, Susan, Luz , Daisy and husband , renovation funding efforts under Fr Rodel. Love Tuesday Mass and Adoration, solemn heart to heart talk with Jesus where I felt peace, joy, comfort and strength that when I leave d church I'm equipped to face d challenges of my everyday life with a smile. Thanks to priest 's reminder on dress code, not so appropriate attires were minimized if not eliminated. , Fr Thai is very concern, nice and accommodating. Thanks for LSS support. Come ... Jesus, Mama Mary and IHMC give d greatest gift....LOVE.
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By: Daysi S.
First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood
Para mi el estar en la iglesia a sido una gran bendición. Me he podido desenvolver en areas que nunca me imagine, pero que Dios había preparado para mi. Una de mis mayores satisfacciones ha sido compartir con un grupo de hermanas muchas experiencias que a lo largo de la vida cristiana me han convertido en una mujer de fe. Como maestra la escuela dominical es un gozo para mi el escucharlas compartir sus experiencias y ser testiga de su crecimiento espiritual. Me llena de alegria el poder escucharlas decir que no se aguantan porque llegue el próximo domingo!
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By: charles m.
Oasis Church
Oasis Church is a nondenominational multiethnic church that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities to serve the community and church, several outreach groups, support groups, etc. There is no pressure to do anything you don't want to do. You can visit the church on Sunday morning, sit way in the back row, and then decide for youself if Oasis is right for you. Dress is casual, and all socio-economic and age groups are represented...Five Stars!
By: msandrea
Eagle Rock Baptist Church
I've only been once, but I plan on making this my church home. The welcome team did a great job of welcoming me and my sister. I also love the small groups that they have—groups for all ages and stages of life and new groups are starting all the time. The pastor reached out to me by email the next day and the day after that I received a card in the mail thanking me for visiting! They seem great at welcoming people and making them feel included.
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By: Moises S.
First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood
I like the Food Ministry because I get to socialize with people. I have been a volunteer for four years. We give away free groceries to people every Friday from 5-6:pm. You can be a volunteer you only have to ask Pastor Tibbs or Pastor Jackson, or Deacon John and Darrell. Thanks First Southern Baptist Church for letting me serve in the ministry every Friday. Thanks God.
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By: Charles M.
Good News Central Church
This church teaches the Bible, as it is, without adding or subtracting from the Word of God. If you love Jesus Christ, you'll love this church. There are ministries for Chinese, English, Korean, and Spanish speaking people. If you don't know anything about Jesus Christ or Christianity, have your questions answered here.
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By: Ken M.
Belmont Baptist Church
This was the 1st church that I was a member of and got baptized in. My father Robert A. Mills was a member and brought his children there to join this ministry. My dad is no longer with us...He was a good person and I feel that Belmont contributed to his development as a young man starting out in life...Thanks Belmont
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By: Margaret T.
Hillside Bible Baptist Church
hillside bible Baptist church .that was my first church home I enjoying going there. but it was to much for so I left but other then that ii is a great church and the pastor and is wife and they daughter are great love love love love this church HBBC is the best.

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