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By: bigbenla
Honda of Downtown La
Given how great an experience I had with Honda of Downtown Los Angeles (“HDLA”), I felt compelled to write a positive review on every site I could find. Before I started writing I couldn’t help but read all the previous reviews – and I realized something: if I had read those reviews even a day earlier I never would have set foot inside the dealership. It is part of the research that I normally do before a car purchase, so it is unusual that I neglected it this time, but I am so glad that I did.My experience started Friday with a series of emails and phone calls with Michael Gennello and Enrique Correa of HDLA’s Internet Sales Department. I brought to them the best offers I had received after a couple weeks of contacting dealers all over Southern California (I was looking for an Odyssey minivan), and they were courteous and pleasant and honest about what they could do and what they could not do. They ended up quoting (what I thought was) a terrific lease deal (in an email, with specifics) and, since they had the color I wanted, I told them I would be in first thing Saturday to pick up the car. They said only to ask for “Rico” when I arrived.When it came time to drive to the dealership yesterday, I felt a pang of anxiety as it dawned on me that I was being handed off to someone who might not honor the deal I had been offered. Then, when I arrived at the dealership (a little early, I admit), “Rico” was not in (yet). My anxiety grew. I was handed off to Charles Reneaux, a young, very friendly salesperson who promised to honor any deal I had been promised the night before but had no information or specifics. Also, luckily, another “Internet Manager” appeared who claimed to have been aware of the deal and who said he would try to track down the specifics “in the computer.” I crossed my fingers.Just at that moment, the owner and president of HDLA, Joe Shuster, walked in and introduced himself and asked if there was anything he could do. I could only assume, from him and from the half-dozen employees that did exactly same thing, that all the attention was due to the fact that it was before 9am on a Saturday and I was the only customer on the salesroom floor. Obviously I could not observe every interaction that they were having with every other customer that morning, but from what I saw, the staff was friendly and warm to everyone that came in to the showroom.Mr. Shuster was very friendly and chatted me up – about the deal terms, about what I do, about my family (I was there for a minivan after all), about his experiences as the new owner of the dealership. He also decided to personally oversee the transaction and made sure that everyone was “taking care of me.” Charles was great too, hustling all around, making sure the car was getting prepped, that finance was readying the paperwork, that he had the necessary signatures on the necessary documents, and so on.Even though the day appeared to be going perfectly, it was at this point, however, after the owner had taken a personal interest in the deal, that I became most anxious that the whole thing was going to fall apart. Remembering past experiences, I feared that the owner, once taking a look at the specifics of what was, objectively, a very aggressive deal, would put a stop to the whole thing. But he did not. Mr. Shuster, along with his salesperson, Charles, shepherded the process along and made sure I got exactly what I was promised.All in all, I had a terrific experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. I would recommend it to anyone.
By: deeyponline
Nick Alexander Imports
This for the Service Dept and EDDIE CABRERA..I purchased my car in June 2012 from another BMW dealer and it was in and out of the shop(dealer) THREE MONTHS in a row. So needless to say I had a HUGE chip on my shoulder and bad taste in my mouth for ALL BMW DEALERS and their service departments.So I get to Nick Alexander because my Check Engine Oil Level light is on(I called ahead and they said I didn't need an appt just bring it by)..One guy comes out and he's nice, but then another guy comes out(Eddie) and starts asking me all these questions -- (I was thinking "OK I know what the light said and all I need is the Oil topped off. Whats with all the questions??"--remember chip on shoulder from previous experience --)Anyways questions lead to checking under the hood and now finding "coolant residue" now Im really thinking here we go again the STEALER is trying to get in my pockets. He points out some things(wait -- I heard that they did this sort of thing but that never happened at the other dealer). Eddie is REALLY patient and calm, and begins to show me some things that were of concern for him. He wanted to keep the car; make sure everything was ok. I declined because - again bad experience and I just didn't feel like changing cars -- also I didn't want a RENTAL from the vendor they used. Anyways I tell Eddie I really don't want a rental Id rather a loaner, and asked how long would they need my car, he said once checked it shouldn't be too long -- I think yeah ok because the other DEALER kept my car a minimum of a 3 three days -- So I agree to bring it back on Tuesday when he said I would be able to get into a loaner and he would let me know asap, what was going on and how long it would take to repair..So Im going to wrap this all up and say he is a GREAT SERVICE ADVISOR -- didn't push and assessed all of the things that needed to be addressed and called me by 1pm that day. He had all approved repairs completed and car was ready by the EOD but wanted me to pick it up the next day just to make sure all was right.This experience was a huge difference than my previous ones -- They may not be as flashy as some of the other BMW dealers but the service was great and I didn't feel like I was getting the run around. He helped unload and reload my stuff back into my car.Oh yeah I forgot something in the loaner and he got to it right before the loaner was sent out with another customer and kept it overnight for me. NOW THAT IS WHAT I EXPECT FROM A BMW DEALER-- if you have to pay a premium price tag for a brand than I suspect the SERVICE should be a PREMIUM ONE! Eddie is exemplary and has become that GUY for my car.
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By: Gracemarie S.
