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By: reza-b
As a first time home buyer i can't express how important it is to have a broker that is knowledgeable and supportive and PATIENT! I have been trying to purchase my first condo in West Los Angeles for over a year and i can tell you i have gone through hand full of local brokers but for whatever reason they dropped the ball somewhere in the middle of the process and left me high and dry and sent me in search of the next broker! I admit, i probably wasn't the easiest client they ever had but im sure i am not the only client who has questions and likes to understand the process rather than just say "yes Mr. broker, i will sign and do as you say" No i like to know what i am getting myself into and so i guess my questions and asking for answers wasn't what most of the brokers out there are looking for. Long story short i was referred to Houtan by a friend of mine who has previously had a pleasure of working with and yes i will use the word "PLEASURE" because now i understand why he was so highly recommended. his demeanor is dry and doesn't sugar quote which at first i was not a big fan of but after months of working with him i understand it. He is a straight shooter and tells you like how it is whether you like it or not, NOT SO SALESMAN-ship of him, right? Well i tell you what, i learned not to get suckered in by the charm of a salesperson anymore, cause all they care about is that commission right there and then! all my old brokers left me in the middle because i didn't like what THEY wanted to SELL me and not what i wanted! Like i said finding a patient broker is very important and with Houtan's help after almost 6 months of search i was able to buy the condo that I liked. I am thankful for the referral and i will refer and recommend Houtan to every and anyone that i know. I will no longer search for a Broker for any real estate or loan needs, CRESTICO and Houtan are IT and will never forget that! Thank you for making this happen!
By: Yellow C.
Beverly Glen Leasing
We continue to get intercom calls even though we moved out 9 months ago and asked them to delete our number. Crazy, cuz it never worked when we lived there! They keep ignoring our request to remove our #. This, and many other reasons, is why I am writing this review, I don't want anyone else to suffer.In the 4.5 years I lived here, they hiked the rent twice and had 4 different managers.Positive Points:-New kitchen, floors, bedroom carpet-Secure parking (although bikes were stolen)-Pet friendly-Returned our deposit in a timely manner after moving outNegative Points:-Old bathroom needed many repairs-Repair calls take many months before fixed-One of two washing machines was broken most of the time-Bad seal on front door - you can hear everything clearly outside-Olympic so noisy-Door directory always broken-Repairmen don't always speak English (Google Translate ftw)-Repairmen rude (one cleared the clogged tub and took pictures of the gross mass he removed and called his buddy to tell him about it)-Repairmen can be inept - they cut a huge hole in the bedroom wall to fix another tub problem and they never fixed the wall. We told the management and just taped up the removed drywall with painters tape and they never fixed it to the day we moved out.-The internet is unstable because of "noisy lines" - needed cable repairman 3x-They rented us a fridge for $20/month. This fridge was so old, and must have been left behind from previous tenants. It was noisy and didn't keep things cold. We bought our own fridge and the management made us dispose of their fridge while continuing to charge us $20/month. I'd like to say it was easy to get back the money they accidentally overcharged us, but it wasn't.Note for pet owners: there are fleas in this neighborhood. We always used Frontline and flea baths to take care of our pooch, but apparently not everyone else does.
By: b-uavazi
I am super glad with my decision to go with a small broker/banker like Crestico Funding for my home loan. At first i was little skeptical about using a small company with no name recognition cause everyone always told me so but i decided to go with my guts feeling after talking to Houtan over the phone. I setup an appointment to meet with him at his office to just to give myself the assurance that i am working with a real company and not just another voice over the phone.I was stoked with his professionalism and level of knowledge about loans. unlike most loan officers that i have worked with in the past, he took the time to explain to me different loan programs and answered ALL my questions. After an hour of meeting i came home, gathered all the documents that he asked for and forwarded to him, about 4 days later i was asked for an updated insurance declaration page! that was it, YES, that's it!!! it was super easy, every time i had done this before, i had to go back and forth with the loan officer and lender over and over because they kept misplacing the documents or asking for new ones but here it was a one time work which is AMAZING! After the appraisal was completed, i had the notary to come to my office rather than me taking time off work to go to a escrow office (which was great for me because i hate sitting in traffic) signed the loan documents and 5 days later it was all over.A mazing experience, I got the super low rate that i was promised without the typical bait and switch practice which most sales people do. I highly recommend Houtan and his team to anyone who is looking for a new home loan! Thank you
By: meganzamiri
As a First Time Home Buyer there is nothing scarier than not knowing what you are getting yourself into, even though you can do extensive search and gain great deal of knowledge about real estate and home buying and home loans, it s still scary!!! I was referred to Houtan and CRESTICO by a family member who had previously completed a refinance transaction and was happy with the process, after couple of interviews with different mortgage brokers and getting different answers i decided to contact Houtan as well and see if he can help me with my problem, a very simple problem, i needed a broker who could walk me through the loan process and tell me what what to anticipate rather than just giving me promises! i knew my credit wasn t the best and not having huge down payment this would be a challenge and i just didn t know how challenging! Houtan did a great job of explaining to me as what i need to do and what to expect and gave me all the possible scenarios and possibilities. After couple of months of working with him i was able to get my credit score up and save more money so i could qualify for a bigger loan amount at a great rate! Thank you Houtan, i am your life long client for all my mortgage needs :)
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By: foodie1
Prudential Real Estate
I'm not related to my agent or anyone from that office. Nor my agent asked me to write a review, because I don't think he cares either way. I just moved into my house in Silver Lake. The house was a short sale, and as you know, it wasn't short at all. It took a year. As a matter of fact, I had just finished all the inspections for another house when he called and let me know that the house I saw a year ago came through. Some agent might not do that because it was only a couple of weeks away before he could get paid. BUT my agent knew how much I liked that house (more than the one I was in escrow with) so he told me. He is one of the few agents with integrity. And patience. Well, I looked at 100s of houses. He put together offer letters about a dozen times. I'm not an easy person to deal with either, but he put up with me too. We are only human, so a couple of times during the past year, we kinda got irritated with each other. However, even after a year he was honest and helpful. I think that's amazing. I totally recommend him. His name is Tom Inatomi.
