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By: Enar A.
Eagle Glen Veterinary Clinic
If you want your pet have adequate care (I'm not even saying "good" or even "great" care) STAY AWAY FROM DR. RHEE. A few years back I brought my beloved chihuahua girl to him, because she was not eating. I dropped her off on a Monday. Dr. Rhee's office called on Wednesday saying that they cannot see what's wrong with her and that I should pick her up, which I did. But something was wrong... She still wasn't eating, so I brought her back (my BIG mistake) on Thursday morning, hoping he would try other ways of figuring out what's wrong with her. Well, I was so wrong. Dr. Rhee decided that his golf tournament with friends was more important and he left the clinic at 3pm!!! Later I found out that my beloved puppy had swallowed some cotton and that later that afternoon her intestine had ruptured after throwing up after much retching. If she would've been supervised they could have seen what was happening to her: After her intestine ruptured (after the strain from throwing up and AFTER Dr. Rhee had left), sepsis or blood poisoning set in: body temperature rises, heart rate increases etc. This all could've been prevented if Dr. Rhee would've stayed on the premises at least until the clinic's official closing hours. But nobody who knew what to do stayed around to watch over my baby! She died that night, alone.... from neglect!!!!! Her death was completely preventable, had Dr. Rhee stayed around and cared enough to check periodically on her, particularly after she'd thrown up. I find Dr. Rhee's actions neglectful, unethical and cold hearted. If you truly care for your pet, STAY AWAY!!! All I got was a phone call the next morning at 8am that my puppy had died. Imagine, you drop her off and besides not eating she's fine and the next thing you know she's gone!!! I'm still traumatized from that event and am to this day afraid to leave any of my pets overnight at a vet and any surgery brings up that horrible time Dr. Rhee had me go through.
By: Joshua A.
Cahuenga Pet Hospital
The absolute best and most honest and fair vet I have ever experienced.Cahenga Pet Hospital is what vets should be. Intelligent, experienced, caring, and well staffed.I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Marina and her facility. We have two dogs, and one has serious issues. After having been through so many different vets and facilities, including all the high-priced, big names in town, Dr. Marina is the absolutely only Vet I would ever entrust with the care of my animals.If you want to experience care like Doctors and Vets used to be, then go here.I always know what I am in for financially. The charges are always fair. The care is beyond top notch. The service offering is comprehensive.The Dr. truly cares for the animals like they are her own, and it is touching the level of personal care and attention which is always provided. If I could give ten stars instead of five it still would not be enough.Our dogs quality of life has actually significantly improved since Dr. Marina and her staff took over their care, and we are forever indebted to their wonderful service.
By: Tara M.
VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital
so happy I found these people. They saved my beloved dogs live 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier
By: Alex M.
VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital
I've used them for years and have never had a problem. This last time I went there because my cat was old and having seizures. They recommended putting him down and I was heartbroken but they were so nice and sweet about it. Will continue using them for all my animals.
By: Francis P.
VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital
High prices. They're in the business of making money. I told them I didn't have a lot money. The bill was about $950 for blood, cytology, X-rays, and physical exam $100 of which it took less than five minutes. They are not compassionate. This is not the only bill I pay. Couldn't adjust prices to help me get the dog healthy.
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By: Ashley T.
Center-Sinai Animal Hospital
Do yourself and your pet a favor and DON'T COME HERE!!! They are totally uncaring for you or your pet!!! Even the owner himself!!!The staff which is mostly all Mexican are horrible. They treat the animals that are seen there terrible.My 12 week old German Shepherd puppy has had three bad experiences there and we will not be back. If you care about your puppy, dog or cat....DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR ANY TREATMENTS HERE!!!! The service is bad and the care is even worse!!!!! They actually should be given a negative star. :(
By: Layla K.
