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By: Kenneth H.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
Was having termite issues at my townhome. I value the bottom line above all else so I'm satisfied if the termites get eliminated in a cost effective manner. Not only did John get rid of the nasty critters, he did it in a very professional and honest way. He was awesome but I hope I don't have to see him again and I'm sure I won't with the job he did. Highly recommend!!
By: Luna M.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
Ritech is Awesome! I needed my house to be fumigated and repaired. Ritech and their crew done a wonderful job! I am very happy with someone that you can trust! There is a lot of termite company who are very shady and only wants $$$$ upfront.But John, the inspector wanted to help me and to fix my house. The price was very reasonable too.
By: Ken K.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
I think it is a great company run by an awesome owner. I was very satisfied with John, Ritech Exterminator, as He delivered on his promise in every way. The great customer service was a plus. If you have any pest issues, I would give John a call first. You won't be disappointed and he's what a truly 5 star service should be.
By: Scott W.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
This was my first time dealing with termite control but they did a great job explaining the process and giving me options for what to do.I would highly recommend them to friends and family
By: Carmen M.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
Ritech exterminator did a great job for us! John is so professional, knowledgable and considerate. He really helped us through tough time with an infested house
By: Amy K.
Ritech Exterminator Termite Control
John is a wealth of knowledge. Timely and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend his services.
Tips & Advices
Certain key differences separate bees from wasps and hornets. Hornets are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in length, and they may be black and white or brownish-reddish in color. They can can become very hostile if their nest is disturbed. Wasps are usually under an inch in length, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Yellow jacket wasps can be hostile, but paper wasps aren't likely to sting unless they perceive a threat.
Both live bee removal and extermination work quite successfully to get rid of bees. However, with extermination, the pesticides used may contaminate other beehives in the community, and this may wipe out local colonies. With live bee removal, bees are trapped and relocated without the use of harmful pesticides. This type of bee removal can be a lot kinder to the local ecology.
Yes, there are several steps you can take to keep bees away from your property. Bees will be attracted to structures that can house their nests, so it's a good idea to minimize outdoor clutter by removing items such as unused appliances and lawn equipment from your yard. If you have previously had a bee problem, make sure the hive and all traces of honeycomb are completely removed, since these bear pheromones that might attract new colonies.
The bee removal process can be handled very swiftly if it is tackled by professionals. If you have a hive on your property, bee removal experts can locate it and remove it within an hour or two. Bee removal professionals have the resources and training to ensure that the process is handled both quickly and safely.
Unlike other types of bee removal, live bee removal does not kill bees. Instead, this type of bee removal relocates bees to an agricultural locale or bee apiary where their pollination abilities can provide maximum value. Live bee removal is available to both commercial and residential customers, and it works to support and preserve the dwindling bee population.

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