By: hassan-g
Customer Service!!!I just completed a refinance transaction with Houtan over at Crestico Funding, i have to say i am very impressed by the customer service and level of professionalism and knowledge of this loan officer, at first i was very skeptical about using another broker after my horrible experience last year but after couple of phone interviews and email correspondents i decided to meet with him at his office in west la which was reassuring to put a face to the voice. He patiently explained the different options available to me and gave me pretty good understanding of what the process will be like. i compared his rate and cost with couple of different lenders and brokers in the area, there was only one other broker who gave me a rate lower than his but his cost was much higher so after all i decided to complete my application with him. I am very happy with the decision i made and very please with the results, i will most defiantly recommend Houtan and Crestico Funding for home loans.
By: Steve R.
Stewart Antiques
I responded to their ad in the LA Times with interest in selling a Kieth Haring print I have owned for almost 20 years. Andrew Morris indicated that he had clients that might be interested. He came to my home the next day to check out the condition of the print. We agreed on the commission should he sell the print and he took the print after we agreed on a reasonable price for the piece. Within two weeks, as he had promised, he call to tell me that he had sold the print at the high end of the agreed upon selling price. Five days later I received a check.Stuart Antiques, Andrew Morris, delivered on every level and I could not be more pleased. I'm writing this review because I had reviewed Yelp reviews before I met with Andrew, they were not good and I was reluctant to do business with Stewart. I'm glad I ignored the reviews and I trusted my property with Steward Antiques. Good decision!
By: Brian P.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
When we found Flat Rate LA Real Estate -- we knew we hit the jackpot. So I made an appointment with Flat Rate LA Real Estate and met Natalya. Not only did we instantly love her personality -- we were immediately impressed by her drive to fight to get us the best deal and protect our best interests. Her level of expertise in the home selling process cannot be matched. She is someone you can trust and have confidence that she will do always the best for you. Natalya is very enthusiastic, caring, loves her job, is very trustworthy, and was always available when we had questions. It was such a refreshing feeling to know she was our line of defense against some of the headaches that can come with the exciting but -- let's face it -- at times, stressful -- part of the real estate process .With Flat Rate LA Real Estate we saved so much money!! Incredible, would highly recommend!
By: Marc S.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
Going with Flat Rate LA Real Estate was the absolute best decision! The experience surpassed our expectations. They saved us $15,000!! Right into our pockets. Our own equity went to us instead of to realtors. I will never use a traditional realtor again. I was skeptical at first because you do hear things like “realtors won’t bring buyers to your house if they see it was listed by Flat Rate Realty.” That was never the case for us. I know that our house was priced right, so the claim that Flat Rate tries to price your house lower to get a sale is not true. We priced our house and Flat Rate LA Real Estate had no problem listing with our price. Times are changing with selling your home and Flat Rate LA Real Estate is the way to do it. High tech, excellent communication and support. They is professional and work with you the entire way. Don't hesitate and give them a call!!
By: Anne M.
Flat Rate LA Real Estate
I found Flat Rate LA Real Estate and Natalya by searching on Zillow for a Realtor and I saw that this team got many high reviews so I thought I would give them a call. I found out that all high reviews were very well deserved. Everything was AMAZING from the start through the very end. The service was exactly what I was looking for and ended up saving me over $32K in broker fees. Natalya is a highly honest and experienced agent. I was impressed with her punctuality and energy. She is knowledgeable and extremely reliable. She has a charming attitude and is obviously a great asset to her company. In addition, Natalya is trustworthy, positive, and will always make you feel at ease. She conducts her business Flat Rate LA Real Estate with the utmost professionalism. I recommend her and Flat Rate LA Real Estate without reservation!
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