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By: Howard S.
Van Ness Recovery House-Gay
Tina Was Very Rude To Me On Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24, 2016I was a volunteer at the Metropolitan Community Church for the Senior Citizens at the Triangle Center and that is where I met Fernando and Carlos and later on during the day, Carlos invited me over to their Van Ness Recovery House to get to know it better and take some Thanksgiving Day Pictures and write some reviews because he knows that I write for Social Media.When we arrived at the Van Ness Recovery House, I was introduced to Tina who was informed of my visit and was told that I write for Social Media. She had also approved and allowed me to participate at their Thanksgiving Event and Not only that, but she also permitted and allowed me to take some pictures and even make a Youtube Video about me getting a Private Tour by Fernando and she had No Problem with that and Never Said A Word About It while I was taking pictures and filming.However, later in the day, Carlos comes up to me and supposedly tells me that he believes that You are Not allowed to take pictures or make videos and wanted me to delete my work, even though there were NO signs stating that and I would NEVER delete my work anyway!Furthermore, it was Not until after I finished my Thanksgiving Meal that Tina had actually come up to me and tells me that I need to speak with her in the office. Please NOTE: I have Not been called into the Principal's Office since I was in Public School back in the 1970's - 1980's. I found this to be very strange, but humorous all at the same time so I went along with it. Once we entered her office, she ordered everybody out of there. Lol. It sounds more like I am getting Fired From My Job! Ha Ha Ha!Anyway, during our discussion Tina LIED to me and said that even though Carlos invited Me there, I was actually Uninvited then she tells me that she is NOW Uninviting ME and asking me to Leave Immediately without any reason given!Can You Believe That She Would Be That Disgustingly Bloody Rude To An Innocent Guest On Thanksgiving Day 2016 Right In Front Of All Of The Other Residents and Never Told Me What I Did Wrong?She also said to ME that if I do Not Leave then She Will Call The Cops!Lol.Please NOTE: I believe that the reason of Why Tina asked me to leave was because I was taking pictures and making a Youtube Video for My Channel solely based on my Tour. However, if Tina was so Responsible then she would have told ME to delete my pictures and YouTube Video and she Never said a damn word about it.Please NOTE: I also warned her on my way out of there that I will Publish Negative Reviews about Her Mistreatment, Neglect and Abuse Towards Me On All Of The Social Media Websites!Please NOTE: Tina is so damn Unprofessional and Irresponsible because if she had any Concern for her job, then she would have treated ME in a whole different way, but she did Not Care because she just possesses this whole aggressive attitude and thinks that she is In Charge and that there is Nobody Above Her!In any case, I am sure that their Treatment is Superior Towards the Residents, but the Treatment that was presented towards ME by Tina was of Very Poor Nature And/Or Quality!If You would like to watch the YouTube Video featuring my private tour presented to me by Fernando Rojo, then please visit:https ://youtu .be/4D2-6qmmV6U (all together as one whole word!)Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreVan Ness Recovery House Thanksgiving Day Participant 2016Executive Writer For Social Media/HPS
By: Yakov K.
The Caregiver Agency
My aunt, Lucille is very elderly and incapable of taking care of herself. I must say, these guys are the easiest to work with. They have excellent communication and are the most professional service I have ever worked with. The receptionist answered and after a couple of questions, had me transferred to an intake specialist ( Mark ) that listened patiently to our situation. Mark set up a next day appointment ( He was available same day but I live 3 hours away and needed a bigger advance notice ) right away and gave me his contact info saying I can call him 24/7. The next day, Mark showed up with 2 colleagues who were also sweet and professional. They were so kind to me and my aunt that we immediately felt a personal connection to them. After talking with us for about 30 minutes, Mark gave me a very reasonable quote along with the contract. The second I signed, 1 of Marks colleagues ( Emily ), took off her sweater to reveal Scrubs! I was shocked! They brought a caregiver with them to make sure my aunt does not go 1 second without attention. Aunt Lucille has been doing so well with Emily and Alice ( her 2 caregivers ). Mark always stays in touch and makes sure that Aunt Lucille gets the same caregivers and doesn't have to deal with a stranger. We practically feel like we were adopted by Mark, Emily and Alice. I am so grateful to Mark for going above and beyond to ensure that aunt Lucille is in good hands.

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