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By: Marc M.
MiklosCPA Inc. | #urCPA
I have been working with Miklos this year to file foreign income tax forms for the 2014 tax year and to amend some previous year's tax forms for foreign income and a foreign bank account that was erroneously not reported. Any US citizen who works outside of the US, has earned foreign income or had/has a foreign bank account, knows what a complete nightmare it can be dealing with the US tax code. Well, Miklos broke it down, explained things thoroughly and got all of my issues corrected. He really knows his stuff! He is super professional and also has associations with other tax professionals that really help to make the job easier.....especially for someone like me who is living outside of the US and cannot access these people easily. For me it was like "one stop shopping" for all of my tax issues! Not to mention that I happen to be working in the country that Miklos hails from, so he was also able to read all of my foreign tax papers without me having to get them translated! That was a huge benefit. I really feel like I got great service for my money! I will continue to work with him in the future. Anybody out there working abroad or in the US, I would highly recommend Miklos for your tax needs.
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By: Josh D.
MiklosCPA Inc. | #urCPA
Working with Miklos Ringbauer CPA on my 2014 taxes was a rewarding experience. I was able to pass on all of my important tax information and he was accommodating and made the submission process simple and easy. I had a number of questions and the past year my finances were a bit all over the place, but Miklos answered all my questions and sent over any resources I needed to review. This past year I changed positions and relied heavily on my savings and other types of savings. Miklos took his time to review and seemed to ask all rights questions. Also, Miklos was quick to return calls and any concerns or worries I may have had he explained in detail what was the best course of action to take in filing my taxes. In the end, Miklos was able to get me a sizable return and ensured I was relaxed throughout the process. If you are looking to file taxes and you are worried about your finances, Miklos will help to ensure you are getting the best service available. Great experience and will definitely turn to him next year.
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By: Howard S.
San Antonio Winery
The San Antonio Winery Is The Only One Left In Southern California!Anthony DeGoede and I were finally able to visit the San Antonio Winery back on Sunday, August 21, 2016.I have been living in Los Angeles since 1994 & I was Not sure if the winery in business or Not & I did some research & learned that they are still around & paid a visit!The winery started back in 1917 & tours are offered daily which will include showing you the wine kept in barrels, the fermentation area & where they process, pack and box up the wine & after you can taste many delicious wines.I also met Stefano, the former owner who is now 95 years old & his uncle is the one who actually started up the business.Thank You to Arturo, our Tour Guide who gave us a wonderful tour, as well as to all of the people, including Rosemarhy who served us the wine.You Are All The Best And We Hope To Visit You All Very Soon!Howard Paul Shore, Customer And TouristAnthony DeGoede, Customer And Tourist
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By: Danielle C.
Clifton's Cafeteria
We went to Clifton's tonight and found it really underwhelming. The atmosphere is interesting - the faux woodland diorama thing makes it like a hipster Rainforest Cafe. Some of the place was clearly renovated with care, while other parts appear half done. Most of the floors were not open to the public tonight, so we were stuck on floors 1 and 2 (got to go up to the front of 3 for about 10 minutes before it closed for evening set up). The decor in the center by the giant tree is cool, but it looked better on the higher floors. The food is...fine? I guess? Not bad, not great. We originally wanted to get into the new Tiki section, but it was invite only tonight, which wasn't advertised anywhere - and only some of the staff knew about it. The basement bathrooms were so bad: one stall out for busted (overstuffed) toilet, one stall closed with a laptop on the floor of it, a third stall working, and a fourth with no toilet paper. Overall, not super impressed.
By: Matthew R.