Gateway Animal Hospital
I am sorry about your best friend dog who died at the animal get away hospital, I don't take my dog there anymore since when I complaint about dog's urine at their front door with a smell, the hippo lady who works on the back cleaning dog's feces heard my complaints that day and did not do anything about it at all , she got offended by telling me that she does not want to hear my lecture, her name is Nancy z the hippo and the filthy bitch , I asked to see the owner so I can tell him about the urine , guess who came to see me and he insist that I will call him Dr; Ruiz wow since when . I know him working in front of the office and his name is george, people called him Dr joke, when he inject your dog half of the fluid is out and the needle is almost broken into your dog skin I heard, all he has in his mind is to call him Doctor Ruiz, he did not take my complaint seriously and he did not care about my dogs contracting germs or bacteria from other dog's urine , all they want is your money but I don't let them to perform anything on my dogs anymore because they are not professional at all, and the owner vilacano is the last one to know what is going in his management because also he is having the beginning of Alzheimer himself, last time he forgot if he had injected the dog and the person was charged , story and story been told about this hospital, they need to remove the bad ones such dr Ruiz and the hippo one who like to cover her ass by lying and gossiping at all time instead keeping the place clean. they need to get a new crew to renew the hospital under a new management , customers are always right and they suppose to respect us since we the one who are providing their living or paying them the money. the management or the doctor cannot handle your complaint cannot handle your pet welfare at all , so seek somewhere else till the management will get better, George wants me to call him Dr Ruiz or take my dogs somewhere else, , does it tell you that he is weird and sick in mind , exactly I ran out because I got scared of his behavior , his skin turned red and he was shaking , probably hang over .
By: Scott L.
Western Animal Hospital
Warning- This is not a hospital it is a general practice for basic medical needs. Do not waste you pet's precious time here.My beloved dog died today... I am not placing the blame here I just wish I got better direction...I went in with my dog because she was limping, panting hard, and had a nipple that was bleeding. Upon arrival I told the vet the reasons and she doesn't even bother touching her, checking her eyes, heart rate, temperature, teeth/gums. Didn't seem like an animal lover. She tells me to hold her head and I tell her- she won't bite. I get told that the nipple could be cancer (just from sheer visual inspection) and that we should do an x-ray and blood test. We agree and she doesn't see much in the x-ray but a torn ligament, gives us anti-inflammatory pills and tells us to come back for the blood result. Next day, my dog is panting like crazy, can barely walk, stops eating and has blood splotches all over her eye balls. I call immediately and come in to be told that her blood test came up partial (she read it to me like i should know how to read a blood test report). She has an infection possibly. Then she tells me to take my dog to a bigger hospital. At this point she could barely walk. I get charged for a painkiller shot.-So my question here is she can do surgical procedures but cannot cure an infection? 2 hours later my dog passed away. Bless her kind soul...I'm sorry I brought you here.I just wish that instead of making me waste money (hundreds of dollars) and my dogs precious time that she could have just pointed me in the right direction initially instead of running unnecessary tests and telling me everything seems ok and having my pet die from a possible infection that should be easily treatable. 2 hours out of their office, I lost my dog of 10 years...I blame no one but my judgement for having come here...Do not take your loved ones here...
By: V M.
Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital
Where to begin. In short: never look to this place if you are considering having your animal in their care for boarding. Their judgement and medical practices are deeply concerning, not to mention their failure to communicate with pet owners over evolving medical conditions that would be alarming to anyone with a pulse and a set of eyes.First of all, we really wanted our experience to go positively when we came here to board our diabetic cat. We followed all of their instructions to bring her in for a check-up a week before and had her vaccinated to be safe. Our cat is not an easy one to deal with and we know that, so that's why we decided to pick a VET HOSPITAL to watch her in the event that anything go wrong with her diabetic care...they would surely be the ones to know how to handle it and keep her safe. We couldn't be more wrong.Over the weekend I checked in to see how our pet was doing and the receptionist let us know that she was grumpy (we expected as much) so we asked if it was serious enough that we needed to come back home, she said, "No, it's just a couple days". We didn't hear from them again because they are closed on Sundays (already a bad setup for animals who need more care than others, because you cannot get to them) and on Monday when we got back into town we were told that we couldn't pick her up that evening because they were closed. Again, bad sign. If you can't pick up your animal when you are IN TOWN they don't understand boarding special needs animals. When I finally got the chance to pick up our pet on Tuesday morning, it was a nightmare to behold. Our cat was unrecognizable; with an upper respiratory infection, blood under it's chin and paws, a bruised ear, discharge on her eyes and due to fear and stress had began urinating on herself. Next was the kicker: a vet tech came out to let me know that she wasn't eating for a day and hadn't been given her insulin in the last 24 hours. Word to the wise: this is mayday when it comes to diabetic cats. Instead, the staff was totally casual and insisted that she just needed a bath and that she would probably eat at home. I asked if a vet had seen her and how terrible she looked and they gave a vague answer that they would have to check (seriously??). Our cat looked like she had been living on the streets for years, and was so far from the healthy cat we dropped off a few days earlier.After about an hour of her being at home and looking like she was on death's door, she had to be rushed to the emergency vet because diabetics who don't eat are an urgent situation...not a, "Oh, let's just skip some doses, maybe give them a bath and not tell the owners" situation. In the end, our pet was in intensive care for 3 days and was close to being put to sleep. I never thought we would have to deal with this situation when boarding her at a vet facility, and in fact, our 24hr emergency vet couldn't believe she was being watched by vets. I called and spoke to the managing vet (I was too angry to listen to his name to be honest) and when I told him the laundry list of medical problems our cat had he chalked up to, "stress". In fact, he basically said our cat did it to herself because she's an angry cat. He also said they "lost her" at one point when she jumped out of a cage presumably trying to escape their care. Not only was their initial care terrible- but their understanding of problems arising within an animal is self-serving at best. You could tell he was trying to cover any responsibility...such as not giving her insulin and not calling us at any time to warn us of what was happening. That was their choice and it was a life-threatening one. We've worked with a lot of facilities across the years, but this was alarming and I'm usually not the type of person to write a bad review but I am honestly concerned for other pet owners out there who visit this practice. We are very fortunate to have saved our cat in time, but please go elsewhere and tell others the same.
By: Linda L.
The Pet Care Center
Where have all the previous reviews disappeared to? I am sending this just to let the owner know that I’m holding back sending my next one star review of her place because I do not want to have a long discourse with her as before. I do, however, want to remind her that, per her offer and promise to refund our account in exchange for withholding our dog’s blood test results, we are still waiting for reimbursement. We received our statement and after three weeks, your facility has not refunded our account nor have they called us about this matter.We have called your facility and twice we have been told, the girl who takes care of such matters is out. We have not received any call backs from her.Please refund $240 to hour account as discussed, so we can move on and take care of our pet.
Tips & Advices
Bring medical records and medications that your pet is taking. Also, you should bring your ID and a form of payment.
Yes, there are veterinary clinics that only deal with emergency cases. They generally take walk-ins and referrals from family vets.
Yes, emergency vets treat dental emergencies and dental trauma. Freshly fractured teeth are the main category of dental injury that vets consider an emergency.
To prevent health emergencies, experts recommend supervising one’s pets, and trying to make sure they don’t get into emergency situations. A majority of emergency vet visits happen because animals were struck by cars, bit by other animals, or ingested toxins. Otherwise, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having a go-to vet you can call with any questions, and being vigilant about potential symptoms (i.e. runny stool, or trouble walking) as they appear but before they become extremely serious.
Experts say that the conditions that necessitate an emergency veterinarian visit include collapse, seizures, inability to walk, partial paralysis, and any difficulty breathing (non-stop panting, constant coughing, hyperventilation, or elevated heart rate). Gum color is often an indicator that something is wrong--especially blue gums or very pale gums. Excessive vomiting or a distended abdomen should be considered an emergency situation. Signs of any trauma or excessive bleeding should send your pet straight to the vet. Lastly, for cat owners, urinary obstruction is fatal if not treated, and generally occurs in male cats.

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