Kia Of Downtown
Let's face it,car buying isn't anyone's favorite thing to do. But when we as a buyers come prepared, do our research,we can then contribute to making the experience more enjoyable. Ashley was my contact she went above and beyond in answering my questions.She and Dan came listened to me gave options, Dan even schooled me on how it works. Never once did they dismiss me. Let me think. in the end I got the car I wanted. price & percentage to my liking. signed papers with Jason. He was helpful & quick. Even suggested where to get great insurance . They all were "Ritz Carlton " caliber! I was greeted with a smile,offered coffee and had a fond farewell. I had a bit of buyer scare the next day. Text Ashley. She answered my concerns at least 3 times. Showed me how we came to the end results. Talked me off the ledge. I am happy with my Kia Soul. I am beyond happy and grateful to Ashley,Dan and Jason for making it a fantastic,educational experience. I will definitely send people to you.
By: Luka H.
European Auto House
I had already done my online research and knew the parameters of the car I wanted. I was trading in a recently purchased 2004 CLK 500 that was in much rougher condition than I had realized at the time of purchase from a private party. I had a pretty good idea of the trade in value and was prepared to take the loss. They were more generous than they needed to be. The entire experience was one of ease. No pressure. I test drove the car twice. Once we shook on the deal, the paperwork was quick. I left with a great car I won't have to worry about for a long time that I am absolutely in love with and the knowledge that the price was more than fair. Generously so. If you are in the market for a used car in great shape that is within their inventory, I highly recommend them as the place you go. Chances are, you will then happily spend the rest of day driving your new-to-you beauty. Mike - thanks for my best car purchase experience ever!
By: Justin S.
C&P Auto Center
Great customer service. Debbie, was very helpful and knowledgeable of what i was looking for and could afford. With only 2000.00 for down payment I was in a bind between 3 options. Debbie not only showed me the carfax and auto check on each vehicle but also showed me a 70 point inspection done on all 3 vehicles. I was very impressed. After going through the paperwork i narrowed my choice down to 2 options. Both with stunning low mileage for the year manufactured, I was offered to test drive and to have my mechanic do an inspection of the vehicle. I have to say that is a lot to say about this dealership not selling lemons. I made my choice and do not regret it anything at all. Debbie also offered a warranty service that is 3rd party which covered my vehicles engine and transmission. Great! So far no problems and would recommend this dealership to all my friends and family. I'm am so happy with my car! Thank you.
By: diallo_camaras
Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.
Beware of the finance manager Ben when you are ready to sign the contract !! He aggressively (and in a sneaky way) tried to convince me to buy the extended warranty like a typical salesman, without telling me the total cost, just how many "additional payments". When I refused about 3 times, he showed me a face. THEN, when I wanted to read the whole finance contract, he showed me a face and told me it "would take an hour". Can you believe that? I, of course insisted on reading the whole contract, and did so. Don't any of you car dealerships realize that it makes you look bad and mistrustful when you behave like that?Don't let them or any other car dealership bully you around !! I would give 5 stars to the sales girl Michelle, but the finance manager doesn't even deserve half a star!! Who knows, maybe the general manager is responsible for this type of behavior.
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By: Devon M.
Audi of Downtown LA
I am super grateful to have purchased my Audi A6 from Downtown Audi! After visiting other Audi dealerships, Downtown Audi was the only one that seem to value me as a customer.Immediately after arriving to the dealership, I was warmly greeted by Amir Khoury. Not only was Amir extremely patient in my scope of the array of cars that were available, but also extremely knowledgeable about what each vehicle had to offer. After test driving a couple of options and speaking more in depth with Amir, I was excited to pursue what will later become my new Audi. The team at Downtown Audi was extremely hospital and was able to offer me a deal that I could not resist. I would highly recommend this Audi location to anyone who is interested in purchasing or even learning more about what Audi has to offer. Be sure to ask for Amir Khoury!
By: shirley
Honda of Downtown La
My daughter just moved to LA and is attending USC. She needed a car and went to Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. I was very concerned for my daughter because this was the first time she had ever bought anything of real value. The dealership was fantastic!! Although I was not with my daughter when she purchased her new car, Samantha the manager worked with me over the phone and numerous emails to make sure my daughter received what she wanted. Samantha did everything in her power to make me feel calm and not a nervous wreck! Although I was still a bit nervous, Samantha walked me( 3000 miles away) and my daughter through the process of buying a new Honda Civic....I would reccommend Samantha and the Honda dealership if your kids are going to school at USC.
By: George P.
Audi of Downtown LA
I have contacted most of the Audi dealerships in Southern California in search for an Audi S5. Most of the dealerships over the phone were not very receptive in providing the answers to my questions. Stephen Khukoyan, a salesmen at Audi of LA was the only contact I made by phone who was willing to answer all my questions. He also find the exact car I was looking for at the price I was willing to pay. When I met him in person he was very professional and accommodating. I purchased the Audi S5 from him as my experience was very good. I would recommend contacting Stephen if you are in search of an Audi.George
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By: George S.
Audi of Downtown LA
I have been working through some issues with on my Audi S4 with Eddie Perez in Audi service. He has taken good care of me and my car, going above and beyond what was necessary on two service occasions in the past six months. The first was when I needed some major parts replaced - he took pictures of where the parts went, what the old parts looked like, and explained what they did and why they needed to be replaced. On the second occasion he worked with Audi North America to resolve a warranty repair on my car. Will definitely continue to have my car serviced at AUDI DTLA

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