The Village Idiot
I love this place. We go here at least once every two weeks or so and try our best to get one of the large booths by the front windows. Great place to have one of the best Bloody Mary's in town on a warm Saturday afternoon. I love the menu - it's not huge, but what they do offer is usually fantastic. I dream of their mussels with bread sops, the brussel sprouts with bacon would make a few vegetarians go back to the dark side and the savory pies take me back to London. They also feature a great beer menu plus all sorts of interesting cocktails. My favorite drink is the Ginger Top - a glorious amber beer topped with ginger beer.I had my 40th birthday party here a few weeks ago in the back room and the chef, managers and staff went above and beyond in terms of helping me plan and prep. It was the best bang for our buck and our guests had a fabulous time.In a nutshell: great food, great staff and never a negative experience.
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By: relajada43
Spark Wood Fire Grill
I have been there 3 times and plan to go again. With each visit, the staff was very friendly and cordial. My first visit was alone and I noticed each time I have been there, there are people who also enjoy doing the same. I think that speaks volumes about the food and service.Who would go to a bad restaurant alone, right? Their 3 course special is awesome and appropriately portioned so that you are not stuffed when you reach the dessert course, which is delicious as well! The wait staff work as one team and you don't have to look for "your" waiter as they all willingly respond to your request. I have not tried their hot meals to-go because I can't imagine a steak or seafood plate reaching my door in the same searing quality it would reach my table. There's microwaveable fast food for that. I recommend this restaurant for a casual evening in LA with friends. You'll like it!!
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By: Lynn J.
Clifton's Cafeteria
So I only had a piece of cake from the take-away counter at the front of the restaurant, but I gotta say that cake was really, really, really good. Really good. I did have cocktails though - in the "secret" (but everyone knows about it) Tiki bar on the 3rd floor - Seven Seas. I recommend getting reservations (you can just email Cliftons to get one), because there is usually a line to get in (also killing the secret). The drinks were delicious and reasonably priced for tiki cocktails (about $14 each - but they're loaded with liquor). The service was fantastic. Instead of having the standard waiters and waitresses, the bar has "hosts" that socialize with you, tell you stories about Cliftons, and also get your drink orders. And of course, being Cliftons, the decor was incredible. A worthwhile visit.
By: Matthew R.
LA Chapter
We started with an order of the gougeres and salted guava butter: a pile of warm pastry tucked inside a folded napkin with a generous side of butter. We were concerned they would be too rich, but they were light and fluffy. Entrées were the licorice rubbed duck and the roasted kabocha squash agnolotti. The duck was was cooked perfectly and the flavors were unique: salty with a little bit of sweet and dark licorice-spice. The pasta dish was beautifully plated and tasted as amazing as it looked. Soft pillows of pasta swimming in a broth-like sauce of mushrooms and squas. We ended our meal with the maple custard which we thought was the perfect balance of rich and sweet.Service was top-notch, the atmosphere was fun and we had a great experience.
By: cityhawk9
The Kitchen
I really like the food in this snug little Silverlake hole in the wall, but the service is somewhat strange. The waitresses and busboys have this dour look, as though working at the place is akin to enduring a particularly awful play they can't wait to end. This effect is somehow highlighted by the smallness of the place and gives it a rather formal, frosty aura. (Perhaps there is unseen drama in this Kitchen?) I can't fault the food, which strikes me as a more refined version of "comfort food", but a somewhat cheerful, good humored waiter or waitress can make a casual dining experience much more enjoyable. Maybe they need a kazoo player or a little 'Palermos personality' added to the mix. I'll probably go back again.. sometime.
By: glendale100
If you're living on the west side, then you'll be familiar with this small but amazing restaurant. First, it's really in the 'nook' of a small strip mall. There's parking right up front, or in the rare case on the street adjacent to the building. Let's get right to it, the food is amazing from the starters menu to the main dishes. You'll find traditional bistro fare but with a twist and extremely fresh. On occasion we have been known to create a meal out of the starters and side dishes as they are so good. The beer/wine selections and pairings are unusual and well done. There's takeout available too. Staff is courteous and knowledgeable and prices are reasonable.As a kicker, there's a free iphone app with the full menu and a scratch game.

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